5 World’s Most Dangerous Awesome Sport Destinations

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World’s Most Dangerous Sport Destinations – Often when traveling, we like to try new sports, like bungee jumping, diving, golf and and other fun things like that.

Well, if you’re looking for an extra challenging place to do it, or are just a bit of a nutcase looking for some fun – you will definitely want to visit these places below…

World’s Most Dangerous Ski Run – Corbet’s  Couloir, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

World's Most Dangerous Ski Run
World’s Most Dangerous (But Awesome) Sport Locations

How would you like to ski down a 60-degree slope?

Even better, a slope which starts off with either a 4 meter jump following a skid to avoid the rocks, or a 6 meter jump without rocks at the bottom?

Whichever of the two you choose, be prepared to be scared and avoid falling because you risk sliding the whole way to the bottom with no way of stopping.

World’s Most Dangerous Tennis Court – Burj Al Arab, Dubai.

The worlds highest tennis court is situated 1000 feet above the ocean standing atop the fourth highest hotel in the world – Burj al Arab in Dubai.

The tennis court is circular in shape and when no session is at play, it doubles as a helipad.

The photo on the right was from when the two famous tennis players Andre Agassi and Roger Federer played earlier this year – I wonder what happened to the balls that fell off the edge?

World’s Most Dangerous Golf Course – Camp Bonifas, South Korea

World's Most Dangerous Golf Course - Camp Bonifas, South Korea
World’s Most Dangerous Golf Course – Camp Bonifas, South Korea

You would think that golf isn’t a very dangerous sport, and if you go to the Scottsdale golf course or those amazing Hawaii golf courses then that is probably true, which is why this golf course might blow your mind.

Well, hopefully that is the only thing it will blow, but it could literally blow you in pieces.

I’m talking about the most dangerous golf course in the world.

Camp Bonifas in South Korea right on the border to North Korea.

When they built the course they realized that they wouldn’t be able to fit 18 holes in the camp, so instead they decided to compensate by making it really difficult.

Which resulted in a 1-hole golf course surrounded by LIVE minefields on three sides.

World’s Most Dangerous Dive Spot – Blue Hole, Egypt

World's Most Dangerous Dive Spot - Blue Hole, Egypt
World’s Most Dangerous Dive Spot – Blue Hole, Egypt

The Blue Hole is a submarine sinkhole (a kind of cave) at a depth of 130 meters.

It is known as the most dangerous diving spot because of the large number of deaths that have occurred from people diving in the hole.

Many inexperienced or overconfident divers sometimes have trouble finding the tunnel connecting the Blue Hole and open water and end up descending too deep…!

World’s Most Dangerous Cliff Diving Spot – Ponte Brolla, Switzerland

The Swiss seem to love every crazy adrenaline sport there is, and they have the natural resources for it.

Ponte Brolla is renown as one of the most famous, extreme and dangerous cliff diving, or ”tombstoning” spots in the world.

Several World High Diving Federation championships have been hosted here, where the divers face a 26 meter (78ft) jump into ice cold water.

This sport might look like a fun and easy thing, but it’s not nicknamed ”tombstoning” for nothing.

Bizarre Beaches From Around The World

If you’ve traveled for a long time to many places with countless paradise beaches you know what I mean, when I say after a while all the beaches start to look and feel the same.

Well, if you want to experience something different from the typical beach, I suggest you check out these bizarre beaches below…

Glass Beach – Fort Bragg, California
Glass Beach – Fort Bragg, California

Glass Beach – Fort Bragg, California

Could you have imagined that a ”town dump” would become one of the world’s most beautiful man-made beaches?

Neither would I, but after various clean-up programs this garbage area has turned in to a beautiful beach, since the waves have done a fantastic job wearing down and smoothing the glass bits into tiny smooth pebbles.

Today the glass pebbles cover the whole beach – bizarre, but beautiful.

