Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park Hikes

Saguaro National Park is the ideal destination if you have a desert obsession and want to be humbled by the environment. Located in Southern Arizona, it is among the best national parks to visit in January and other winter months. Although the park is usually unmanageable and hot during the summer, there are many hiking trails you can take advantage of. No matter when you go, be sure to bring plenty of water and apply sunscreen. This article gives insight into all levels of hiking trails available, so you can find the best Saguaro National Park hikes to include on … Read more

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Best Time to Visit Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park is a U.S. national park in Colorado, with over 300,000 acres of wilderness and dunes for visitors to explore.  Each season is beautiful in North America’s most extensive dunes. The best time to visit depends on what you want to do and your tolerance for extreme heat or cold. Keep reading to learn more about the weather at the Great Sand Dunes, as well as what to do and see during each season. Visiting Great Sand Dunes National Park Weather 1. January January is often the coldest month, with average temps in the teens and corresponding … Read more

Best Time to Visit London

Best Time to Visit London

Best Time to Visit London is a city that basically has it all, but for many it’s often hard to know where to begin, it has great shopping, beautiful architecture, awesome nightlife, parks, markets and lots of things to look at! There are many free child friendly things to do in London as well. A weekend in London will be packed with stuff to do – here is my Best Time to Visit London guide to a great weekend trip to London: Best Time to Visit London Many of the places of interest are concentrated in one area so you can … Read more

Things to Do in Hot Springs Arkansas - Hot Springs National Park

Things to Do in Hot Springs Arkansas

Here are things to do in Hot Springs Arkansas. The most notable is Hot Springs National Park which is situated in Hot Springs, Arkansas—a settlement that developed into a famous and pleasant spa town after establishing federal protection. Hot Spring National Park is small, and its history is intertwined closely with that of the town. This is the only park with an urban street and historic stone buildings called Bathhouse Row. According to its name, the key feature of the park and the main reason behind its historic popularity are its hot springs. The Native Americans called it the “Valley … Read more

Shenandoah National Park

Best Time to Visit Shenandoah National Park

Best Time to Visit Shenandoah National Park extends along Blue Ridge Mountain in the beautiful state of Virginia. It is just 75 miles from Washington, D.C. Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, attracts a buzz of activities during holidays and fall weekends, with October being the busiest of all months. You may do well to book accommodations at least 12 months in advance. Shenandoah Park hasn’t had the same unmistakable reputation as other parks. However, if you’re confident you want some adventure, its pastoral valleys and green ridges may be exactly what you envision as an adventurer. Its mountains rise sharply from valley … Read more

Backpacking Food Cheap Healthy Recipes Options

Best Backpacking Food How to Choose Healthy Meals on the Go

Backpacking Food – Spending money on food while traveling in Europe, or backpacking, is probably one of the most difficult things to handle when it comes to budgeting. You always spend more than you had planned, and yet, it’s hard to cut down since you need it to live. However, just because you need to cut down on your food budget, doesn’t mean you should have to cut down on your health. Whether you’re a veteran backpacker or a beginner, it’s important to have a list of foods that are nutritious, filling, packable and lightweight. Backpacking food is not just about your … Read more

Mammoth Cave National Park

Things to Do at Mammoth Cave

Things to Do at Mammoth Cave – Mammoth Cave National park has the world’s most extensive cave system with 400 miles of known caves. It’s in Central Kentucky—east of Brownsville near Bowling Green city. The park has a wide range of cave tours covering various cave sections. It also features underground rivers and distinct rock formations. The cave tours the national park service offers accommodate everyone, even those who use wheelchairs. If you prefer to stay on the surface, you can take a canoe down the Nolin or Green Rivers, hike the backcountry’s trails or take a birding tour. Things … Read more

Sequoia National Park

Best Time to Visit Sequoia National Park

Best Time to Visit Sequoia National Park – Tourism at Sequoia National Park in California usually varies depending on the season. The weather affects wildlife behavior, visitor access, and scenery. You should take these factors into consideration before you visit. For example, many roads are usually closed during winter due to snowfall, while in summer, there is heavy traffic as many people are visiting. Sequoia National Park Weather ~ A Seasonal Overview All four seasons are experienced at Sequoia National Park. There are sunny summers and snowy and cold winters. The average temperature in the park varies depending on the … Read more

Grand Teton Hiking

Grand Teton Hikes

Grand Teton Hikes – Grand Teton National Park is the ideal spot to visit if you’re a hiking enthusiast. This park is a hiker’s paradise—you can hike around the glacier-fed lake, through the scenic canyons, and go up to the highest peaks. That’s not all—you can also see wildlife from the hiking trails, with moose, bear, and elk making frequent appearances. For an adventurous excursion at the Grand Teton, fasten your hiking shoes and choose an activity from the following list. This guide lists several trails—from the easiest to the more challenging ones. These are all a single day’s hike. … Read more

Hiking in Bryce Canyon

Best Hikes in Bryce Canyon

Best Hikes in Bryce Canyon – Bryce Canyon National Park has dramatic scenery that entices hikers. Gold and glowing orange hoodoos welcome you as you gaze out over the main theater from a sunset or sunrise point. You can see the twisting tracks that extend throughout the canyon from these points.  There’s a scattering of giant pines mixed into the scene. The stone formation sizes next to them overshadow the pines. Bryce Canyon hikes can differ from heart-pounding, half-day tracks, or easy paved trails. This article contains a list of strenuous, moderate, and easy hikes in Bryce Canyon National Park, … Read more

