Green Mountain National Forest

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Green Mountain National Forest – Wellness Retreat Gem in the Green Mountains of Vermont Vacation – Founded in 1978, New Life Hiking Spa has been organizing wellness vacations in the Green Mountains of Vermont for over four decades.

From the very creation of New Life, the mission has been to offer affordable, all-inclusive healthy retreats using hiking and nature as the focal point of the program.

New Life Hiking Spa is located in the lush mountains of Killington, Vermont where the famous Long Trail and Appalachian Trail meet offering some of the most incredible hiking in the country. National Parks Travel List

New Life Hiking Spa in the Green Mountains of Vermont Vacation

Three levels of professionally guided hikes are offered every day during the season to accommodate the guests varied levels of fitness.

That’s twenty-one weekly hikes and nature walks to provide guests an authentic Vermont hiking experience with professionally trained hiking guides who live, love and breathe Vermont.

Getting back to nature and using mountains instead of a treadmill, is what sets this wellness and weight loss retreat apart.

This all-inclusive wellness getaway starts off with a healthy, fresh breakfast, takes you on an invigorating morning hike, gets you back to the lodge for a farm-to-table lunch and has massages and fitness classes all afternoon.

A delicious but healthy dinner ends the day with massages or evening activities afterward.

On a typical day at New Life Hiking Spa, you’ll meet downstairs after breakfast with fellow guests and collect your gear.

There are 21 treks, and the terrain is hiking level appropriate that challenge according to your fitness level:

The Nature Walk, (flat or rolling hills 2-4 miles in length capturing Vermont scenery at a more relaxing pace).

The Classic Hike, (4-6 miles on wooded trails, beautiful lookouts and serene waterfalls).

The Advanced Hike, (Covers steeper more challenging terrain at a more vigorous pace).

Some elevations are over 4000 feet.

Local Vermonters are hired who know every inch of the terrain who are attentive to their hikers’ needs.

Guests hike from 9 until lunchtime, the perfect time to be outside.

There is no getting up at 5 a.m. to hike before the heat hits…think–cool mountain breezes!

Hiking Green Mountains Vermont Vacation
Hiking Green Mountains Vermont Vacation

Hiking Green Mountains of Vermont

Each morning you’ll choose from three trails; and with three levels of hikes being offered each day, every guest’s fitness level is accommodated as they enjoy nature and the great outdoors.

Beginner hikes are nature walks that take guests along picturesque country settings, mountain streams, and working farms.

The nature walk will be flat or rolling hills two to four miles in length.

This will provide a good workout for the beginner hiker while enjoying the beautiful Vermont scenery at a more relaxing pace.

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Intermediate hikes lead guests along the diverse terrain of the famous Appalachian and Long Trails.

Intermediate hikes provide a scenic workout for the advanced beginner, intermediate or experienced hiker, covering anywhere from four to six miles on wooded trails and ancient ways.

Visit beautiful lookouts, ancient mines and serene waterfalls.

A ratio of no more than 6:1 hikers to hike leaders insures that guests feel comfortable at their own pace while being appropriately challenged.

Advanced hikes challenge guests further up some of the highest peaks in Vermont with breathtaking views.

Advanced hikes cover steeper more challenging terrain and longer distances at a more vigorous pace.

Not for the faint of heart, the rewards are inspirational views from the very top of Vermont.

Some elevations over 4,000 feet will be reached where guests experience a different climate and Vermont’s unique high elevation alpine tundra environment.

For intermediate and advanced hikers, the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail aim to please with inclines leading to Pico or Killington Peak.

Atop hikers can rest on a flat boulder and take in the panoramic beauty of green pine.

Green Mountains Vermont Vacation
Green Mountains Vermont Vacation

Nature is food for the mind, body, and soul.

Exercising outside improves concentration, boosts memory and serves as an antidote to a stressful life.

New Life Hiking Spa Vermont

The theme of getting back to nature carries over into New Life Hiking Spa’s food philosophy.

The program advocates a respect for the nutritional value of whole food, as well as its origin, seasonality, availability and freshness.

Three meals a day are prepared fresh, on site, and created by a team of professional chefs who specialize in whole foods and work with Vermont farmers to source ingredients for meals.

In addition to their award-winning hiking program, healthy food, fitness, and wellness programming, New Life also offers their guests holistic massages set in a casual, accepting, come-as-you are environment.

The company has become widely known over the past 40+ years as an unpretentious “destination spa,” but many return guests who know and love the program also refer to it as “grown-up camp.”

Guests have commented that eating together in the dining room, bonding with the hiking guides and participating in carefree, outdoor activities, make them feel “like a kid again.”

Science tells us that spending time with Mother Nature helps benefit both our brains and our bodies.

Most of New Life Hiking Spa’s guests are solo travelers, duos or small groups.

Because of the affordability of New Life’s all-inclusive extended stay wellness retreat, many guests are looking to lose weight and take charge of their health and wellness.

Anyone looking to take a retreat vacation to de-stress, lose weight, or recharge would feel comfortable selecting New Life.

Recognized as one of the most affordable, all-inclusive retreats in North America, the atmosphere makes it extremely comfortable for guests to visit on their own and the longer stays tend to be the most popular.

New Life Hiking Spa Wellness Retreat Gem in the Green Mountains of Vermont Vacation
New Life Hiking Spa Wellness Retreat Gem in the Green Mountains of Vermont Vacation

Three different pricing options are available, depending on the length of stay.

New Life Hiking Spa offers

The three to ten-night Jump Start Getaway is priced from $249 per night, per person for double occupancy.

The 11-20 night Weight Loss Retreat is priced from $239 and the 21 night (or longer) Extended Stay Wellness Retreat begins at $229. (All prices are based on per night, per person, double occupancy.)

The minimum stay is three nights, and all rates include a private room with a private bath, three meals a day, healthy snacks, daily guided hikes, use of hiking poles and backpacks, all fitness and wellness classes, evening activities, and one massage for each three-night stay.

From delicious healthy meals to the best hiking in the country, to rejuvenating holistic spa treatments, New Life Hiking Spa has become one of the most popular wellness retreats in North America.

It’s no wonder it just placed in the #1 spot on the annual Spas of America list for the fifth consecutive year and was Travel + Leisure’s #1 destination spa in 2016.

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