Another proof of how nature can turn the ugliest things around into something good…Bizarre Beaches

Punaluu Black Sand Beach – Big Island, Hawaii

Punaluu Black Sand Beach – Big Island, Hawaii
Punaluu Black Sand Beach – Big Island, Hawaii

While black sand beaches exist in many places around the world, the photos I’ve seen of those in Hawaii are simply some of the darkest shades of black I’ve seen.

Together with the green jungle, cold blue water and white surf – this volcanic beach just stands out of the crowd, and it’s also a great place to watch the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles.

Hot Water Beach – New Zealand

This is the only one on the list that I have actually been to, and let me tell you – it’s a really cool experience!

We got the tip from a family we met in New Zealand who had arranged one of those New Zealand holiday packages, and decided to check it out ourselves.

The sand is boiling – literally…

Early in the morning, when the tide is low, the sand in the beach is burning hot in some places from hot water coming from a volcanic underground reservoir..

Hot Water Beach – New Zealand
Hot Water Beach – New Zealand

The hot water (which contains a huge amount of salt) is easily found when you dig in the sand and make little ponds to hang out in.

In some places the sand is so hot it burns when you step on it, but in other places you could dig out your own spa bath and warm up as the sun rises over the ocean.

Ocean Dome – Miyazaki, Japan

Imagine a perfectly white beach where the sun always shines, the weather and water is always warm and the surf is perfect.

Bizarre Beaches From Around The World Ocean Dome - Miyazaki, Japan
Ocean Dome – Miyazaki, Japan

Is there such a place in Japan? Well, now there is…

If this massive (actually, the world’s largest) 300 meter long and 100 meter wide indoor pool wasn’t bizarre enough, there is a fake volcano ”erupting” every hour, after which waves are created which you can surf on.

Another thing advertised with this place is that you avoid swimming in polluted water, which makes you think:

– is this really the best way to fix the problem with polluted waters? To just built an artificial beach, and let the water stay polluted?

Chilling out at this crushed white marble sand beach would be a pretty crazy day out, and perhaps will make you think about what the future holds.

Green Sand Beach – South Point, Big Island, Hawaii

The fact that two of the most bizarre and awesome beaches I’ve heard of are in Hawaii is good enough reason for me (and you) to buy a ticket there right away.

Green Sand Beach – South Point, Big Island, Hawaii
Green Sand Beach – South Point, Big Island, Hawaii

This beach has GREEN sand!

The reason for the green color are the crystals of Olivine in the sand, minerals locally known as ”Hawaiian Diamond”.

Rumors say that some people have found Olivine crystals big enough to sell as gems on this beach.

The crystals come from the eroding headland, and sadly, eventually the supply will run out and the beach will look like any other…

Which of these beaches have you been to?

Also if you know of any other bizarre beaches around the world – please share!

Best of Cuba Beaches

Rum, Fidel Castro, the Cha-Cha-Cha dance and the birthplace of Salsa.

Cuba is famous for many things, and every year over 2 million travelers visit the country to explore its many treasures.

From the historical streets of Havana and world heritage sites to a vibrant music scene there is a lot to experience in Cuba, but few things beat the beautiful beaches, historic cars and fragrant Cuban cigars.

Incredible Cuba Beaches

With its crystal clear, turquoise water and white sandy beaches, Cuba has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean islands.

Best of Cuba
Best of Cuba

There are different beaches for different tastes, from the more developed Varadero to less developed beaches like Playa Paraíso and Playa Sirena where you can’t find much else than a simple beach side restaurant.

Cayo Sabinal is a beautiful secluded beach protected by coral reefs, and a great place to spend some time in if you’re interested in eco tourism.

If you’re interested in more developed beaches Varadero is the most popular beach-resort destination for Cuba all inclusive holidays, but Guaralavaca (another popular destination) is prettier, less busy and no way near as massively commercialized.

World Class Beach Destinations

Whether you’re someone who loves dedicating entire holidays to lounging around on the sand or you simply enjoy taking the odd stroll along the coast, I think it’s pretty safe to say that when it comes to holidays, decent beaches are something the vast majority of us look for. 

