Best Cities In Asia For Shopping and Shopaholics

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Best Cities In Asia For Shopping – While I have seriously cut down on all kinds of shopping since I started traveling so much, I have found it very difficult to resist spending all of my money on clothes and shoes while in Asia – the shopping malls and prices in Europe simply can’t compare to those in Asia.

The only thing that has stopped me from filling my backpack with shoes and dresses is that I hate the extra weight.

Best Cities In Asia For Shopping

I’ve dealt with my shopping-cravings by saying that one day I will go back with at least one large empty suitcase to fill up with all the shopping I want before I leave again.

When I do this, these are the places I will visit – which are known to have some of the best shopping in Asia.

Best Cities In Asia For Shopping
Best Cities In Asia For Shopping

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The first time I went on Malaysia holidays and visited Kuala Lumpur I was completely shocked by the sheer size of the shopping malls.

Just like in Bangkok you can walk from one shopping mall to another without ever even going outside.

Berjaya Times Square mall is enormous, and you will find that a lot of tourists inside are carrying maps of the mall as it’s so easy to get lost.

For more luxurious shopping Kuala Lumpur CC mall underneath the famous Petronas Towers is the place to go, a place where I found myself surrounded by cat walk models on a shopping spree – this mall is worth a visit just to see the towers themselves.

The most famous malls are Bukit Bintang Plaza, Low Yatm Sungeu Wang Plaza and Starhill Plaza.

There are also a lot of interesting night markets around town where you can do some more budget retail shopping, like Petaling Street in China town.

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Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a shoppers haven, offering everything on earth for some amazing prices, even compared to other cities in Thailand.

From Thai silk and handicrafts, budget rip-offs to high end fashion, local designers to international brands, everything is right here in Bangkok, and often under the same roof.

We experienced some amazing service from the shops, one which actually sent a microphone we bought via express flight up to Chiang Mai half an hour after we bought it online, and we received it the same evening.

Top places to shop are Central World Plaza (biggest mall in Bangkok), Chatuchak Market, Paptong Night Market, MBK Mall, Siam Discovery, Pantip Plaza, Siam Paragon among others.

Best Places to Shop in Hong Kong

Shopping in Hong Kong China is more than just a social activity, it is treated more like a serious sport, and it’s an important part of their history, culture and way of life.

Hong Kong is smaller than Bangkok which makes it a lot easier getting around, something which is crucial when you are out to simply shop.

The best time to go for Hong Kong holidays is either in July to September or late December to February when the city has some truly amazing sales.

The most popular places to shop are Festival Walk, SOHO, Causeway Bay and Kowloon.

Best Places to Shop in Hong Kong
Best Places to Shop in Hong Kong

Whether you’re lucky enough to get a layover on international Hong Kong flights or are planning a holiday to Hong Kong, you must take time to experience some of the greatest shopping in the world.

Like many other Asian countries, Hong Kong has a reputation for covering all aspects of the shopping spectrum; you’ll be able to find everything from one of a kind jewelry pieces to the latest and greatest in gadgets.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the cash to splash, as you can usually stick for your budget in Hong Kong and still find exactly what you’re looking for.

From street markets to upscale department stores, Hong Kong has it all.

If this has already got you searching the internet for a flight to Hong Kong, don’t delay – experience the magic of this vibrant city and start your shopping adventure today!

Best Cities In Asia For Shopping
Best Cities In Asia For Shopping

Temple Street Night Market

If you’re looking for a bargain, you can’t go past the Temple Street Night Market in Kowloon.

The markets are open daily, from 4pm to midnight, providing you with plenty of time to find just what you need!

You’ll find something for everyone at these markets, with a variety of clothing, gadgets, watches, electronics, luggage and various food stalls.

If you want to buy some souvenirs for the unlucky non-travelers back home, the Temple Street Night Market is the perfect place.

Plaza Hollywood

As far as shopping malls are concerned, this is the crème de le crème of Hong Kong.

The Plaza Hollywood Shopping Mall is one of the largest in the East of Hong Kong, located among the infamous Kowloon Shopping District.

