North Cascades Camping

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North Cascades Camping has become a popular pastime with people from all areas of life. There’s no better place to camp in North America than in a national park, whether it’s Zion National Park, Yellowstone National Park, or Arches National Park.

But if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, North Cascades National Park is a great choice.

North Cascades Camping

If you are reading this article, you are undoubtedly interested in camping at North Cascades National Park has to offer. The campgrounds listed are said to be amongst the best in the park, and all of them are suited for a getaway exploring the park’s amazing features, like Mt Shuksan, Baker Lake, Ross Dam, and Blue Lake.

These campgrounds range from finer cabins with luxurious amenities to primitive campsites typically far off the tourist grid. Regardless of the type of camper you are, there is sure to be something for you at North Cascades.

Lower Valley Campgrounds, Stehekin and Stehekin Valley Ranch

More than a few excellent North Cascades campgrounds are nestled within the mountainous and pristine forested terrain of the Pacific Northwest near Stehekin and Lake Chelan. Note that most of these campsites are primitive sites without amenities.

To camp at any of these sites, you will need to obtain a backpacking camping permit. You can obtain this permit at the Golden West Visitor Centre. There are certain exceptions to this permit rule, especially if you camp on lakeside sites.

The resort-style ranch provides luxury amenities for campers who want something a bit more luxurious. Thanks to its prime fishing, horse facility, and boat rentals, it is also a popular attraction for families. The Lower Valley region has six Purple Point sites, nine Lakeview sites, seven Harlequin sites, and two Rainbow Bridge sites, all great for campers who want a more off-the-grid camping experience.

Amenities at this campground

With the various lakes, creeks, and streams present in this vicinity, you can enjoy prime fishing spots. Visitors to the Stehekin Valley Ranch can play volleyball, horseshoes, croquet, and ping pong or choose to read a book from the extensive collection in the reading room. There are also games and puzzles for families to ensure everyone is entertained if the weather turns rainy.

Hozomeen Campground

Hozomeen Campground is right near the northern part of Ross Lake, along the Canadian border. This campground has always attracted international and nationwide interest, thanks in part to its pristine wilderness and abundant wildlife coupled with its plant life, stunning scenery, and local forest trees.

This National Park Service operates this remote wilderness campground. It is open to visitors, but you can only access it by hiking trails or watercraft on the United States side. Visitors can also come to this campground through the Hope access road in British Columbia; however, this requires a border crossing.

Amenities at this campground

The beautifully remote Hozomeen Campground has over 75 camping sites, all of which are available using a first-come, first-served basis. There are also a couple of other designated campsites within this beautiful locale that let you take advantage of the beautiful alpine nature scenery.

Tent camping under the starry night
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Mineral Park Campground

The Mineral Park Campground is a perfect site for people who want a bit of privacy in conjunction with rustic river views. The Mineral Park Campground has some of the most fantastic forest scenes in Washington State. This campground has both west and east camping options, with the wilderness terrain best suited for small trailers or for pitching tents.

Mineral Park’s rustic campgrounds provide quiet camping sites and amazing views of the natural attractions. Take a nap under the stars listening to the soft sounds of water rushing from the nearby Skagit River System. There are also easy-access ports for water adventure lovers in this hidden forest paradise. The campsites are about 14 miles in along the shady gravel road.

Amenities at this campground

This campground has 21 limited-person sites best suited to small camper trailers, vans, shorter RVs, and pitch tents. You should note that Mineral Park Campground is a bring-your-water campsite; however, toilets are available, and pets are also welcome. The closest town to the campground is Marblemount, WA.

Lone Fir Campground

The Lone Fir Campground is a lovely campground situated just outside the eastern part of the North Cascades National Park. The campground can be found within the beautiful Okanogan-Wenatchee national forest, which means it is less than a 30-mile drive from Winthrop, an old-west style town.

There are 27 camping sites at this campground, and prospective campers will have to arrive early since there are no reservation bookings. The camping sites operate on a first-come, first-served basis. You are bound to love this campground due to its convenient location, as it is close to access points for sightseeing.

Amenities at this campground

This campground is close to Early Winters Creek, which means campers can leverage the spectacular mountain views as well as the water.

