The Algarve – 5 Great Places to Visit This Summer

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The Algarve is a stunning region in southern Portugal which is blessed with excellent weather all year round.

It is a popular holiday destination for tourists and locals and there are more than thirty million visitors to the area annually.

Because of this, there are plenty of holiday homes and villas in the Algarve which are in great locations and are perfect for family holidays, romantic retreats or group holidays.

The Algarve Region Of Portugal
Algarve Region Of Portugal

5 great places t0 visit in The Algarve this summer

The Algarve Lagoa

Lagoa is a municipality in the Portuguese region of Algarve and it is known for its beaches, cliffs, tunnels and great nightlife.

Visit Praia da Rocha to indulge in its popular fish and chips and enjoy the great nightlife of this vibrant and lively resort town.

You should visit Praia da Marinha which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and has clear turquoise waters and rocks and cliffs formed from orange limestone.

Be sure to visit Benagil, a fishing village in Lagoa that is the home of the popular Benagil caves which can be accessed only by a boat, kayak, paddle boat or by swimming.

Be sure to spend a day at the Slide & Splash seasonal water park which offers slides, pools, falconry, bird and reptile shows.

Go for a stroll at the Algar Seco where you will find caves, stunning views of the sea and rock formations, and a fabulous restaurant that is perched upon the rocks by the sea.


Tavira is a city that straddles the Gilao River which flows to the sea through the inlets of Ria Formosa Natural Park.

Tavira attracts flamingos, spoonbills and other birds which makes it a great place for bird enthusiasts.

Be sure to visit Igreja de Santa Maria do Castelo, a national monument that houses the tombs of seven knights that were killed by the Moors.

You can walk to the bell tower and watch the spectacular scenic views of this beautiful city around you.

You should also visit Cabanas Beach which is accessible only by taking a boat ride through one of the inlets.

The beach is known for its pristine surrounding and it has basic amenities available.

Make sure that you visit Tavira Castle where you can see stunning views of the city, stroll along flower lined paths, and relax in serenity.

Be sure to visit Salinas, a complex of salt pans and salt processing facilities where you can learn the process of salt preparation and see salt pyramids.

There are lots of great restaurants in Tavira serving authentic food, but be sure to book in advance as they are in high demand.


Vilamoura is in the central area of the Algarve in Portugal and it offers golf courses, a casino, sandy Vilamoura beach and a large marina.

You should visit Praia da Rocha Baixinha a beach known for its cliffs that is a popular location to sunbathe or swim in clear waters.

Be sure to explore the Roman ruins at the Cerro da Vila, the remnants of an historical Roman villa.

You can visit the Family Golf Park which offers two 18-hole mini golf courses with an ancient Roman theme, restaurant and bar.

If you are visiting with children, renting a villa might be the best option so you can cook meals for the family to make sure there is something everyone likes.

Oliver’s Travels have lots of villas throughout the Algarve area, especially in Vilamoura, so that is a good website to check out.

Whilst in Vilamoura, be sure to visit the Water Sports Center, Nauticdrive, to indulge in activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing, pedal kayak and other water activities.

You should also make sure that you visit popular Praia de Vilamoura, a beach that is known for its golden sand and stunning views of the marina to the west and Quarteira harbour to its east.

Faro The Algrave


Faro is the capital city of Portugal’s Algarve region and is known for its cobbled streets, beautiful neoclassical architecture and sandy beaches.

You should visit Ria Formosa Lagoon which is a system of barrier islands that connect to the sea through six inlets.

The area is popular for viewing sea horses and you can go scuba diving or snorkeling to see these unique animals. B

e sure to visit Quinta do Lago, a residential estate and a golf resort that also has a beach, shopping centers and is a great place to enjoy bird watching.

Explore the stunning Cathedral of Faro that has a modest exterior but a stunning opulent interior that will leave you awe.

You should visit the Castle of Silves which is a hilltop castle with Moorish architecture that has spectacular views of the city and also offers a cafe if you wish to relax after the journey to the top.

Be sure to visit the Garden of Alameda João de Deus a quite place to relax and have an up close encounter with peacocks that walk freely with no worries about the people around them.

Spend some of your trip at Praia de Faro, a popular beach that is lined with restaurants, cafes and inexpensive beachfront hotels that offer up a fabulous view.


Portimão is a port city in southern Portugal that is popular for its many beaches, the old quarter and a busy marina.

Cruise ships often dock here, as it is such a lovely place to visit.

The popular Praia da Rocha is a great beach to visit that has a good nightlife scene and tasty fish and chips.

Três Irmãos is a stunning beach area which has many large rock formations to walk through as well as caves and tunnels that you can explore.

The area of Vau Beach is a great place to stay and it has several beachfront hotels, and restaurants that offer spectacular views of the stunning beach with rock formations.

If you wish to spend your time playing golf in a luxury resort you must book a stay at the Penina Golf and Resort which has three golf courses, a spa and four restaurants.

The Museu de Portimão is a museum that you should visit to get a glimpse of the history of the sardine fishing industry and the canning traditions of Portimão.

Be sure to visit Fort of Santa Catarina at dusk to enjoy a beautiful sunset with views of the ocean.

Be sure to book a boat trip and enjoy different tours conducted by marine biologists.

You can enjoy dolphin watching trips where you can learn more about these magnificent creatures and even interact with them.