So, I’ve decided to spend this post talking about what I think are the world’s very best beach destinations.

Fingers crossed this list will give you a few ideas for booking your next break…

Phi Phi Islands (Thailand)

I don’t know about you, but whenever I think of idyllic beaches, I imagine aquamarine water, soft white sand and streaming sunshine – so exactly the kind of beaches found on the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand.

Part of the Krabi Province, these isles are most famous for their starring role in the film adaptation of Alex Garland’s stunning novel, The Beach.

It’s well worth visiting the particular island featured in the movie – especially if you have the image of that secluded beach lodged firmly in your mind – which is Phi Phi Ley.

Maya Bay is the iconic stretch of sand from the film and is famous for being unbelievably scenic and surrounded by colossal limestone cliffs.

Whether you’re planning to make a beeline for Maya Bay or you’re happy to soak up the sun on any of Koh Phi Phi’s beaches, the best time to come here is between November and April, since during this period, there tends to be less rain

Menorca (Balearic Islands, Spain)

Next on my list are the Bizarre Beaches in Menorca, which is one of the Balearic Islands.

A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, this island is celebrated for its incredible coastline and lush inland areas, which make it a real joy to explore.

Of course, you’re bound to be more interested in its beaches, so I’ll focus on those!

There are more than 100 beaches to choose from in Menorca, which is one of the reasons I think this is such a great destination for a seaside holiday (by the way, you can book hotels near the water through companies like Sovereign Holidays).

But sheer volume of bays doesn’t cut it – it is the quality of the beaches here that really makes this location stand out from the crowd.

Not only do they all share glorious crystal-clear water, but there is also plenty of variety in terms of the type of beaches on offer – including tiny secluded coves and broad sandy stretches.

Among the best is the shell-shaped Cala Galdana, which has golden sand and wonderfully calm waters.

Playa de Binigaus in Migjorn Gran, meanwhile, has white sand and is surrounded by lush vegetation.

As a quick warning, the latter is a favorite among nudists, so if you come here be prepared to see some skin!

Bizarre Beaches Greece

Bizarre Beaches Skiathos (Greece)

Last up we have Skiathos, which is one of the Sporades Islands.

While Greece as a whole enjoys a great reputation for its beaches, Skiathos is often said to possess the very best in the country.

There are around 60 beaches to choose from on this cosmopolitan island, but wherever you go you can expect a combination of white sand and beautifully clear water.

Among the top places to head to is Koukounaries Beach on the south-west of the isle, which is known for the lush pine forest that reaches up to the water.

If you’re happy to make a little effort to get to your World Class Beach Destinations, meanwhile, Lalaria is a real highlight.

You can only get here via boat from the port in Skiathos (and that’s reliant on the weather), but the trip is well worth it.

You see, Lalaria has unusual white rock formations that make it an especially scenic and charming destination, not to mention a particularly memorable place to relax.

(Bizarre Beaches photo credit: 1 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 2 – 5

Hawaii Snorkeling Holiday

The beautiful island chain of Hawaii is home to gorgeous landscapes, unprecedented ocean views, as well as unbelievably fun activities!

Take in the gorgeous blue salt waters of the Pacific with healthy and fit things like surfing, kayaking, and even snorkeling.

If there is one thing that will make life-long memories, it’s snorkeling in the pristine waters of Hawaii.

Traveling to Hawaii can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming.

From the extremely detailed travel itineraries, to packing for the weather, as well as the long list of active gear you may need, planning can feel like an arduous task!

To ease your worries, and maybe plan out a few overlooked destinations, here are a few tips for planning your Hawaiian snorkeling vacation!

Travel and Planning Tips for Your Hawaii Snorkeling Holiday
Travel and Planning Tips for Your Hawaii Snorkeling Holiday

Hawaii Snorkeling Trip Planning

If the many breathtaking Hawaiian Islands are your travel destinations, then planning ahead is a must!

If you don’t get a head start on this particular holiday, then you may end up in over your head with all the stress.