Crater Lake in Oregon

Best Time to Visit Crater Lake

Crater Lake is a prominent national park in southern Oregon known for its unique visual appeal and spectacular vistas. There are some very unique spots to see, such as Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the United States. The lake is well-known for its distinctive color: a deep, bright blue. When visiting Crater Lake National Park, you must be aware of the laws. Pets, for example, are not permitted on park paths. Smoking is also prohibited, primarily because it might result in various natural hazards you want to avoid. The best time to visit Crater Lake really depends on when … Read more

Best Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park

Best Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park

Best Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park offers over 350 miles of hiking trails for all levels. Lower elevation areas are easier to hike. The hiking trails in this ecosystem take you through grassy meadows. The subalpine ecosystem is slightly elevated and makes for moderate hikes. It mainly comprises evergreen forests, natural lakes, and boulders. At higher elevation levels (above 11,000 feet), an alpine ecosystem takes you through the mountain summits, glacier basin, and alpine tundra. However, these can be challenging hikes, and there are fewer people in the elevated areas. This article will explore the 7 best hikes in Rocky … Read more

Best Death Valley Hikes

4 Best Death Valley Hikes and Tips for Hiking Death Valley

Best Death Valley Hikes – Death Valley is the largest national park in the 48 lower states of the United States. It takes up about 3.4 million acres. As such, it offers abundant hiking opportunities for all levels, whether you want to go to the mountain summits or hike to the lowest point in North America – the Badwater Basin. There are about 98 hiking trails, including short and long trails you may be interested in for your Death Valley trip. Best Time for Death Valley Hikes Death Valley has a hot desert climate. It is the hottest and driest … Read more

Things to Do in Everglades National Park

Things to Do in Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. It occupies 1.5 million acres in Key Flora, Miami, Florida. This massive wetland is home to hundreds of rare plant and animal species. The park constitutes three separate areas. The main and largest section of the park is near Homestead Town.  You can also discover the Shark Valley area and the Everglades. There are roads such as Big Cypress that connect the various sections of the park. Best Time to Visit Everglades National Park Everglades National Park is open all year round. However, operating hours vary depending on … Read more

Best Hikes in Acadia National Park Snow in Bryce Canyon National Park

Best Hikes in Acadia National Park

Best Hikes in Acadia National Park – Acadia National Park, Maine is a national park in the state of Maine. It was created on August 3, 1965, when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Public Law 88-560 into law. The area encompassing the park is almost 100 square miles and includes the islands off the coast of Down East, including Acadia Island itself and Mount Desert Rock. A large portion of the park lies within the towns of Bar Harbor, Ellsworth, Southwest Harbor and Winter Harbor which are home to more than 7,500 residents. The park has a history that goes … Read more

Best Time to Visit Rocky Mountain National Park

Best Time to Visit Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is a haven for nature lovers, hikers, and backpackers.  The park offers over 350 miles of trails for all hiking levels. Its highest point, Pikes Peak, is 14,259 feet high. There is a lot to explore, from glittering lakes and spruce forests to diverse wildlife. You will leave the park feeling calmer after breathing in the refreshing mountain air. Rocky Mountain National Park Overview Rocky Mountain National Park is located in Denver, Colorado. It is vast and encompasses 415 square miles of mountainous environment. Although it is not the largest park or the highest mountain in the … Read more

Grand Teton National Park

Best Time to Visit Grand Teton National Park

Best Time to Visit Grand Teton National Park – Whether you are a tourist, hiker, climber, photographer, kayaker, rafter, mountaineer, or backcountry skier, Grand Teton National Park offers a lot to see and experience. There is always something amazing to discover from the serrated mountains, valley floors, glaciers, alpine lakes, and diverse wildlife. Grand Teton National Park Overview Grand Teton National Park is one of the top tourist destinations in the US. The 500-mile park is located in Jackson Hole, northwest Wyoming.  It is home to the majestic Teton Mountains, Jenny Lake and Jackson Lake, hidden waterfalls, rivers, and an … Read more

Bryce Canyon

15 Things to Do in Bryce Canyon

There are hoodoos in many parts of the world, but Bryce Canon has the most and offers one of the most beautiful views, hands down. Since it is one of the smallest parks in Utah, it can be fully explored in a few days. However, while you can see the highlights in a day, you need 2-4 days or up to a week to explore the entirety of Bryce Canyon in detail. This article will explore the numerous fun activities and things to see at Bryce Canyon National Park. Best Time to Visit Bryce Canyon Some parts of the Canyon, … Read more

Grand Canyon Hiking

4 Best Grand Canyon Hiking Trails

Grand Canyon Hiking – The Grand Canyon National Park is vast and offers so much to see. However, even with several visits, you cannot see everything. The best way to make the most of your visit is to plan your Hiking the Grand Canyon itinerary carefully. Hiking Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon is a place of stunning natural beauty — but we’re talking about more than just that. It’s also a place where humans have long left their mark. The Grand Canyon boasts some of the oldest rock formations in the world; some dating back billions of years when prehistoric … Read more

Rucksack | Rucksack Backpack | Ruck

Rucksack – Choosing the Best Rucksack Backpack

Let me help you choose the best rucksack backpack. When you’re planning the trip of a lifetime, you’ll need to think of what travel gear you’re going to need. A good quality rucksack is without a doubt going to be at the top of your list, but which one will be best suited to your needs? The following tips will have you ready to choose the right type of rucksack backpack for your travels. Rucksacks are the way to carry your gear around. They keep everything secure, and they are usually very small. Not only do these bags serve military … Read more