Best Skiing Destinations for the Winter

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Top 5 Skiing Destinations – Skiing is probably the top choice when it comes to winter sports.

Thousands of travelers pick locations around the world to feel the fresh powder, tear down the slopes and fun nights on the town.

There are so many stunning places around the world; many provide top ski conditions but also gourmet dining and luxurious lodgings.

Great ski destinations boast a range of difficulty levels (and Heli Skiing Vacation) so that everyone from the novice skier to the seasoned veteran can find runs to enjoy.

When you’re not on the mountain, you’ll be able to enjoy indulgent spa services and excellent shopping. 

Go Skiing in Andorra

Winter is finally here, and it’s time to start planning your ski holidays and make the most of the white gold covering the mountains across Europe.

There are literally thousands of ski resorts just in Europe, so which one do you choose?

Best Skiing Destinations

Like with any trip, the destination, budget and your interests play a big role in how your ski holidays turn out.

Here are ski resorts that suits different tastes and will guide you to choosing the ski holidays that are right for you…

St. Anton, Austria

This venerated skiing destination is a big part of the sport’s history.

The terrain is challenging, with a high season running from December to April.

St. Anton, Austria
St. Anton, Austria

Gorgeous St. Anton is popular with the wealthy thanks to the world-class slopes and outstanding accommodations.

Rated the top ski resort in Austria, St. Anton offers some of the steepest slopes for skiing, not a destination for beginners!

Whistler, Canada

Two new lifts have opened in Whistler, which is found in British Columbia north of Vancouver.

This posh destination is home to luxury accommodations like the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.

Whistler, Canada
Whistler, Canada

This is North America’s largest ski area, and there are more than 200 miles of ski trails to explore.

Visit between November and May for optimum conditions for alpine skiing and snowboarding.

Heli Skiing Vacation – The Slopes Like You’ve Never Seen Them

If you are from a big city, travelling to western Canada is a bit of an unreal experience.

Suddenly beautiful mountains, fresh air and a sparkling ocean are right in front of you.

And if you are a skier, that experience is even more shocking.

For any avid skier who learned how to snowplow on small domestic hills, the first time you experience a more natural snowfall underneath your skis on a huge freshly-powered mountain, you probably had a pretty typical reaction; something like, “What the heck is going on?! This is awesome!”

Now that you know what you’re missing, it’s time to take your skiing to the next level with a heli skiing vacation in British Columbia, the ultimate way to travel and see the slopes.

Maybe you’ve heard of this sport; maybe you’re still in the dark about it; or maybe you’re just plain skeptical, but regardless of where you stand, there’s a good chance that once you learn more about what the sport entails, you’ll be strapping on your skis and booking a plane ticket faster than you can say “powder.”

So, what’s the big deal about helicopter skiing?

And why should you consider it as your next epic winter vacation with your family or friends?

Quite simply, you get to be ferried via a helicopter to what essentially becomes your very own amazing natural slope.

You’ll get flown to a region that is world famous for its quality and incredible terrain.

Even if you’re not the most seasoned athlete, a helicopter ride across the BC wilderness will result in stunning photographs of natural wildlife.

You’ll have access to an area that dwarfs the quality, size and landscape of any other North American or European resort, yet be secure in the knowledge that you are in the care of experts with decades of experience creating bespoke ski and snowboard tours for small, private groups.

Plus, you’ll have nearly unlimited vertical, more than enough for a trip of a week or more.

But, be sure that you’re ready for really serious powder and hip deep snow!

Heli Skiing Vacation

Of course, you’ll have to be prepared when you start planning the best heli ski trip, as heli skiing does require a few bits of gear that aren’t necessary when hitting the slopes at a resort.

You’ll likely need even more layered clothing for sub-zero temperatures and a backpack fit for glacier travel equipment.

Also, you’ll want freeride or “all-mountain” skis because they are less tiring and handle tough terrain more easily.

The same goes for snowboarders, who will need similar wider powder snowboards.

The whole point of trying out a helicopter trip to hit the powder is to lose yourself in snow (not literally!).

Skiers and snowboarders who will get the most out of a heliskiing trip are the ones who go with the flow, forget work, day to day life and stress, while they carve out their own adventure in pure, unpolluted powder on Canada’s most pristine mountains.

And best of all, when you finish a day after getting dropped into the powder, you’re going to be tired…in a good way.

And what better way to take care of that than a private cabin with a hot tub and amazing views of one of the most breathtaking natural scenes in the world?

Have a soak, a drink and world class meal as you rest up for your next day’s adventure!

If you love to travel and like seeking out unusual terrain, this could be the trip of a lifetime.

Cortina, Italy

There’s no better place to ski from January to March than this resort town, located about 100 miles north of Venice.

This area features nearly 100 miles of ski runs in the Dolomites.

Cortina, Italy
Cortina, Italy

Beginners enjoy the slopes at Mietres while those with more advanced skills choose Tofana-Promedes.

Cortina has been named “the most chic winter destination”, the town is packed with amazing antique shops, great food and elegant boutiques.

Lake Tahoe, USA

Located on the state line between California and Nevada, Tahoe boasts 15 outstanding ski resorts.

With six peaks and thousands of acres, Squaw Valley is a perennial favorite.

Skiing Destinations for the Winter Tahoe, USA
Skiing Destinations for the Winter Tahoe, USA

From Thanksgiving to April’s end, the whole region offers spectacular downhill possibilities.