There are more than 220 stores and restaurants, an enormous exhibition center and a cinema located within Plaza Hollywood.

DFS Galleria Hong Kong

If you’re looking to spend a little money on some world famous brands, DFS Galleria is the perfect shopping destination for you.

Stocking only the finest international brands globetrotters, from all across the world, travel to Hong Kong to experience the luxurious shopping experience of a lifetime.

Ladies’ Market

Also known as the Tung Choi Street Markets, the Ladies’ Markets offer everything a girl could need.

While men’s and children’s clothing are on sale, as well as various toys, there is an abundance of women’s clothing, bags and accessories.

Most of the clothing found at the markets is quite affordable, making this a popular shopping destination with tourists.

Also located in the market district of Kowloon, the Ladies’ market is open every evening from noon until 11.30 pm.


This is the place where shopping meets art.

Designed to incorporate the wonders of art and nature, this isn’t just shopping; it’s an entire experience.

The first of its kind in the world, K11 blends the beauty of the world to create an unforgettable atmosphere, enhanced by intricate architectural detailing.

15 Most Awesome Destinations in Asia You Cannot Ignore

Out of all the things in Asia, the thing I loved the most was to visit the bustling  morning markets..!

Asia’s bustling morning markets Destinations in Asia

Bangkok, Thailand

Floating markets, golden palaces and porcelain-laid spires all seem to transport you to a different era and place.

Consisting of 50 districts, you can head up to Siam or Pratunam Square for premium shopping or go visit Khao San Road, offering a line of food stalls, clothing stores or opt for spa and Thai massage. Streets you should visit in Bangkok

Sukhothai has more Buddha statues than you can count.

They are all so beautifully carved, and I find the contrasting colors to be amazing.

Sukhothai has more Buddha statues

Tokyo, Japan

A unique mix of tradition and pop culture.

Start your morning on a refreshing note with a walk along the Sumida River’s cherry blossom trees.

Take a quick glance at history with the Edo-Tokyo museum or go spend some time in the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace.

Siem Riep, Cambodia

The overgrown temples and ruins of Angkor Wat, bathed in morning sunlight, truly mesmerize you.

The royal city of Angkor Thom is one of the main attractions of Siem Rieo, along with Cambodian Cultural Village and Angkor Night market.

The parents of this curious little runner had come up with a genius idea to keep track of where she was all the time – squeaky shoes!

Siem Riep, Cambodia

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

The city’s hustling, bustling Night Bazaar is one of the many tourist attractions.

Equally enchanting, however are the National Museum and Botanic Garden, soaking you in the sweet smell of Thai orchids.

The city contains over 30 temples.

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Cutest Kitten In Turtle Temple, Bangkok

This little kitten had the best playground of all: a turtle temple with dark little caves surrounded by a fish pond – but it was more curious about the few visitors.

Cutest Kitten In Turtle Temple, Bangkok

Hong Kong, China

Unique features? Floating islands, skyscrapers, traditional Chinese architecture, scrumptious dim sum and the serene hills of Nan Lian Garden.

Singapore, Singapore

A myriad of tall-standing modern skyscrapers defines Singapore’s city scape.

If you are a horticulture lover, you might love Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The observation deck of Sands SkyPark makes you feel truly on the sky.

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Kyoto, Japan

The city’s shrines are a testament to its ancient past.

From the 6th century Shimogamo Shrine to the life-sized Thousand Armed Kannon statues of Sanjūsangen-dō, Kyoto offers you a unique walk down its past.


Let the iconic island sweep you off your feet with its tranquil beaches and exotic, food and drinks.

Experience the underwater world while scuba diving.

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Ubud, Indonesia

One of the top spa destinations in Asia, try the famous Balinese massage in the village cluster of Ubud.

Reflexology, aromatherapy and acupressure are some of the massage treatments.

Also, have a look at the tomb cloisters at Gunung Kawi.

This beautiful bunch of flowers are often used as vegetables in South East Asia.

They put them in salads, soups and often baguettes.

flowers often used as vegetables in South East Asia

Taipei, Taiwan

The city is dotted with restaurants offering you cheap but delicious Taiwanese specialties.

