Best Digital Luggage Scale Review [VIDEO]

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Air travel is expensive and growing more costly every year. In an effort to gain a larger profit margin most of the world’s major airlines are charging for every checked bag.

To make the situation even more expensive for travelers, they are also assessing a hefty surcharge for overweight bags. Most of these luggage surcharges kick in with bags that weigh 50 pounds.

Airlines may charge $50 for a bag that weighs in excess of 50 pounds, but some charge $75 or $100. If a bag weighs 75 pounds or more, the charges begin at $100 and may be as much as $200.

These charges are applicable on both outbound and inbound flights, so those who leave home with a heavy bag may have to pay these fees twice.

Clearly, the cost-conscious traveler is anxious to avoid these excessive surcharges. Some people have taken to weighing their luggage on a bathroom scale at home.

This works in a pinch, but most bathroom scales aren’t accurate enough to trust if the weight of the bag is very close to the 50 pound limit. Affordable Luggage You Should Travel With

This approach is also problematic and can be stressful because it doesn’t provide means to check the weight of the suitcase from a hotel.

Most people do some shopping while on vacation, and some small purchases can quickly add to the weight of a bag.

This can translate to an unpleasant shock at the airport.

During our current trip through Germany we’ve been testing the Portable Travel Digital Luggage Scale – watch our video review below.

For us this was one of those products we hadn’t realized how much we really needed, but after using a travel digital luggage scale (or Suitcase Scale) it’s been SO useful!

We only travel with carry-on luggage, and with airlines becoming more and more strict with carry-on weight limits, we would always have that nagging feeling on the day of departure – worrying whether we would have to pay for extra baggage or not.


With the digital luggage scale you can easily keep track of how much your luggage weighs, anytime you want, while flying around the world.

It’s a great product which we will definitely continue to use on our travels.

Ease the Cost of Travel

The best solution is to invest in a digital luggage scale. These compact, easy to use scales make it possible for travelers to always be in the know when it comes to the weight of their bags.

Best of all, they are small and light enough to take in the bag so they can be used anywhere in the world. Numerous digital luggage scales are available on the market today, but some are better than others.

The best of these promise great accuracy and reliability. They are also remarkably small and light so they won’t add a great deal of weight if they are packed in a checked bag.

The affordable Davidsbeenhere Portable Travel Digital Luggage Scale features a compact, lightweight design.

It weighs bags up to 110 pounds, and the LCD screen provides easy to see results. The scale switches easily between pounds and kilograms.

A black nylon strap attaches luggage to the scale while an ergonomic hand grip simplifies the process of lifting a heavy bag. The Davidsbeenhere unit provides excellent accuracy, but some users note a problem with the on/off switch.

Essentially, the switch is very easily activated, which means that any time the button contacts something it turns the scale on.

The result may be a drained battery just when you need to use the scale most. Pack this scale with care to avoid this problem or consider removing the battery when the unit is not in use.

Otherwise, this is an excellent, low cost option. The Camry EL10 Luggage Scale costs just slightly more and includes a handy thermometer as a bonus.

Once again, this luggage scale can weigh bags up to 110 pounds and converts easily between pounds and kilograms. The extra large LCD display makes it easy to see the precise weight of each bag.

At just 3.2 ounces this scale adds little to the overall weight of the luggage. The two minute auto shutoff feature handily eliminates the problem of a drained battery.

However, some users note that the handle is not particularly ergonomic and may make it difficult to hold the scale with the luggage attached for a sufficient amount of time.

Still, many people have benefited from the precise measurement available through this unit. The slightly more expensive Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale comes with a lifetime guarantee.

This means a great deal of peace of mind for the frequent traveler who wants to be certain to avoid excess weight fees. The stainless steel design is a nice plus, giving this scale good durability and a sleek look.

It’s compact and weighs just 3.3 ounces so that it travels easily. Auto shut off occurs after just 30 seconds so there’s never a concern about a drained battery.

The large LCD display is easy to read without straining.

Occasional customer concerns about the accuracy of the scale and its durability seem to be quickly addressed by the Tarriss service department.

With a lifetime guarantee, there’s little reason not to take a chance with this scale. Excessive fees have kept a number of travelers from exploring the world as often as they wish.

With a small investment in a digital luggage scale, it’s possible to reserve more of the vacation budget for souvenirs and meals while less gets allocated to costs associated with flights.

Having a digital luggage scale that is compact and portable is the secret to saving big money at the airport. It also makes the whole experience much more hassle free.

Travelers can arrive at the airport knowing that they won’t have to pay excess weight charges, nor do they have to spend anxious minutes redistributing their belongings among their checked baggage and carry on items.

Honorable Mention is the EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale w/ 110 lb. Capacity & SmartGrip