RV illuminated by lights in a campsite

Full-Time Traveling, RV Style

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Do you ever dream about traveling full-time? Getting a job you can do from the road, and then never getting off the road? Maybe it’s time to join the legions of people living in RVs and seeing the world. We’ve … Read More

Best Cities With Beaches In Europe

10 Best Cities With Beaches In Europe

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If you’re like me and love the culture and many activities that cosmopolitan cities offer, but still like to spend a few days on the beach on a sunny summer day, you might sometimes find yourself torn between going to … Read More

5 Best Casino Cities Around The World

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Even if you’re not a serious gambler, the best casino cities in the world are still worth visiting for the vibe and experience alone. There is no denying in that best casino cities are like different worlds, with never-ending nightlife … Read More

Travel to Escape Reality

Do We Travel to Escape Reality?

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Do we travel to escape reality? My grandmother has a very specific view of people who travel a lot, especially older people. She can’t understand how they can’t just be happy with staying at home, why their souls are so … Read More

Beautiful Camping Spots Around The World

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Learn about some of the most beautiful camping spots around the world. The first time Nathan and I traveled around the world was in 2008. We barely had enough money to survive for a few months. Many people have asked … Read More

How to Survive the Pamplona Running with the Bulls In Spain

Running with the Bulls Spain

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Running with the bulls – A holiday in Spain in July is always a good way of guaranteeing sunshine, but why not make it a little different this year and visit Pamplona during the Running of the bulls while you’re … Read More

5 Best European Canyons & Gorges for Hiking

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Europe has some amazing natural assets, which explains why in many places one of the most popular things to do is to explore the local nature. In my opinion, the most beautiful walks are those surrounded by water, such as … Read More

World's Most Dangerous Roads

World’s Most Dangerous Roads

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World’s Most Dangerous Roads – Roads and travel are known to be the most common cause of death in the world. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, more than 1.2 million people die every year as a result … Read More

Things To Do In Dublin Ireland

Top Things To Do In Dublin, Ireland: City Guide

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Dublin in Ireland has the best of both a small town and cosmopolitan city. It has the great easy going people you can only find in small towns, but the variety of nightlife you only find in big cosmopolitan cities. You can … Read More

Crater Lake Camping

5 Best Crater Lake Camping Spots

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Crater Lake Camping – As Oregon’s only national park, Crater Lake is undeniably the state’s leading attraction. It’s also one of the most magnificent national parks in America. There are plenty of activities to explore at Crater Lake National Park, … Read More