Lake Tahoe is known for having “epic powder, tight corduroy grommets, raucous terrain parks and endless moguls”.

Acan’t miss destination for any winter sports fan.

Best Time to Visit Lake Tahoe

Zermatt, Switzerland

This is the home of the iconic Matterhorn, and skiers of all levels will find excellent conditions from November through April in this destination that is 150 miles east of Geneva.

Zermatt, Switzerland
Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt has three ski areas with famously long runs.

Zermatt offers world class skiing with stunning views of Switzerland’s highest peak, Mattertal.

The town is well known for being one of the top travel destinations of the Swiss Alps.

Winter Skiing Destinations for Some Snow and Sun

Trying to make winter travel plans for a couple or family that fits everyone’s needs can be a little tricky.

Some will have a deep love of snow and others can be the lodge-hating type!

Winter destinations that appeal to all tastes are pretty easy to find.

Most will include enough activities on and off the ice as well as busy slopes and other adventures, anything to avoid cabin fever!

Niagara Falls, Canada

Though often thought of as a summertime destination or a honeymooner’s paradise, Niagara Falls has lots to enjoy for families traveling during the winter.

If your children are getting into winter sports, this will be a great destination that will allow downhill and cross-country skiing expeditions as well as plenty of other attractions.

Niagara Falls, Canada
Niagara Falls, Canada

Kids will love Kissing Bridge, a ski area 40 miles from Niagara Falls.

It has 36 downhill slopes and all the necessary equipment can be rented there, making it an easy day trip from your accommodation near the waterfalls.

For cross-country fun, Byrncliff Resort is another option.

When you’re deciding where to stay, you can visit this website for great deals.

When you’re not skiing, take advantage of the Rink at the Brink, the seasonal ice-skating rink overlooking the Horseshoe Falls and show the kids the amazing Disney-themed light displays lit up every evening during the Festival of Lights, which runs from November through February.


Hawaii is a great destination all year, but most travelers choosing the island state do so for the beaches and palm trees — and not for the skiing.

However, if you’ve got people in your party who’d rather ski than sunbathe and others who are adamant they want a warm vacation, Hawaii may fit the bill for both.

Winter Destination Hawaii
Winter Destination Hawaii

The tallest mountain in Hawaii, the volcano Mauna Kea, is tall enough to get snow cover during the winter months.

Note that there is no ski resort here, and instead of lifts, skiers will need to drive in with a four-wheel drive and bring their own equipment.

Skiing at such a high altitude is also very strenuous.

And, of course for the rest of the party, there’s a beach just down the mountain.

Taos, New Mexico

Explore the Southwest as well as skiing with a trip to Taos, one of New Mexico’s most interesting cities.

Though Taos may be more famous for its long-established artists’ colony and the architecture of the many buildings found on the National Register of Historic Places, it also has some good skiing in easy driving distance.

Taos, New Mexico
Taos, New Mexico

There are four ski resorts in the Taos area, providing skiing opportunities for all experience levels of skiers.

The resorts are about 20 miles from the center of Taos.

While your ski-happy family members are enjoying the slopes, stay in Taos to experience the art museums, make some art yourself or explore some of the historical places in the area, such as the adobe church at Picuris Pueblo.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Long beloved by the world’s top skiers, a wintertime visit to Jackson Hole may be a dream come true for the snow-lovers in your family.

But, in addition to all of the buzz over the powder and pistes, Jackson Hole also has quite a bit to do for non-skiers.

For example, check out the world-class spas at the many resorts nearby.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Go on a wildlife safari, try your hand at dog sledding, ride in a horse-pulled sleigh at the National Elk Refuge, visit the National Museum of Wildlife Art, take in a music show or a play, or, well, learn to ski.

Portland, Oregon

The West Coast has a lot of great skiing, but when people think of Portland, Ore., they usually imagine rain — and not snow.

And, that’s fair: The City of Roses gets more than 35 inches of rain every year.

However, basing your family in Portland for your next vacation will get your favorite skiers near the Mount Hood Meadows Ski Resort.

Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon

It takes about an hour-and-a-half to drive to Mount Hood from the downtown, so your group can enjoy the snowfall in the mornings and come back to the city in the evenings.

When off the slope, travelers enjoy exploring Portland’s neighborhoods, visiting the Portland Art Museum and going to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, especially with kids.

Just as it is undeniably true that behind every successful man lies a powerful woman, (don’t even try to dispute that as a throng of angry

Successful Ski Resorts

The progress of our world relies heavily on bold claims so, hold-on-to-your-hats because I am about to make one.

women shall descend upon you), such a valiant assertion can also be made about Chamonix in France.

While Chamonix’s masculine pacey-peaks are a huge draw for those who love all things fast and furious, the key secret to Chamonix’s success lies with one white- woman-wonder:

La Dame Blanche

While friends, family and locals alike know her as The White Lady, she is more formally known as the

Mont Blanc Mountain

Majestically standing as the queen of the Alps, soaring to a staggering 4,810 m, she impressively wields her domain like a woman shoe-scavenging during the sale season.

Little did I know that I was about to come face to face with her take-no-prisoners mantra when I decided to scale her perilous pistes.

My expert guide, Sebastian, had pre-warned me that this would be no easy feat but, with adrenaline searing through my veins and a somewhat misguided confidence I signed on the dotted line, (and you think I am joking!)…

With Sebastian at the helm we embarked upon the classic Gouter Route, starting our journey with a cable-car ride from Les Houches and a tramway to Nid d’Aigle.

