World’s Cheapest Shopping Destinations Countries

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World’s Cheapest Shopping Destinations Countries – Now we’re not saying you should choose your travel destination based solely on the cheapest county to buy clothes… but it should definitely factor into the decision!

Most of us enjoy browsing the stalls or shops or thrift stores while travelling, and there is no shame in that.

So here is our list of the cheapest shopping destinations in the world.

World’s Cheapest Shopping Destinations
Which Country is the Cheapest Option for Shopping?

Benefits of Shopping Abroad

  1. You can get items that no one at home will be wearing, so there is no risk of arriving at a party in identical H&M tops. Your clothing will be unique and suit your style more.
  2. It can be cheaper! Different countries have different pricing for clothing and taxes, so it could save some pennies to be spent elsewhere.. Or on more stuff!
  3. You have a wider range to choose from, you’re not limited to the local shops anymore.
  4. You get to experience other cultures, whether it is clothing or furniture or other bits and bobs, different countries have original styles that could spice up your home and outfit. Even eco-fashion
  5. You can bring your travels home with you, to enjoy them long after the tan and stamp in your passport have faded. The perfect way to commemorate a great trip.
  6. It allows you to support different economies, particularly for less developed areas this can really help families and local businesses.

The Disadvantages of Shopping Abroad

It’s only fair to consider both sides, so here they are!

  1. You can’t return the items as easily.
  2. The quality may not be assured.
  3. In certain places, this could result in supporting unfair wages, such as through the clothing industry.

Benefits of Shopping Abroad

Where is the cheapest country for buying stuff?

Now that we’ve considered why we should and shouldn’t buy things abroad, let’s look at the cheapest shopping destinations in the world.

Where to shop in Hong Kong

It is known to not only be one of the cheapest shopping destinations in the world, but also one of the best!

From fabrics to furniture, you’ll find a wide range of items here.

Including those with heritage impact, but also the latest from Europe swindles its way here.

Where to shop in Tokyo

Electronic lovers will definitely appreciate this cheap shopping destination.

You’ll find cutting edge gadgets without the hefty price tag, as well as awesome footwear and clothing.

Where to shop in Mexico

Here you’ll find more quality for handmade products than anywhere else in the Americas.

We recommend really focusing on local goods here, particularly the gorgeous crochet!

Where to shop in Vietnam

A true haven for bargain seekers, with delightful stalls lining the streets and brimming with items.

We don’t recommend this one for the faint of heart, as nerves of steel will be required for haggling!

Bargaining is almost a sport in south-east Asia so put on your tough face and aim for ⅓ of the price.

Where to shop in Thailand

It is hard to leave Thailand without an overflowing suitcase, particularly if you’re passing through the capital city of Bangkok.

With markets stretching over miles, you’ll have plenty of choice.

There are a variety of market types, from weekend to night, selling clothing, handicrafts, electronic gadgets and more.

In which country can I buy the cheapest clothes and shoes in Europe?

These Asian shopping destinations are all great, but what about here in Europe?

Have no fear, affordable shopping is at our fingertips as well.

Top European cities for cheapest clothing stores

Cheapest clothing stores in Prague, Czech Republic

This fairy tale city offers great deals on various domestic and imported products, so be sure to arrive with an empty suitcase – and to enjoy a Trdelník while you stroll around the markets!

Cheapest clothing stores in Madrid, Spain

Particularly the capital city of Madrid is known as one of the cheap shopping destinations of the world.

It is renowned for giant department stores and designer boutiques, as well as some of the best weekly flea markets!

Visiting Madrid soon?

Be sure to head to El Rastro, Spain’s largest and most varied flea market each Sunday.

Barcelona vs Madrid

Cheapest clothing stores in Lisbon, Portugal

An ideal destination for footwear fans!

As well as other statement pieces, or tiled delights to light up your home.

Cheapest clothing stores in Warsaw, Poland

Head here to enjoy the various vintage stores, where you’ll find great pieces at shockingly low prices, as long as you’re prepared to do some digging!

Warsaw also has great concept stores, as well as a delightful exchange rate…

Cheapest clothing stores in World's Cheapest Shopping Destinations Countries

And now that you know the cheapest countries for shopping, you may be looking for other ways to save pennies during your next holiday.

And to that we suggest… cheap campervan hire!

A campervan is one of the most budget-friendly ways to travel and can hold all of your purchases while on the road.

Cheap shopping worldwide

So start collecting your pennies and let the shopping trip begin!