Overseas Adventure Travel – 10 Reasons You Should Travel More

Overseas Adventure Travel – Travel is more than just a way to break the monotony. It offers rich experiences that help to satisfy that inner need to get away from it all. We think everyone should travel more.

It’s important to prioritize travel. We’re so busy with life that often planning a vacation is something we end up doing at the last minute or putting off until next year. It’s rare to have both the time to go somewhere as well as the money to go.

Do you have a travel bucket list? Make it your priority, and start a travel fund!

Traveling allows you to learn about different cultures, visit places of historical significance, see the world, and meet wonderful interesting people. Traveling more helps you gain different perspectives and learn new things.

We feel passionate about the reasons to travel more often and so we’ve put together a handy list of why we think you should!

Overseas Adventure Travel ~ New Adventures

Overseas Adventure Travel, Reasons to travel more
Overseas Adventure Travel, Reasons to travel more

Life is an adventure in itself, why not add more to it?

Travel to unknown places, go on safari, visit a remote mountain village in the Swiss Alps, enjoy a visit to the Grand Canyon, or go to local museum or historical landmark in your very own city or state.

You can go on a ski vacation or from place-to-place on a tour bus in a metropolitan downtown… try to change up what you usually do.

If your typical vacation involves sightseeing from morning to night, on your next trip, try slowing down. Perhaps spend a few days in a city, getting a flair for what it’s like to live there.


There’s no learning experience quite as effective as traveling.

Broaden your horizons and learn, learn, learn! The internet and television will never be able to take the place of travel. You can only learn so much from a textbook.

Visit a foreign country and learn a new language… even a few phrases will be enriching.

Have you learned about something that was interesting? Here’s your chance to see it and experience it in real life.

Until you walk the streets, see the art, take the train, eat the food, talk to the locals, there is no better education.

Exciting challenges

travel more

You’re never too old to get out of your comfort zone. Travel makes you try new things, new foods and meet new cultures.

While others are staying at home, you are up in the air or on the road again, challenging yourself with new experiences each and every day.

So much of our lives are the same. You get to change it up when you travel. And when you travel more often, you get to experience even more.

Time to unwind

All year long you work hard, anxiously looking forward to your vacation from work. Travel gives you the space and time to relax and unwind.

Go on a cruise, get some offline time, go to a sunny beach, go camping, enjoy life while you can.

It’s all very well to plan a city break to feed your inner culture vulture or a gastronomic experience to tempt your taste buds – but have you considered planning a holiday that focuses on your well being?

From month-long relaxing retreats to cheap spa breaks, there are plenty of holidays out there that’ll help get your body and mind in tip-top condition.

Taking that break away from your daily responsibilities and life will pay off with improved mental health.

Learn life lessons

When you travel more, you learn more profound life lessons.

Travel provides lessons of all kinds, from patience to learning new cultures and history. An amazing reason to travel more is to learn life lessons by helping others.

Visit third world countries to learn about the lifestyle of those who are less fortunate. Volunteering and helping those in need may be one of life’s most satisfying moments.

Give of yourself, your time, your energy, and feel the love.

When you travel, you learn about being safe and aware of your surroundings. You need to figure out directions, transportation, lodging. You need to prioritize where to go and how to maximize your time there in whatever way is important to you.

Managing your schedule and your time means also figuring out what’s really important to see and do while you are on your trip. 

Now’s the time to travel cheap

travel more

Back when our parents or grandparents planned travel, they had to call a travel agent in order to go on an airplane. They had to access travel books and maps in libraries. Travel is not a big luxury like it used to be years ago.

Now, everything is at our fingertips. It’s more convenient and affordable than ever before. Go backpacking, work whilst you travel, or just go for a real low-budget trip.

Research travel options online and find cheap airline tickets, hostels, and rental cars. Many companies have season offers and discounts.

Auction and coupon sites also offer you the opportunity to bid on airline tickets and travel packages. You can even do a study exchange program, and earn your degree as you travel. You can volunteer on farms (WWOOF) and in exchange for volunteering and working there, you will enjoy free lodging and food.

If you want to travel more but money is holding you back, figure out how to do it cheaply (and safely) by volunteering, packing light, and looking for the best deals.

Go local

Travel doesn’t always mean you need to hop on a plane. Go local, take a bus, a train or a short road trip.

Support the small business and visit remote, out of the way places. Stay at a bed and breakfast, eat at a cozy cafe or the only diner in town.

Make it a goal to do one touristy thing in a neighboring city a month. How many of us live near thriving cities — where thousands of people visit a year — but we’ve never been to the museum, historic building, aquarium, festival, zoo, or took a city tour?

It’s always a great idea to travel more to surrounding areas. You help local economies and appreciate more of what’s around you.

Make new friends

It is said that a journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. You never know who you’re going to meet while traveling.

In most countries locals are very friendly and helpful with travelers. Be friendly, open up and connect with the locals, make new friends. Friendships you make when you travel, often end up being lifelong friends.

Plan to meet up with them again on another vacation.

Feeling of freedom

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life helps you experience a freedom you’ve never felt before while traveling.

Be adventurous, do things you’d never do, try things you’d never try. Enjoy life at its best as you travel to unknown places.

You get to be whoever you want to be when you aren’t bound by the routines of your everyday life. When you can leave work and household duties behind, you may find you are the carefree person you were when you were younger.

Hands-on experiences

New experiences can enrich your life, helping you to become a more interesting person. Get involved in the lives of those from different countries and different cultures.

Many third world countries have associations or groups where you can volunteer; an experience like this will probably be one of the most gratifying things you’ll ever do!

It’s wonderful having the technology to experience things virtually through others but to experience them yourself makes a lasting impression.

Reasons to travel more

It’s easy to want to stay home and work on projects around the house and relax. But remember, it’s rare to have the gift of time and money to take a trip. Take advantage of it. Factor in some relaxation time during your travels if you want, but take that holiday.

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