Off-Season In South East Asia

Monsoon Season In Southeast Asia: Is It Worth It?

This is our first time traveling off season in South East Asia, we discussed many the many pros and cons before finally deciding to go. One of the cons involved was the weather – what would Indochina tours be like during the monsoon season/off season/rainy season/whatever you choose to call it? Last time we traveled to a hot country during the off season was to Vanuatu, and while the country was amazing. The weather was unbearable and we had to leave 2 weeks early. Off Season In Southeast Asia What Was Great So, would it be the same in South … Read more

Best Places to Visit in Bali Indonesia

Best Places To Visit In Bali – Despite being such a small island, Bali is packed with so many beautiful areas and awesome experiences. It’s one of my favorite places to visit in the world. What I love the most about Bali is how much cultural heritage they have, their colorful traditions and celebrations that seem to happen pretty much every day. Best Places to Visit in Bali Indonesia Almost every day we learned there was a religious celebration going on in some part of the island that we should go and see. If you haven’t visit Indonesia (visit in Bali) yet, get a … Read more