You Fit ~ Travel Components of Physical Fitness to Keep You In Shape

Last Updated on March 21, 2022 by Aswetravel

You Fit? In Shape? Lifetime Fitness Goals? – Going to the gym while on vacation is never going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a great way to keep you fit and in shape so you don’t have to work harder on return to get back to your ideal weight and strength. If you are one to exercise while travelling but can never seem to get it right, here is a guide to staying in shape on your next vacation.

Consider transport alternatives

It’s so easy to simply order an Uber and get where you need to go, but you are robbing yourself of an opportunity to see more of the city you are in and a chance to get your blood pumping. Bikes, kayaks and walking will have you engaging all kinds of muscles and it won’t feel like exercise because you are in an exciting location and taking it all in. This will not always be possible, so try to take advantage when you can and opt for public transport over Uber and taxis, because at least there is some standing and walking to and from the stations.

Take the stairs

Regardless of where you are travelling, the stairs will always be present. Hotels, temples, galleries and all tourist destinations have stairs and by choosing them over an escalator or elevator will bring you many benefits and build the gym and your fitness into your day and sightseeing without doing anything you wouldn’t normally. If you are feeling up to the challenge, you might even wish to jog up these stairs on every second or third day – but you might regret that the day later so only try this if you are up to it.

Get Outdoors to Keep You Fit

There is so much to explore in a new destination by getting outdoors, and it’s a great way to exercise and stay active in the fresh air. Do some research to find some hiking trails and make sure to bring appropriate shoes so that you can traverse different terrains. If you book a guided tour when you travel, try and opt for an outdoor tour that gets you in the outdoors and your body moving. You can always add a picnic to the end of a day outdoors, or reward your efforts with room service or a spa treatment at the end of the day.

The Gym vs Gym Virtual

Going to the gym might seem like a no-brainer, but many never consider this when they travel. If you are staying in a hotel or serviced apartments, you might have hotel gym access. If not, see if you can get a casual pass or a pass pack that you can use while on holidays.

There are many apps and virtual gym options as well. Not every moment on a vacation can be spent eating, drinking and visiting landmarks – so maybe a gym pass is exactly what you need to hit reset and make you feel good while you are on vacation.

Keep You Fit and in Shape without the Gym

What lifetime fitness enthusiasts never think of is that the exercise can start before you reach your destination, especially if you have resistance bands or use the gym virtually. Place these resistance bands above your knees on the thighs, and slowly move your legs apart and back to normal. The slower you go, the deeper the burn so make sure you have controlled movements. If you haven’t used resistance bands before, opt for a lighter band so you can do more reps. This ought to make your plane or road trip a little more interesting!

Staying fit Exercising and in shape while travelling is absolutely possible, and you can make healthy choices. Try these tips next time you go on holiday and see how easy it is to incorporate in your travel itinerary.