Top 5 Places To Live Around The World

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Places To Live Around The World – Whenever I visit a place there is always that little list in the back of my mind ranking the place on a scale from 1 to 10 on how good I think it is, for example: food, fun things to do, friendly people, vibe, nature, nightlife, shopping etc.

After ranking all of these, the final question comes – which I’m sure you all have in the back of your minds as well: Could I imagine living here?

Few places have made it all the way to this final question, but those which have truly are amazing.

During the Europe Train Challenge we also had a small “secret” mission: trying to find a place where we could settle down for a few months after the challenge. Mastering the Art of Slow Travel

We found many places in Europe we would like to return to and see more of, but we’ll leave those for the future when we know more about them.

Top 5 cities to live around the world

Top 5 cities to live around the world
Top 5 cities to live around the world

Innsbruck, Austria

We absolutely loved living in Switzerland for 5 months a few years back, but it was just so expensive.

Austria, the neighboring country, has the beauty of Switzerland, access to budget airports, fast trains connecting with the whole Europe, it’s cheaper than Switzerland and they speak German – a language we both want to learn fluently.

You can also ski all year round in a few places, enjoy the beautiful nature all year round, and Innsbruck still has good night life and is quite buzzing, but far from a big-city atmosphere.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand
Queenstown, New Zealand

The adventure capital of the world, if you want a crazy and fun experience – this is the place to be! Bungee jumping, river rafting, sky diving, water rock climbing etc.

There are few adventurous things you can’t do here, and the rest can be found in other parts of New Zealand.

As Queenstown is Nathan’s hometown, it’s always a favorite place of his, as he knows many of the hidden gems around there.

London, England

While I don’t think I could live there for too long, as I’m more a nature-person than a city-person, settling for a while in London is something I would love to try out.

London, England
London, England

I love the action in big cities, the fact that there is always something to see and do, and there are always new things going on.

In London I believe it’s hard to get bored with the many concerts, events, clubs and cafes, shops etc.

Plus, London is the best place to live in Europe if you want great flight deals, it’s like the gate to visiting the rest of the world, when it comes to flying.

Chiang Mai Thailand 

There is a reason why so many travel bloggers settle in Chiang Mai;

It has a great climate (not too hot not too cold), it has cheap accommodation, some of the best food in Thailand (and so cheap!), adventure sports which we love, and friendly people.

Chiang Mai, Thailand 
Chiang Mai, Thailand

The one thing it doesn’t have is a beach and some surfing, but you can easily take a budget airline to our second favorite Thailand place, Koh Lanta, or to some surf spots in Bali and Philippines via Bangkok – piece of cake ;) Best Time To Visit Bali

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is close to the dream life for sun and fun.

Although many think Melbourne is a good rival and has better coffee, food and cultural things, I would prefer Sydney because of the relaxed atmosphere and closeness to beaches.

You can also just take a weekend trip to Melbourne, stay in one of the Melbourne hotels and enjoy the cultural life for a few days before heading back to Sydney again.

Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia

When we where there we stayed in one of the Sydney hotels close to the water, I truly fell in love with the laid back lifestyle.

Surfing in the morning before work, taking each day as it came, the people acted far from the typical “cosmopolitan-stressed-suit-people” but the city still had shopping, fun things to do and great nightlife.

Popular Countries To Live Abroad

Today the world is so much more accessible than ever before and you will find an increasing number of people seizing the opportunity to move abroad and discover a new lifestyle – here are some popular Countries To Live Abroad…

 Australia is one Places To Live Around The World

Countries To Live Abroad Australia

From surf and sun to exotic wildlife and amazing nature, the reasons why so many people dream of moving to Australia are many.

But the reason that makes you want to stay, is the relaxed vibe and atmosphere of the people.

Even Sydney, which is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country, has a laid back vibe and the people are extremely friendly and open minded.

You have the exotic nature with western culture and English language, making it an easy place to move to – while New Zealand also is an attractive place to move to, the salaries are significantly higher in Australia.

Places To Live Around The World Costa Rica

Costa Rica

The crystal clear waters with amazing diving, the vibrant people, some of the most ideal climates in the world, and the cheaper costs of living makes Costa Rica one of the most popular places to move to, especially for Americans.

The country is known for its high quality of living (Costa Ricans have one of the highest life spans in the world), and if you’re looking for an easy life and a simpler lifestyle, Costa Rica is it.

With stunning beaches, great surfing, and exciting nature, there is plenty to explore in this little country.

Colombia is also becoming more and more popular, but Costa Rica is still in the lead.



Singapore is a fascinating place, and I was surprised to see just how mixed the population was.

Singapore is truly a melting pot of people from different ethnics, cultures and religions from all over the world, living in harmony together.

With places like Chinatown and Little India, you can step into a “different world” every day, and as English is the official business language in Singapore many people are completely fluent which makes it very easy as a foreigner.

Singapore is also one of the safest countries in the world, and everywhere you go the streets are immaculately clean.

But all of this has a price, and it is a high one – if you get a job in Singapore, you will most definitely be able to pay the bills, and there are plenty of jobs to find in Singapore – in fact they have an extremely low unemployment rate – if you need affordable hotels in Singapore to stay while you look for a permanent place.



Spain has long been a favorite country for northern Europeans to relocate to, and while the economic crisis surely has affected the number of people moving there at the moment, there are a lot of Brits, Germans and Scandinavians who have been living there for decades, madly in love ever since they went on their first Costa del Sol holidays.

I would say that it’s not a wise decision to move there if you need to find a job (they’re hard to find and the wages are low), but if you’re a freelancer and can work anywhere you like, or retired.

Spain still has the sun and Sangrias, and those two reasons alone are often enough for a lot of people to pack their bags and find a home.



Life in Thailand is easy – it’s comfortable, cheap and very well connected  both internationally as well as within the country, to make traveling easy.

Whether you want to find an apartment for a month or a year, it’s really easy to do in Thailand, without binding yourself too much.

Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Krabi province are popular places to settle down in Thailand – and they all have their perks.

Thailand is a beautiful country with exotic flora and fauna, beaches in the south and hill tribes in the north.

Places To Live Around The World Before you move

Before selling your house, packing your bags and chase your dream in foreign lands and find your Countries To Live Abroad, go there for a shorter trip first to see how you like it.

Visit the country and stay there for a couple of months preferably, to really get an idea of what life is like there.

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