Best Sleeping Bag Liner ~ How to Choose One for Comfort and Warmth

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If you are shopping for a sleeping bag liner, you will get some tips and advice in this article. If you’re getting ready for a trip to the great outdoors, you must know that preparation is half the battle. Just because you’ll be far from the warmth and comfort of your own bed, this doesn’t mean you can’t be as comfortable as you possibly can, especially when you have the right kind of sleeping bag liners with you.

Whether it’s a mountaineering trip, backpacking or a few days of camping, having the right sleeping bag liner can save you money and bring you the comfort that you need. It should provide:

  • Warmth
  • Added protection
  • Comfort
  • Adaptability
  • Be washable – Another benefit of having a sleeping bag liner is you can wash it instead of washing the sleeping bag.

If you get it right, you don’t have to buy an entirely new sleeping bag or worry about not being warm enough. You don’t have to bring an extra blanket or added padding. A good sleeping bag liner is all that you need.

Choosing a Sleeping Bag Liner

When it comes to travel, you can never allow yourself to be too unprepared. There is beauty in spontaneity and just going with the flow, but when you’re heading to unfamiliar territory or climbing some mountains, you wouldn’t want to find yourself empty-handed.

Any seasoned traveler can tell you that when you decide to travel, you never know what to expect. You don’t know where to buy certain items and how much each item will cost.

This is why it’s best to come prepared, with tried and tested items you have chosen beforehand and purchased at a bargain.

A sleeping bag liner is one of those must have travel luxury items that most people should really come with. Granted, depending on what’s important to them, people prioritize different aspects of travel.

For instance, some don’t care where they sleep as long as they’re near all the tourist attractions and the best places to eat. Some people on the other hand can go on days without eating proper meals as long as they have a comfortable bed to sleep on.

When it’s a backpacking or camping type of travel, some would rather invest in good sleeping items (like a bigger tent or more comfortable sleeping bag) even if it means having to forego something else, like a cooler.

No matter what kind of travel you’re doing, sleep is usually a luxury. When you’re in a new place, the surroundings are always begging to be explored and so many activities are waiting to be done.

You don’t just go to a place to stare at the scenery, because you have to experience everything. At the end of each day, you will need a good place to rest your tired muscles, and this is why a sleeping bag liner is a must have.

It’s a ‘luxury’ item because it’s something you add to your sleeping bag, which you already have. Sleeping bags however come in all varieties, and not all of them can guarantee you comfort.

Adding a sleeping bag liner can guarantee you a good night’s sleep even if you’re in a tent. So it truly is a must have if sleeping through the night is something that you value, no matter where you’re headed.

What’s a Sleeping Bag Liner Good For?

How does a sleeping bag liner work, exactly? Most travelers are more than familiar with sleeping bags and how they are used, but hearing ‘sleeping bag liner’ might raise some questions.

Sleeping Bag Liner Provides Added Warmth

A basic sleeping bag is okay when you’re traveling in the heat of summer, but when you’re heading to the outdoors without being entirely sure about how cold the nights are going to be, then you shouldn’t leave without a sleeping bag liner.

Sleeping Bag Liner
Sleeping Bag Liner

Some sleeping bag liners are created with extra thermal protection, such as this fleece sleeping bag liner from Coleman. I chose these for my two sons. They mostly use them without their sleeping bags when we are summer camping and for sleepovers with their buddies. I also sew on the Cub Scout and Boy Scout patches on them as well.

The liner adds about 12 degrees of warmth, and this means that even in unforgivingly cold temperatures you can sleep comfortably through the night.

Sleeping Bag Liner Provides Added Protection

When you’re outdoors, you’re basically exposed to nature and all the elements that come with it. A perennial problem that campers have is that there’s no stopping the dirt or sand from getting into their sleeping bags, and it’s always a challenge to clean it up when it does.

Having to clean or wash the inside of your sleeping bag is always a pain because there are some that you can’t just toss into the washing machine.