Our climb continued on in this leisurely fashion as we crunched along the soft terrain, breathing in the crisp alpine air…

…Sorry to lull you into a false slumber there!

Unfortunately, this gentle climb met a rather untimely demise.

Instead, facing us was a five-hour trek of muscle-aching exertion to reach the Gouter refuge.

Adding further insult to injury, our treacherous trek was being captured on film, (ever worthy of Candid Camera, perhaps the pearly lining to our snow-coated cloud!)

On the second day, further scrambling, clambering and crawling were in order to traverse the now far-reaching glacial grounds.

With crampons and ice ax supporting us like a much-needed crutch, the goal of reaching the snow-hazed summit fueled us on.

After a slow ascent over Bosses ridge, our highest hurdle, we finally reached the tip of the iceberg, the top of the peak and the end of our journey.

True, no comparisons to Neil Armstrong can be made here but one must always celebrate their own little victories.

As the sun shimmered across the soft folds of Chamonix’s undulating valley, we admired the breath-taking views from the peak of Chamonix’s power: La Dame Blanche’s icy throne.

Like a dollop of whipped cream on top of a molten chocolat chaud, her snow-drift summit was a worth-the-wait indulgent treat.

Back in the warming embrace of my accommodation in Chamonix, I reveled in the secret of Chamonix’s success.

Whilst many have an appetite for Chamonix’s après-ski adventures, the Chamonix bars and Chamonix clubs are notorious among the skiing scene, I knew better.

Like a girlfriend who uncovers a secret gift, I smiled smugly knowing who truly held all the keys to Chamonix’s icy kingdom.

Isabella Rose

Isabella is an enthusiastic traveler with a love of adventure.

Having studied History of Art and Italian at university, it has been her lifelong dream to move to Italy to revel in the art, culture and of course the gelato!

Go Skiing in Andorra

Almost entirely mountainous, Andorra is a small state in the middle of Spain and France.

The state is well known as a tax haven and for its low-cost tourism options, especially winter tourism.

The location is particularly attractive for singles and young couples looking for entertainment in duty-free clubs, bars, snowboarding and the wildly popular Andorra skiing.

The capital Andorra la Vella deserves a visit for its excellent selection of duty-free shopping venues.

Just outside the center, there is the Caldea spa at Escalades-Engordany that offers visitors a splendid array of baths, treatments, and pools.

Andorra is fast moving up the market and it offers visitors beautiful entertainment ski spots with excellent beginner, intermediate and advanced terrains.

Vallnord Arcalis and Pal-Arinsal

The Vallnord ski area covers about 56 miles of excellent slopes featuring top-notch ski conditions.

Located in the western region of the country, Pal-Arinsal is a resort offering high-speed lifts and gondolas connecting neighboring resorts.

The Arinsal is a ski-in, ski-out resort where you ski from your hotel without even having to take the lift.

Arinsal offers visitors four black runs, seven green runs, 15 blue runs and 16 red runs that are perfect for the intermediate and beginner skiers out there.

The resort is also home to free-riders, snowboarders, and visitors looking to take in the Andorra nightlife.

Arcalis is a favorite spot for nature lovers with beautiful valleys, dramatic gorges and lots of forest cover – in combination with great snow conditions.

The resort is home to seven green runs, six blue rungs, two black runs and 10 red runs, which is a good selection for the beginner and intermediate skier.

Apart from having one of the longest beginners run in Andorra as well as a great ski school, your kids will fall in love with the Arcalis Family Park that offers them teddy bear mascots and rides.

Grandvalira Soldeu and El Tarter

The Grandvalira is Andorra’s largest ski area with a massive 30 ski resorts that cover just over 130 miles of piste and the first official resort outside of the Alps to offer visitors more than 130 miles of ski runs.

The area has 66 lifts that include 29 high-speed detachable quads and six-seater chairlifts, gondolas, giving the area the capability of handling over 100,000 skiers an hour.

The largest ski areas are Soldeu and El Tarter, which are small villages that offer you direct access to the slopes.

Both villages give you access to 16 green runs, 19 black runs, 42 red runs and 51 blue runs, meaning that they are the ideal spots for the beginner, intermediate and advanced skier.

The resorts also offer visitors a great selection of ski schools, nurseries and snow gardens with El Tarter hosting the El Tarter Snowpark – a great place for the snowboarder and the kids’ snow circuit.

Facilities in El Tarter and Soldeu offer you a huge range of nightlife and accommodation options featuring self-catering apartments and hotels.

Pas de la Casa Grandvalira
Pas de la Casa Grandvalira

Pas de la Casa Grandvalira

Pas de la Casa is the party town known for its high-quality nightlife – also earning the nickname “Ibiza on Snow.”

Also, the resort is suitable to all types of budgets and, of course, gives you access to the fantastic Grandvalira.

Located in the far west Grandvalira area, Pas is perfect for intermediate skiing with enough options to challenge skiers both on and off the piste .

Plus, it offers skiers two-star apartments for the budget conscious and four-star accommodation in case you would like to pamper yourself with a little luxury.

Ski Holidays In Europe
Ski Holidays In Europe

Budget Friendly Livigno, Italy

The ski resort that is on everyone’s lips this season is Livigno in Italy, having won several awards this year.

The biggest award was the prize as Best European Resort at the World Snow Awards, which is a pretty big deal.

