Best Places to Visit In September Across the World

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One of the most crucial things that come into play when planning a holiday is the weather. Sometimes we get so caught up in where we want to go that we forget to find out what the overall climate is in the region and what the weather will be like at that time. Then, when we finally arrive we get a full week of rain. Here, I discuss the best places to visit in September. 

September is one of those months when the weather starts to change in many parts of the world. In some parts of Europe, it’s already autumn in September, while in others you can still swim in the ocean and lie on the beach. In South Pacific, September means spring is on its way, and the weather is very unpredictable. It isn’t the ideal time to go on a Caribbean or Mexico holiday, since it’s hurricane season!

So where in the world is the right place to go? Here are a few September destinations that are absolutely perfect for this otherwise dodgy-weather-month. 
Visiting Italy

Weather in Italy in September

Out of all months of the year, September is probably the very best month to visit Italy. The peak months are over, the days are still hot but the evenings are nice and cool, the tourist crowds are getting smaller, Italians have gone back to work and back to school, and left the beaches empty for you to enjoy in peace and quiet.

Rome is a strange city in peak summer (the residents escape if they can), and the Italian cities are much nicer when things are “back to normal” with opening hours and not just tourists on the streets.

Tuscany is especially beautiful, September also marks the beginning of the food festival season in Italy, and while it’s not the best month for bargain Italy holidays, prices do start to go down during the month. Learn more about the best time to visit Italy when you plan your trip.

Peru - Time to Explore
Peru – Time to Explore

Weather in Peru – September is the Time to Explore

September is one of the best months to visit Peru, and since the weather is drier, this also means that there are less mosquitoes, which makes it a good time to explore the Amazon basin. It’s also a perfect month for the Inca Trail, but prepare for cold nights! If you plan a trip to Peru in September or anytime, learn more about the best time to visit Peru.

Portugal - Best of Both
Portugal – Best of Both

Weather in Portugal – Why to Visit in September

I am lucky to be able to blog as well as work remotely for my “real job.” We’re in Portugal at the moment, and the weather is perfect – cool mornings, warm days, and cool nights. This type of weather is typical for September in Portugal, and aside from weather, there is one very good reason to visit northern Portugal this month. 

In the north, they are getting ready for harvesting the grapes, and the vineyards are at their most beautiful right now. It’s also time for the Grape Harvest Festival, where the entire Douro Valley celebrates the harvesting season. Douro Valley is near Pinhao, Portugal as is considered one of the premier wine regions in the world.

Wine enthusiasts will can be a part of the festivities at wineries and restaurants. There are some vineyards, where you can actually work in the vineyards and then sample some wines with a wine tasting and sometimes a meal as well. Torre de Palma , Fita Preta, and Adega José de Sousa are three of many wineries in which you can work to harvest grapes and learn about the vineyard, wines, and the area. 

If you are visiting south, be sure to check out the delicious foods in the Algarve region of Portugal.

Scotland - Beautiful Colors
Scotland – Beautiful Colors

Scotland – Beautiful Colors

You can never be guaranteed good weather in Scotland, but at least the odds are better in September. We went to Scotland last year in September, and it only rained three times in 10 days, and when it did rain it didn’t last very long.

The colors in September are stunning in the Highlands, with red, golden and rusty shades in patches over the flowing hills. Learn more about the best time to visit Scotland.

South Africa - Adventure Awaits
South Africa – Adventure Awaits

South Africa in September

September brings spring to South Africa, and is one of the most beautiful months to visit, especially for adventurers and sporty people. Not only is it a good time to climb Kilimanjaro, but it’s also the best month for “game viewing”, a good time to go diving, hiking and surfing.

But for me the main reason I would visit South Africa at this time is the whale watching. September is the peak season for whale watching, and daily sightings are practically guaranteed.

United States in September

Planning travel to most parts of the United States is usually a safe bet. Like in Europe, this is the time of year when summer starts turning to fall and the weather in most of parts of the country is beautiful. Like everywhere, the farther north you go will be chillier than the mid and southern region. Consider one of these road trips to see a lot of the country in one trip. You may also want to consider an Alaskan cruise as September officially winds down the cruise season there and children are back in school. 

The places to avoid in September are states along the Atlantic coast or by the Gulf of Mexico as September is prime hurricane season. This includes Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, etc. However, the Midwest, northeast and Pacific Northwest states are gorgeous with the leaves changing colors. Bring a jacket for the cool evenings. Your days will likely be filled with sun where you can wear shorts, capris, or jeans. 

Where would you recommend going in September?

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