However, there are a few things that you can take into consideration when first planning your trip.

Saving Money on Hawaii Snorkeling Vacation

  • Save your money for a more expensive destination
  • Book in advance for as many things as possible
  • Plan your packing around weather and activities
  • Look into all the details

By having this game plan set and ready for action, you’ll be able to plan a remarkable getaway.  

Saving Up for Hawaiian Vacation 

Hawaii is a little on the expensive side.

Because of its location, practically everything that isn’t naturally grown on the islands is shipped from other countries or mainland USA.

This is also true for hotels, parks, tourist attractions, and so much more.

Start saving now for all of your planned expenses, as well as those everyday items.

Cause everything may cost just a bit more in this island paradise.

Book in Advance as Much as You Can!

If you’ve found the perfect place for your snorkeling adventure, then booking ahead will save you a lot of stress, as well as money!

Let’s say you plan to snorkel off the Molokini Crater.

This stunning volcanic islet off Maui’s south shoreline is picturesque, but you can’t just show up expecting to get a tour!

Not only do snorkeling tours require a lot of planning for the day, but they also take place on boats.

In the middle of the ocean.

And last for a nearly the whole day!

This will mean that you won’t miss this fantastic experience, and you won’t miss the boat to take you there!

Hawaii Snorkeling Day Trip Details 

While most snorkeling holidays won’t be completely all-inclusive, it’s really simple to find a tour or class that will treat you well!

Great companies will plan every detail down the last minute so that your whole trip will be stress-free and fun.

The little things that are included in your tour costs can really add up to make your snorkeling holiday a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

This can include some, if not all of the following luxuries:

  • Breakfast on the yacht
  • Beverages of all kinds on board
  • High-quality snorkeling gear
  • Certified, licensed, experienced instructors
  • Detailed safety course
  • GORGEOUS yacht
  • Lunch, or dinner on the boat
  • Well-Trained crew
  • And so much more!

Finding a tour that includes all of these things isn’t actually too difficult.

When the tour is over, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a beach holiday on one of the nearby beaches!

Hawaii Beach and Snorkeling Holiday
Hawaii Beach and Snorkeling Holiday

Pack Accordingly

Hawaii has a fantastic tropical climate.

That means the weather stays pretty consistent throughout the year.

However, it does mean that packing for the humidity and heat is a must!

Pack your suitcase with light layers, as well as the appropriate beach, hiking, and active gear!

Your snorkeling gear is typically included if you book a tour with a respected company, so there is no NEED to bring your own.

That is unless you prefer your own snorkeling equipment.

If that is the case, make a detailed list before you pack so you won’t forget anything.

Don’t forget to pack a great underwater camera for those unforgettable underwater scenes!

You should also pack personal items like sunscreen, a change of clothes, and other individual needs or travel gear while on your snorkeling adventure!

Travel to Hawaii for a Snorkeling Holiday You Won’t Forget!

There are a lot of things in life that you may never forget.

Traveling to the remarkable islands of Hawaii to snorkel can undoubtedly be one of them!

Observing spectacular fish, seeing the underwater volcanic rocks, and exploring the beauties of the ocean can all be a part of this fantastic holiday!

The Essentials

It’s worth writing out a list of everything you need to pack for you journey, so you don’t forget anything important.

Your inventory should include travel-sized toiletries, medication, a reusable water bottle, cash, and your sports kit.

It’s also important to take waterproofs and a towel.

If you know you’ll be hitting the beach on your journey, remember to take swimwear.

Oh, and bring plenty of healthy snacks!

Although it may be tempting to buy a massive bag of sweets, you’ll get a massive sugar crash, which will make you feel terrible.

It’s best to keep things delicious but healthy, when you get the munchies!

Charged Up

Before you leave on your School Sports Tour, make sure that all of your electronic devices are fully charged.

You don’t know when you’ll next get an opportunity to put juice on your phone or music player.

And it’s best to keep your phone charged up, just in case your parents want to get in touch with you.

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