One of the reasons for the award was its off-piste skiing, so if you’re into that then this is the ski resort for you.

However, Livigno is also famous as a duty free zone, making bars and clubs refreshingly free from overpriced beers, and gives way for some lively aprés ski.

If you buy a 6-day pass or longer, you get one free day of skiing in the Swiss Engadin region, which includes the luxury resort St. Moritz.

It’s a great ski resort, but also very expensive so we definitely recommend taking advantage of this pass and ski for free!

Exclusive St. Moritz, Switzerland

St. Moritz is one of the world’s classic ski resorts for exclusive ski holidays, and is one of the most fun ski resorts we’ve been to.

Surrounded by the rich and famous, and with paparazzi waiting at the top of the mountain.

St. Moritz is indeed an unusual place to find yourself in.

You will feel completely out of place, but nobody will actually treat you as such, so just sit back and enjoy the seat warmers in the ski lifts and the amazing views from the mountain.

The town is set by a frozen lake used for horse racing, Polo, golf and cricket, and famous for its crazy Cresta toboggan run – a traditional sport you have to try when in Switzerland!

The ski pass is a bit expensive, but if you ski in nearby resorts like Italy or another one in Switzerland you can often find deals and discounts (we did).

Aprés Ski in St. Anton, Austria

Many claim that St. Anton is the home of aprés ski, or more precisely the infamous bar The Krazy Kanguruh.

The party gets going already at 3pm and continues until way after dark.

Another popular place is Mooserwirtz, which is rumored to sell more beer per square meter than any other bar in Austria.

While St. Anton does attract those who are more interested in partying than skiing, it’s a great ski resort for those looking for ski holidays that combine the best of both, as the skiing is also excellent.

Which ski resorts would you recommend for ski holidays in Europe?

Is there anything more exciting than hearing someone shout the magic words: ‘it’s snowing, come look!’?

Once we’ve been on a ski holiday, and the reason we all go back for more, is the allure of a snowfall.

We both love skiing and try to make sure we ski at least every second year, testing out different places every time, from smaller cheaper family resorts to fancy luxury resorts like St Moritz.

Here is a list of luxury ski holidays that aren’t necessarily on most top lists but stand out from the rest in beauty and are truly unique places to visit.

Geilo, Norway

With a 100 year old skiing heritage, this picturesque mountain town is the oldest ski resort in the country, blanketed in snow from November to April.

There are hardly ever queues, and there are over 40 alpine slopes for more experienced skiers to explore.

For those who want to practice their ice-climbing, there are stunning vertical waterfalls just waiting to be scaled.

It’s also host to a number of very unique experiences, including the Ice Music Festival, which offers the incredible experience of instruments made of ice being played to a fur-wrapped crowd.

Alyeska Resort, Alaska

With a staggering 880 feet of snowfall recorded just last season, you can be sure to have a winter with an abundance of powder snow.

There are over 1400 ski-able acres on the mountainside, with the option of night skiing to extend the area you choose to explore.

There’s also a handy ‘track your vertical’ system, which tells you how far you’ve come on every run down the trail.

There are terrain parks for snowboarders and skiers to hone their tricks, with an area friendly to beginners, and more challenging obstacles for those who want to test their limits.

Cervinia Resort, Italy

From the heart of the Astra Valley, Cervinia beckons to those looking for the ultimate upmarket mountain retreat.

Just a stone’s throw away from the equally popular resort of Zermatt in Switzerland, Cervinia shares a view of the Matterhorn with neighbouring Switzerland.

As part of the Breuill-Cervinia Valtournenche Zermatt area, the resort is linked to a ski area covering 350 km of ski runs..!

For some thumping beats and a 400 m run, the snowpark whisks boarders and skiers alike into the mood for showing off some skills, while the cross country area offers up a 3 km track through the snowy landscape.

Beautiful Zermatt, Switzerland

For us, this was the hardest to pick, as it all comes down to perception.

We love ski resorts with chocolate-box chalets, breathtaking views and car-free centers.

Zermatt has all three, and besides, few mountain drops are as iconic as the Matterhorn…

Cervinia’s neighbouring resort, Zermatt, has just as much to offer.

A spider web of black runs clings to every mountainside, making Zermatt alluring for some of the greatest skiers.

There’s a proliferation of family friendly memories to make, including tobogganing, ice-skating and even cheese making.

For a little après-ski fun, rack up and break in Bar 55 for a traditional pint accompanied by a game of pool, or soundtrack the cold winter nights in front of a roaring fire, with a hearty drink in hand and the chime of soothing live piano bar to warm the cockles of your heart.

Best Party Ski Resorts In France
Best Party Ski Resorts In France

Best Party Ski Resorts In France

A holiday is not a holiday for most skiers unless they find somewhere to run wild after the slopes have closed for the night.

Every season hundreds of thousands of tourists, a large amount being from the UK, go to France for a week or two to ski and party.

France has plenty of great ski resorts where the partying reminds you of a winter Ibiza, but there are also many family friendly resorts, so it’s important to know before booking your trip where the party is.

Here are three of the most popular ski resorts for partying in France…


Chamonix must be considered to be one of the best party towns for the après ski scene and it is consistently placed high on the list of favorite spots to party.

Not only does it have everything that the avid skier wants, from pretty ski chalets to perfect and reliable snow, it also hosts several bars of every description from wild party venues to more sophisticated establishments.