Gorge Lake Campground

You can describe the Gorge Lake Campground as a primitive campsite with incredible views. When camping here, bring your camera and some binoculars to view some of the native wildlife present in the area. One can tell that Gorge Lake Campground is situated right on Gorge Lake by its name, and there are limited spaces available, about six to eight. There are also limitations on the number of people present at this campground.

Consider this campground as primitive or rustic style. There is no water available, but the camp does offer vault toilets. To this end, you will need to bring your water supply and pack your food in airtight containers to ensure they are undetectable by the wildlife nearby.

Log fire camping
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Amenities at this campground

You will need to call early to this campground as there are just a couple of sites available at any given time. Some areas are right on the edge of the lake, while others are towards the center of the campground. While these are central, they do not have as great a view. This campground has access points to the lake coupled with a boat launch.

When camping at this campsite, pack your trash to take with you. It is prohibited to gather firewood in this campground. To help, you can purchase some wood supplies. You aren’t allowed to bring in wood from restricted regions to help eliminate the potential spread of harmful pests.

Sahale Glacier Campground

The Sahale Glacier Campground at North Cascade National Park is great for campers who prefer rustic and rugged terrain. At this campground, you can take your time enjoying the raw beauty and thrills of the Sahale Glacier. It is a revered campground that sits at over 7,500 feet. The scenic and panoramic views offered by this site are highly worth the bit of effort required to get a permit before you can gain access to this backcountry during overnight hours.

This campground provides some of the most rugged and iconic landscapes, including serrated mountain views and icy glaciers created millions of years ago. Getting to this view is easy; all you have to do is follow the Cascade River Road and hike about six miles through challenging terrain to get to the Cascade Pass. It is important to note that this hike is quite strenuous.

Amenities at this campground

You can only camp in designated areas, and the permits provided for these areas are limited. To secure a spot, you will need to obtain your permits long before you plan to make it to the campground. This campsite is best suited for those with backpacking experience as their views are unrivaled.

View of the forest from inside a tent
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Colonial Creek Campground

Many campers love Colonial Creek Campground since it is in the central part of the North Cascades National Park and near attractions like Thunder Creek and Park Creek trails. Typically camping season at this campground is from May to September; however, there might be a limited number of rustic campsites open during the winter along the South Loop.

The 100 South Loop area campsites offer reserve booking, rare for most popular camps. The 42 campsites located on the North Loop operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Amenities at this campground

Every camper at this campsite has access to restroom facilities with flush toilets. They also have access to drinking water.

Goodell Creek Campground

Goodell Creek Campground is located just across the Skagit River, near Newhalem Creek Campground. Camping enthusiasts will love this campground as it is nestled between magnificent forest lands where ancient trees help maintain your privacy. One look at this campground, and you will believe it was frozen in time.

It is quite a popular campsite as it is best suited to tent campers and smaller RVs. The main campground itself has 19 camping sites, with the camp also having lower and upper campsites situated at the top of the creek. Such sites can seamlessly fit 30 and 50 campers, respectively. You should note that these campsites are first-come, first-served.

Amenities at this campground

The Skagit River brings spectacular views that entice campers to head out onto the water, either for a swim or to fish. The tributaries that meander across this landscape make the entire area more enticing and intriguing.

Boardwalk hiking trail
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Newhalem Creek Campground

Newhalem Creek is a scenic spot with campgrounds that offer numerous vantage viewing points that is not too far from a National Park Service ranger station. Most people camp here because it is a great launching area for the countless adventures that await them at North Cascades. Newhalem Campground is one of the larger ones, and it is ideally suited for every type of RV, thanks to its over 100 pull-through points.

You can access this campground from May to September, but this depends on the local weather. If you are a tent camper, you will also love Newhalem Creek as it offers a thick and lush forest of trees that provide additional privacy. You can head into town with the nearby community being just a short drive away. The community offers a selection of camping supplies.

Amenities at North Cascades campground

Campers can access this campground’s RV campsites, and there are numerous places to put up a tent. There are amenities such as clean flush toilets and potable water. You can even choose group camping with a maximum of 30 people at specially created group campsites.

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