Solo Road Trip in America for Women – Top 3 Destinations

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Solo Road Trip in America – Living a solo road trip is a wonderful and mind blowing experience and, even if it may sound a little bit tricky when it comes to planning and finding the best destinations, we got you, girls!

If you want to go for something unique and absolutely life changing a solo road trip is definitely on the table.

Today we are here to help you make your dream come true showing which are the best destinations in America for solo female travelers and how to plan everything in a smart and convenient way.

Let’s do this!

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Prioritizing your solo road trip in America

The first thing to do when you start planning your solo road trip the USA is definitely looking for some car rental service.

Yes, because road tripping could get so expensive and you really want to spend your money on great experiences and moments.

But we know you want to keep things high quality and practical while saving money so we are going to take care of this part of the journey too so we are going to introduce that will provide all this and so much more!

Looking for the safest places for a USA road trip?

We got it and they are stunning too!

Pacific Coast Highway – California

It is not the shortest route between Los Angeles and San Francisco but it is without a doubt the most spectacular.

The Pacific Coast Highway, better known as Highway One, surprises us kilometer after mile: you can travel in two days, with stops in San Luis Obispo, What to do in Anaheim and Monterrey, maybe aboard a convertible Chevrolet, with a pair of sunglasses on and the camera always ready.

A stop to wonder at Big Sur is a must.

Compare Rental Cars and Save up to 40%

If you are asking how to find the best ride to make all this happen we recommend the use a comparative site to hire a car. Where you can compare and customize your entire adventure from pick up and drops location to extras and even the right model of car for you.

Plus, it is absolutely easy to use and to book stress-free and with no cancellation fees a must when you go for an adventure!

Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia – North Carolina

The Blue Ridge Parkway is not known internationally as the iconic Route 66 or the Pacific Coast Highway, American people love it!

It runs through the southern area of ​​the Appalachian Mountains and its highlights are the two national parks, each in a different state: Shenandoah, Virginia, and Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina.

A must for nature lovers!

New England coastal road trip

Exploring Cape Code means embarking on a journey of continuous discovery, which unfolds through villages and small fishing communities, a wild and primordial nature where some of the best beaches on the East Coast flourish, ancient lighthouses, mills and period houses, quaint shops selling fish, scenic trails in close contact with nature and places where art and literature are still lively.

A must if you love culture and nature!

These are the best solo road trip American destination for female travelers.

Make sure you plan everything ahead such as finding your budget car rental so you will be ready to go!

You will see that, once you have the perfect ride you can finally start living your road trip focusing on what really matters: look up for new adventures, places, and experiences.

Solo Female Travelers Adventures

Are you a solo female traveler who’s tired of hearing about the latest spa getaway?

Travelling abroad as a solo lady doesn’t need to mean booking a less exciting trip.

If you love nothing more than hitting the road on an adventure as a single gal, here’s a look at some of the best destinations to add to your list.

Keeping safety at the top of mind, you will find when you want to explore solo travel, you have your pick of locations.

Ways to Stay Safe Whilst Solo Traveling

Solo Female Travellers to Mérida, Venezuela
Mérida, Venezuela

Mérida, Venezuela

Venezuela boasts a beautiful range of diversity, both in its natural environments and its bustling towns and cities.

The Sierra Nevada de Mérida is the highest mountain range in Venezuela.

Today it’s enjoyed as an adventure playground for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies.

Some of the much-loved activities on offer include trekking through the picturesque Venezuelan Andes and white-water rafting along the Acequia and Siniguis rivers.

The spectacular cliff faces are also perfect for a spot of mountain climbing.

However, if you prefer to keep two feet on the ground, there’s plenty of fascinating wildlife, birds and reptiles to spot, including the infamous anaconda.

Mérida is also a university town so there are plenty of facilities catering to young people, including budget accommodation and cheap-eat options.

Inspiring Adventures For Solo Female Travellers Cusco, Peru
Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru

Located in the south-east of Peru, Cusco boasts a fascinating history as the oldest continually inhabited city on the continent.

It also happens to be the gateway to Machu Picchu and the perfect location for a hiking getaway.

Be sure to visit from May through to September, as this is the driest period and the easiest to navigate as a solo traveler.

If you’re visiting the Incas, make sure you book up well in advance, as you can only visit with a licensed agency.

Always make sure you choose your trekking agency carefully.

Shop around and ask lots of questions, like what you’ll have to carry, how many porters per group and how many people share a tent.

Finally, remember that altitude sickness can be dangerous so avoid flying directly to Cusco and leave yourself plenty of time to acclimatize.

If you go for the cheapest travel insurance and equipment to cut down the cost of your trip, make sure you take precautions and stay sensible.

Copacabana, Bolivia
Copacabana, Bolivia

Copacabana, Bolivia

Located on the southern shores of stunning Lake Titicaca, Copacabana is a fun and lively destination that’s well worth putting on any South American itinerary.

The unspoiled beaches and surrounding hillsides are perfect for a day of hiking.

Lake Titicaca’s beautiful shores are also ideal for a range of water sports.

Adventure lovers are advised to try their hand at paragliding, with a range of excellent take-off sites and equipment providers available nearby.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

Few destinations on earth can compete with the natural awe and wonder of Iceland’s Northern Lights.

The spectacularly rugged countryside features a fascinating mix of glaciers, hot springs and geysers, volcanic craters and lava flows.

Reykjavik boasts a range of must-see destinations, including the Golden Circle Waterfall and the steamy waters of the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa.

There are amazing reasons to travel alone.

Whether you plan to explore breathtaking glaciers or trek to the heights of the Venezuelan Andes, it pays to remember that greater adventure attracts greater risk.

That’s why it’s always worthwhile finding the best travel insurance that specializes in coverage for your chosen destination and activity.

If you consider a Solo Road Trip driving tour, be sure to see these road trip planning ideas to make the most of your adventure.

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