The cool thing about Chamonix though is that it is near enough to several cities or airports, making it a perfect place for a weekend getaway.

Not many ski resorts are reached so easily so it means that après ski can be enjoyed several times per year.

Geneva airport is the closest airport to Chamonix, and is also the airport closest to a number of different ski fields in France.

But remember that Chamonix is a very popular destination, so if you want a good hotel in a central location for a good price, make sure you book your stay early!

Val d’Isiere

Val d’Isere is another lively spot for the rich and famous.

But it also is a firm favorite with skiers in their twenties too, attracting not only the French and Brits but a lot of Scandinavians too.

Apart from some attractive ski chalets set among the trees, this place also has some high class accommodation on offer, as the rich dictate of course.

Happy hour is usually between four and seven in the afternoon and gets everyone in the mood for a disco later on.

Younger people tend to congregate at Perdrix Blanche while the older crowd prefers the Tavern d’Alsace.


Courchevel is also another favorite spot for skiers and party animals.

It is situated in the Three Valleys and as such, it has a variety of runs to try out at different altitudes.

The same goes for the après ski and it is at 1850 where most of the action is.

The Caves and Kalico seem to the ‘in’ places at the moment but there are quieter, more sophisticated venues for older people.

I hope this inspired you and helped with deciding which ski resort to visit next season!

Unless you have escaped the cold and gone to a warm country, chances are that you will have a couple of cold, snowy months ahead from now on.

But cold months and snow is only what you make of it – you can go and hibernate in front of the TV for the next couple of months, or you can choose to make the most of it and really enjoy the winter.

If you want to go for the second option, but forgot what winter really offers, here are a few reminders of the awesome things you can do in winter…

Winter Hiking

There is nothing more relaxing and calming than walking among nature in the winter.

The winter landscape is incredible, with forests covered in glimmering snow and the shiny frozen lakes where it feels as though time has stopped for a moment.

The peacefulness and quietness is unlike anywhere else.

Taking long walks and hikes in winter wonderlands are one of the best things to do in winter, and there is nothing better than to stop over in a warm little place and order a cup of hot chocolate after a couple of hours walking.

Staying In An Igloo

More and more countries are starting to offer igloo accommodation, where you get to sleep in an actual igloo, then there is the famous Ice Hotel in Sweden, which is completely made out of ice and is rebuilt every year.

But if you can’t afford going all the way to Sweden, why not build your own igloo?

Another reason to sleep outside, whether it’s in an igloo or a tent, is the amazing opportunity you get to take photos of the night sky without any light pollution – totally worth it, at least for a few hours.

Playing Golf In The Snow

Yeah, I am serious – you can play golf in winter, in fact there are several resorts open where you can play, and even take some weekend golf breaks – it will be different, that’s for sure – but that’s part of the fun!

While you can book golf breaks and spend a weekend playing golf in the snow, it’s also just a fun thing you can do for a day when you’re in a ski resort.

They set up this golf course in Vulpera, Switzerland when we were there a few winters back and it was really fun to play a few rounds, although sometimes hard to find the ball!

Ice Skating

Is there anything more beautiful than a frozen lake, cleared from snow? Ice skating in the nature is one of the best things I know.

It’s a little scary since you don’t know where the ice is thin, but that’s part of the fun.

Bring picnic and hot chocolate in a thermos, and spend the day by the lake just like in summer.


Sledding isn’t  just for kids – it’s for everyone.

If you visit Switzerland and Austria you will see that they take sledding very seriously, with championships and all.

In many of the ski resorts in Europe you will actually find slopes specifically made for sledding, and you won’t have to go through all of the hassle walking up the hill, but can take the gondola up.

Here is a video of us sledding down a 6 kilometer long sled run in Bergün in Switzerland back in winter 2010 (Watch right to the end to see Nathan lose his sled!).

Snowshoeing  and skiing

Playing in the snow can certainly be fun, and lots of travelers plan entire vacations around the outstanding powder in destinations like Tahoe in California and Telluride, Colorado.

Novice powder hounds don’t have to book a stay that will keep them on the slopes every day.

Snowshoeing  and skiing
Snowshoeing  and skiing

Snow provides such a great variety of activities for all ages, snowshoeing is an easy winter sport and can be enjoyed with the family, so is cross-country skiing.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous then why not book a couple of lessons and get started on skiing or snowboarding?

A day on the slopes will provide some good family fun and give you great travel stories.

Beautiful Swiss Ski Resorts You Have to Visit

What’s the first image that comes to your mind when someone mentions Switzerland?

The unmistakable peak of the Matterhorn?

The soaring snow-capped Alps?

Idyllic medieval towns and alpine villages?

These images are synonymous with Switzerland, and for good reason.

Swiss ski resorts nestled high in the Alps are among the beautiful in the world.

It’s no wonder over 60 million people visit this region each year!

With so many amazing resorts to choose from for family skiing, how can you decide where to go?

Here’s our pick for the eight most beautiful Swiss ski resorts for family skiing in the Alps.


The ski resort of Zermatt tops our list for several reasons.

For starters, it offers a close-up, uninterrupted view of the Matterhorn.

It’s also the highest ski area in the Alps, peaking at 3,900 meters and offering an impressive 2,133 meters of vertical drop.

Another unique feature is that its slopes link up to Cervinia, which means you can ride up the lift in Switzerland and ski down into Italy.