The cuisines on offer are regional cuisines from China, India, Japan and even Italy.

New Delhi, India

The mystic city of New Delhi fascinates tourists with its 17th century Red Fort, the Chandni Chowk bazaar, Jantar Mantar and the India Gate.

Hoi An, Vietnam

The city offers you glimpses into its history as a Southeast Asian trading port, from the 15th-19th centuries. Some attractions are the Quan Cong Temple and the Japanese Covered Bridge.

Jaipur, India

Nicknamed ‘The Pink City’, Jaipur’s streets are lined with glorious stucco buildings. Places to visit include Hawa Mahal, City Palace and Amber and Jaigarh forts.

This is totally normal here an an India Beach

India Beach

Goa, India

Famous for its sandy coast, Old Goa houses the beautiful Basilica of Bom Jesus, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sometimes it happens, that amazing unforgettable sun set in Goa, the one that you wish lasted forever…

Purple amazing Sunset In Goa

In India, you never know where you will end up by the end of the day, and plans can change within a heart beat – after talking about the many poor street dogs with a waiter at a restaurant, he ended up giving us a lift to the International Animal Rescue Center in Goa …

Animal Rescue Center in Goa

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Rent a junk boat or kayak and explore rock formations, limestone islands and caves sprawled across the Halong Bay.

This lady was very careful with her shopping, and looked well and long for the best vegetables in the pile.

Careful Shopping At Whet Market

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Burma Must See Highlights!

Ancient temples, archaeological ruins and floating gardens are just the beginning of what you will find in Burma (Myanmar) – a beautiful and enigmatic destination in Southeast Asia.

From the modern capital of Yangon to the idyllic waterfront villages on Lake Inle, Burma is rich in cultural diversity and timeless traditions.

If you are planning a trip to Burma (why not have a look at Bales Worldwide), then make sure you visit these 5 must-see highlights…

Markets of Yangon

The markets of Yangon’s old Chinese and colonial quarters are legendary – you can spend the morning haggling and bartering for just about anything.

This is the place to find the perfect souvenir to bring back home – just don’t get lost in the old quarter’s warren-like maze of streets.

Sule Pagoda and Shwedagon Pagoda

Sule Pagoda and Shwedagon Pagoda

Burma is world famous for it ancient temples and pagodas. In fact, it is said to have the best temple architecture in all of Asia.

Spend an afternoon exploring the Sule Pagoda and the Shwedagon Pagoda.

The Sule Pagoda is said to date back over 2,000 years, and the Shwedagon is believed to contain more gold than the banks of England, but you will have to find out whether this is fact or fiction..!

The Ancient Cities of Amarapura and Inwa

In Amarapura, one of the ancient cities of Burma, you can take a scenic stroll across the 1.2 km long U Bein Bridge (the longest teak bridge in the world!), and visit traditional silk and cotton weaving workshops.

You can also visit the huge Mahaghandayon Monastery (with over 2000 monks) which is one of the most important monasteries in the country.

Inwa is another of Burma’s important ancient cities, with a long history of successive Burmese kingdoms from the 14th to 19th centuries.

The city was sacked and rebuilt several times, until it was finally abandoned in 1839 after a series of earthquakes.

To get to Inwa you take a short boat trip across the river where you’ll be met by a number of horse carts ready to take you on a tour of the area.

Irrawaddy River

Perhaps the most pleasurable way to see Myanmar, feel its pulse and understand its history, is to take a cruise on the Irrawaddy River with Bales.

While slowly floating down the river, you will have a chance to see a more traditional and idyllic side of Burma, passing rustic villages and lush landscapes which make you feel like you’ve taken a step back in time.


Bagan is Burma’s archeological paradise and is said to have over 2,000 pagodas – from the well-preserved Ananda Temple to the masterful brickwork of the Dhammayan-gyi, this is a magical and fascinating place to visit.

Bagan is also known for its handicrafts and traditional lacquer ware, so no trip to Bagan is complete without a stopping at the Nyaung U market to pick up some more exotic souvenirs before heading home.

Have you been to Burma?

What was the highlight of your trip?

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