A sleeping bag liner gives you (and your sleeping bag) added protection from the dirt, and it’s way easier to clean. Some sleeping bags are also made to have added protection from insects and bugs, like this Sea to Summit Coolmax Adaptor Liner with Insect Shield.

This special sleeping bag liner is treated with an insect shield that’s effective in repelling all the mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks, and all kinds of bugs that you will definitely encounter as you explore the outdoors.

These insects are part of the great outdoor adventure, but you can definitely find ways and means to protect yourself from them. When you find the right kind of sleeping bag liner that gives you enough protection, this also means you don’t have to bring added items like a mosquito net.

Provides Added Comfort

While some people can sleep comfortably on top of a thin sleeping bag, there are those who after doing so will get plagued by aches and pains everywhere in their body, because it was simply not comfortable enough.

You wouldn’t want to lug a thick mattress with you while camping, so a sleeping bag liner is actually the perfect way to give yourself added comfort without having to bring so much added weight.

Most bag liners are designed to be very lightweight, so it’s almost like you’re not bringing anything extra. You’ll hardly notice the extra weight, but your back will definitely thank you for the extra comfort.

Provides Adaptability

Another thing a sleeping bag liner gives you is adaptability. While you can generally predict the weather when you go out for a trip, there are days when the forecast just doesn’t match with reality.

Having a sleeping bag liner handy can give you added warmth for those extra cold days, but when it gets too hot all you have to do is simply use it like a top sheet.

Sleeping Bag Liner Cost

Budget is a very important aspect of planning trips, because you’d want to stretch your resources as much as possible, to get the most out of traveling.

The good news is that whether you’re traveling in cold weather or hot weather, having a sleeping bag liner handy can save you a lot of money.

First, instead of purchasing a new expensive sleeping bag, this means you can work with whatever sleeping bag you currently have and just buy a liner that can give you added warmth and comfort when needed.

Making sure that you have the adequate warmth, protection, and comfort that you need when traveling is also extra insurance against wear and tear, aches and pains, getting sick, and having to go through the hassle of looking for something similar to a liner (and maybe even paying double for it) in the middle of nowhere.

The added protection to the sleeping bag itself will also keep it from wearing out too much and too fast, extending the life of your sleeping essentials for even more camping trips in the future.

Don’t be mistaken that sleeping bags are only good for camping trips, either. When you’re in an unfamiliar country and don’t want to blow your budget with a hotel, you can book a night at a cheap hostel or inn, even one that doesn’t come with bedding.

Your sleeping bag liner will save you because it can double as a bed sheet, so even if your room doesn’t come with free linen, you’ll be fine.

It could also protect you from pesky bed bugs. Lastly, your sleeping bag liner doesn’t have to be hidden at the very back of your closet, only to be retrieved during trips.

This Bundle Monster sleeping liner for instance can double as a blanket at home, so even if you’re not out camping, you’re getting your money’s worth.

It’s always important to ask yourself whether or not you can use a travel essential not just during travels but also during your normal day-to-day routines. By having your liner double as a blanket, you’re saving money because that means you don’t even have to buy an extra blanket to use at home.

Sleeping bag liners come in all sizes and varieties, and some can cost you close to nothing while some will have added features that will make you pay a bit more.

No matter what kind of bag liner you end up getting however, it’s clear that at the end of the day, it will really help you save money while giving you the warmth, comfort and protection that you need for any kind of trip you’re planning.

Choosing a Sleeping Bag Liner

Something I bought as a little extra luxury item on my travels turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever bought.

When you are ready to choose a sleeping bag liner, you’ll be glad you did. You’ll find one useful in all your outdoor pursuits.

There is nothing more difficult to wash than a sleeping bag, and you’ll to have to sleep without it for the next few nights since they never dry!

If you sleep with a sleeping bag liner inside the sleeping bag, all you have to do is to wash the bag liner, which dries within an hour.

Even if you’re traveling without a sleeping bag, this will be your best friend. I’ve used my liner everywhere – from the snowy alps in Europe to the tropical rain forests in the Pacific. What the liner does is warm you up when it’s cold, and cool you down when it’s hot – and it really does a good job.