In addition to its superb views, Zermatt boasts a beautiful car-free village and some of the best apres-ski specials in the country.

St. Moritz

150 years ago, the idea of a “winter holiday” was born in the tiny alpine town of St. Moritz.

It later became host to the 1928 and 1948 winter Olympics.

If there’s a quintessential Swiss ski resort, St. Moritz is it.

It boasts terrain for all levels, from beginner to expert.

Thanks to its champagne climate, good snow conditions are almost always guaranteed.

In town, you’ll find a lively social scene and plenty of apres-ski options.

St. Moritz also hosts fun winter festivals like the White Turf horse races, the Snow Polo World Cup, and the World Cup Bob and Skeleton.


Intermediate skiers will love the slopes at the interlinked ski resorts of Davos-Klosters.

Much of the terrain lies above the tree line, providing splendid views of the surrounding mountains.

It also offers a series of long forest runs that drop 1,800 vertical meters.

While Davos has a more modern feel, the town of Klosters is an almost-unchanged farming village.

In the 1950’s, it attracted Hollywood elite like Greta Garbo, Gene Kelley, and Rex Harrison.

You don’t have to look far to understand the appeal of this alpine wonderland.


If you want a beautiful Swiss ski resort with a slower, relaxed pace, head to Villars.

A hundred years ago, this alpine town was little more than a collection of shepherds’ huts.

Villars is now a family-friendly ski resort that’s ideal for beginners and casual skiers.

In terms of scenery, Villars is hard to beat.

Ride the cable car to Roc d’Orsay or take the cog railway train to Col de Bretaye for a birds’ eye view of the village.

On a clear day, you can see the stunning peak of Mont Blanc.

Another reason to love Villars is that it’s so eco-friendly.

The town is for pedestrians only, although you may hear the occasional whirring of an electric car.


For dependable snow conditions in a beautiful setting, visit the Swiss ski region of Saas-Fee.

Over 150 kilometers of beginner and intermediate terrain spread between four villages await you in Saas-Fee.

Snow quality lasts all the way through April, making it an ideal choice for a late-season getaway.

The village itself sits in a glacial bowl surrounded by 4,000-meter peaks.

Wander the narrow, winding pathways and car-free roads past a host of beautiful Swiss chalets.

Your fun isn’t limited to the slopes, either.

You’ll find plenty to do with Saas-Fee’s action-packed schedule of winter events and mountain festivals.


Any powder hounds out there?

Look no further than the famous Swiss ski resort of Andermatt.

Because of its geography, Andermatt often has excellent snow when conditions in other regions are mediocre.

A combination of high altitude and connected valleys on the north face of the Alps results in some of the best powder in Switzerland.

The slopes at Andermatt cater mostly to advanced skiers.

There are also some intermediate runs for those trying to improve their confidence.

The town of Andermatt is quieter than other Swiss ski resorts, although that’s beginning to change.

The town’s first five-star hotel opened in 2013, and more are springing up behind it.

For now, though, Andermatt remains a beautiful and largely undiscovered jewel in the Swiss Alps.

Jungfrau Region

The three peaks of Jungfrau provide a spectacular backdrop in this area.

The main ski resorts include Grindelwald, Wengen, and Murren, all within easy reach of one another.

Beginners should head for the slopes near Wengen, while advanced skiers will find Murren’s runs more challenging.

From here, you can ride the Jungfraubahn Railway to the highest railroad station in Europe, located at 3,454 meters.

Dozens of lifts and cable cars are there to carry you to ski runs as long as 12 kilometers.

In Grindelwald, walk to the end of Dorfstrasse for a stunning scene of the town’s church with the Wetterhorn in the background.

Many buildings in Murren are over 400 years old, and the only mode of transportation is the train.

Wengen is easily the “coziest” of the Swiss ski villages.

Here you’ll find historic chalets with a scattering of Victorian hotels and rustic churches.


For skiers up to the challenge, Verbier offers some of the steepest runs in Switzerland.

Its bountiful back country terrain also makes it one of the best destinations in the world for off-piste skiing.

The village of Verbier was once home to humble farmers and shepherds.

These days, it’s home to the Alps’ most luxurious lodgings and draws celebrities from around the world.

It’s not hard to see the appeal.

Enjoy a scenic stroll around the 17th-century chapel and Count of Savoy’s ruined 12th-century chateau.

Then settle in for a drink and a view of the sunset at the apres-ski hub of Place Centrale.

Swiss Ski Resorts: The Choice Is Yours!

No matter which Swiss ski resort you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the majestic beauty of the Alps.

Family Skiing Holiday In the Alps Fun Hacks For Amazing Experience

Family Skiing Holiday In the Alps – Let’s start by stating one thing: family holidays are hard and anyone who underestimates them is in for a surprise!

So you’re planning your first family ski holiday and you don’t even know where to start?

That’s completely fine, and very understandable as well.

But just because you’ve got children, doesn’t mean you should skip the family skiing holiday.

Contrary to popular belief, family skiing holidays are an incredible way to actually bond with your family and break away from the daily stress of life.

You’ve got so many destinations to choose from, and you’re guaranteed to be left with a lot of memories.

The Alps are without a doubt an excellent choice of destination for family skiing and when it comes to planning a ski holiday in the Alps, and most of the resorts are very well equipped for family activities.

Family Skiing Holiday In the Alps Photo by Nicolai Berntsen on Unsplash

An incredible investment

Yes, skiing tends to be a little bit more expensive than other hobbies, but it also offers the best return on investment when it comes to the fun had.

There are so many offers available as well for families and the packages make the trip much cheaper than they would usually be.

You can choose from all-inclusive holidays to stay at resorts to chalets with dozens of amenities.

This all makes the budgeting super easy as the offers keep getting cheaper and cheaper for families.

It’s fun for everyone involved

Whether it’s you or the kids – everyone is guaranteed to have  a lot of fun.

You can explore nearby cities and villages, you’re going to be having a very enjoyable time and most importantly.

You’ll be creating those much needed lifetime memories.

You’ll also be learning a new hobby while you do that, and teaching your kids invaluable life lessons.

The best thing about skiing is the fact that it has a very steep learning curve so who knows – maybe you’ll end up skiing at the same slope!

Fitness wise, it’s considered great exercise!

Yes, skiing is hectic.

But you don’t have to worry about that at all.

Due to our daily “lazy” lifestyles now, a break to the Alps where you’ll spend a few days skiing is incredible exercise and will guarantee that you’ll be having a guilt-free holiday.

Instead of just lounging on a sunbed and eating all day long, you will be moving, exercise and even burning up to 600 calories an hour!

Add to all of this how much core strength you’ll be building, and you’ll realize that this will be the push you need to start living a healthy lifestyle with your family.

Bonding During Family Ski Holiday

There is no doubt that skiing offer a very special way of bonding.

You’ll be spending a lot of time together, and you will be learning together and spending cozy evenings together as well.

The closeness of staying together in the same place, learning things in a linear matter and not knowing what next day holds all adds to a very special family experience.

Memories you will create will be unforgettable

You’ll find yourself constantly going back to the memories created on this family trip, always talking about it, and no matter how far you get in life – this family trip will still be a focal point in you and your kids’ life.

How young can the kids be to start skiing?

No more “oh, they’re too young” excuses when it comes to the kids.

Ski schools can teach children as young as three years old!

Of course the ideal age starts from five, but it’s an activity suited for kids of all ages.

Accommodation During Your Family Skiing Holiday

The thing about accommodation is that it’s a little bit tricky.

Do you want something that offers a free shuttle?

Or do you want childcare?

Do you want something cheap?

What kind of amenities do you need?

Do you want a more relaxed or lively atmosphere?

Family Skiing Holiday Accommodation Options:

Skiing Holiday Hotels

Which at first may sound too formal for a family holiday, but don’t fret.

There are a lot of them that are family friendly, so it’s great if you’re taking a baby and you get to enjoy the luxury and comfort after a long day of being outdoors.

AirBNB For your Ski Holiday

AirBNB’s  are usually cheaper and save money but they’re usually more of a hassle than hotel.

Ski-in-Ski-Out Chalets

This is the option we recommend the most.

There are so many that specialize in family ski holidays and they usually include things like nappies and baby food.

can get all-terrain buggies, safety features include bed guards and stair gates and you can definitely book childcare.

Skiing Fitness Levels

This is one of the most important points – you have to make sure that your family are fit enough before deciding to go skiing.

Skiing is and will be hectic for everyone and you need to be able to keep up.

You can all prepare by going to the gym together, or doing a few outdoor activities together before going.

Skip the computer games and spend some time with your family swimming, on a pitch, in the gym, talking walks…etc until you know you’re fit enough.

Remember – you don’t want your children too tired, since that will hinder the fun of everyone.

Family Ski Equipment and Gear

Make sure you have all the kit you need, and make sure it’s good quality gear as well!

You’ll need helmets, skiing gear, and all those mini-me outfits that will make for great postcard-worthy pictures!

Packing For a Family Ski Holiday in the Alps

Don’t, we repeat, don’t pack last minute!

You need to make sure you have a packing list where you can tick off whatever item you have and need.

You can choose from some of the best packing cubes to make your packing easier and more efficient and even divide your luggage for you and your kid’s luggage.

Must have Ski Gear

  • Goggles.
  • Salopettes.
  • Jackets.
  • High SPF sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Helmets.
  • Gloves/Mittens..
  • Scarves, neck warmers.
  • Socks (ski socks are also important)
  • All your gear.
  • Thermal long-sleeved shirts and thermal pants.
  • Midlayers.
  • Even more layers!
  • A fanny pack.
  • Travel Adapter for Europe

Ski Holiday Budgeting

How much will you be spending?

Will you be spending money on childcare?

If yes, for how long?

Just the mornings, the afternoons or the evenings?

All day childcare?

You need to budget all of this, and check your packing list to see what you also need to purchase.

Have everything ready in advance

Book everything in advance.

Make sure you have your skis, your snowboards, your boots, and all your gear booked in advance in case they are all reserved.

Nothing worse than arriving to your destination and realizing that there is no  gear.

Book children’s ski lessons

Ski lessons are of course a must for your children (and you, of course!) so make sure the teachers are specially trained to engage with children.

There are a lot of ski schools all around and the lessons usually last a couple of hours.

Prepare your kids Skiing Holiday

Prepare your kids by showing them what ski resorts look like, what they can do, show them some of the activities they can do together, and educate them.

When to travel to the Alps Weather

Early December – most cost-effective.
January – cheaper, but with more snow and harsher weather.
February – peak season. .
March – warmer weather so perfect if you want to do other activities.

Planning, planning and more planning is all that’s needed to make your family skiing holiday a blast.

Make sure you’re prepared with everything that is needed ready and you’re bound to have an incredible time!

Destinations for A Fabulous Family Ski Holiday

Family Ski Holiday – Alpine resorts offer some of the best skiing experiences along with beautiful chalets, unique views, delicious food and exceptional service.

There are plenty of child-friendly ski destinations in the French Alps to choose from, but it can be difficult to decide which one will be best for your family.

Hopefully we have made this choice a bit easier for you, here are five great choices to consider when planning a fabulous family ski holiday.

Destinations for A Fabulous Family Ski Holiday


Avoriaz is a popular family friendly resort and if often reviewed as one of the best and safest places to stay for families with children.

The village is a car free environment which is an excellent bonus too.

The Village des Enfants is located in the Place central and has a unique take on teaching kids to ski.

Children from the ages of three to sixteen years old can take part in this ski school which works on the concept of learning through play.

The nursery slopes and sheltered area make it the perfect place to leave the children with their expert instructors.

The timings also mean you can drop of the children, then still make it on time for your own adult lessons.

All excellent reasons to choose Avoriaz for a family ski holiday.

Chalets can offer ski in ski out lodgings for those heading straight to the slopes and there are lots of other activities to try here too.

Have you ever heard of ski jeering?

Here in Avoriaz you can try this combination of sleigh riding and skiing.

Hold on to long reigns attached to the horse’s and ski whilst being pulled along.

A unique activity to try in Avoriaz on top of all the other activities this resort has in store.

La Plange

If you are a family of varied skiing talents, then La Plange is a good option.

The area combines eleven resorts all in one, spreading across the varying mountain terrain.

The different resorts are linked by free buses and a cable car, so it is easy to get around.

It’s not only skiing you can enjoy here but there are plenty of other activities to try.

There’s an artificial frozen waterfall to try ice climbing, the opportunity to try night time skiing at Jean-Luc Crétier ski stadium and an Olympic Bobsleigh run open to the public.

For younger kids there’s the local Igloo Village and the Ice Cave, and for the adventurous older kids there’s the Super Tyro zip-line, paragliding, snowmobiling and even sledging.

Child friendly chalets are available in the resort which have everything you need for you family stay.

Fabulous Family Ski Holiday
Fabulous Family Ski Holiday

You can expect accessories such as highchairs, stair gates and cots and layouts which will keep your family safe and secure.

Les Gets

A traditional family resort which offers the perfect setting for your family ski holiday.

It looks as you would expect an Alpine village to look pretty and charming but with lots packed in too.

The skiing has something for everyone.

The runs nearest to the resort are perfect for beginners but there’s also the Portes de Soleil for more experienced skiers, meaning the whole place is excellent for all abilities.

There’s also an ice rink, a cinema and sports center to use in your down time or during the bad weather.

For families there are a few options to choose from when it comes to accommodation.

When you book through certain operators you can include childcare providers offering babysitting and childminding services.

As well as everything you need to make your stay in Les Gets with kids easier.

When you ask about Les Gets, you will probably hear about the amazing food there is here.

If you like your restaurants and want to try some traditional cuisine as well as family friendly skiing, it is a great choice.

Les Karellis

If you are bringing your young children along then this is one of the favored resorts.

There are seven holiday villages in this car free resort and all of them have immediate access to the lifts.

All children’s accessories and equipment within the accommodation are free to use and you can also hire a specially adapted sledge for babies and toddlers making it easier to get the family around.

Ski school here starts at the age of 4 and there are also childminding services to take advantage of too.

When you are not skiing there’s plenty of fun to be had that involves the whole family.

In the resort center, you will find the snow play area which is open to parents and children to enjoy.

There are also activities and special events made for families during the evening at certain times of the year.

If you want to try something different, there’s lots on offer from dog sledding to bread making, snow hiking to visiting the museum.

Alpine Family Ski Holiday

There’s plenty to keep the whole family entertained.


This resort manages to mix the tradition of an Alpine village and the modern ski resort perfectly.

And this mix is what makes it a destination many families want to visit.

The charming village is a lovely place to stay and stroll around, however there are plenty of modern amenities, shops, bars and restaurants to choose from too.

Most families will opt to stay in one of the lovely chalets which often have excellent cuisine offered too.

The ski runs in Megeve are mostly for beginners and intermediates with a ski school and lessons available for children and adults.

For the very small kids, childcare is offered as part of your bookings if you want to take some time skiing as adults.

Hard work to take children skiing

Many people will put skiing holidays off when they have very young children because they think it will be too hard.

But with so many family friendly ski resorts in the French Alps, it couldn’t be easier to enjoy your favorite past time and still keep the kids entertained.

With how much is included in specialist family ski holidays you can be sure your tour operator and resort will have everything under control.

You can enjoy some time skiing on your own safe in the knowledge your children are being looked after by qualified professionals.

And your stay in your family chalet will include all the accessories that you need to make your holiday feel like a home from home.

High chairs, playrooms, nappies and bottle warmers can all be ready for you in your accommodation among other things.

So, you don’t have to worry about it being too much, help is at hand every step of the way.

Best Place to stay in the French Alps family ski holiday

As you can see there are plenty of different family friendly resorts that will mean you can have a fabulous family ski holiday that everyone can enjoy.

Whether you want to stay in a small traditional resort or a large modern ski destination you can find the ideal place perfect for your family.

Which would you choose for your net ski holiday and why?

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