7 Best Golf Courses Around The World

Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world to play at the best golf courses available? Imagine the stories you could share with your local golfing friends about your adventures! While it may not be ideal weather where you live all year round, the great news is there is somewhere you can play. Here are some of the best golf courses to visit.

Golf enthusiasts may find it fascinating to play their beloved game on different topography. Likely there will be different grass and sand areas. And if you are a regular golfer in the United States using yards, in most other parts of the world, the course will be measured in meters.

Best Golf Courses

A golfing holiday is relaxing and a great way to spend time with friends, family and business associates. Choose from around these golfing destinations. You may associate Scotland with golfing as that was where it was established with 18 rounds.

Queensland, Australia

Head down under and hit an Arnold Palmer signature course at the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club. The breathtaking views will encourage leisurely walks between holes and soak up all the time you can. Perfect your game on this championship course and you will reap the rewards.

Bringing the family? Take some time to drive up and down the Queensland Coast to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Learn the best time to visit Australia. Depending on how much time you plan to stay, you may consider traveling from Queensland to southeast to Sydney. It is a distance — almost 1,800km — but there are many things to do in Sydney.


Nestled in the Pebble Beach area is a beautiful golf course called Cypress Point. Golf Digest reports that Cypress Point is over 6,000 yards and a par of 72. You are sure to enjoy this course as it offers an array of environments. Some holes are woodsy enough for a bit of mountain gulf, then you hit some dunes, and end with a seaside stretch that will take your breath away.

California is known for its moderate weather and it’s a perfect fit for any type of golfer to enjoy under the glorious sun. You may want to make time to visit beaches, add some nature adventure by visiting National Parks, or travel to some wineries while you are there.


Brazil is known for a lot of things and golf should be talked about a lot more than it is. Especially when they offer the incredible experience of Terravista golf course.

This 18-hole course starts out in a rain forest for the first nine and a rocky coastline for the back nine. The 14th hole is their signature hole with the green-backed up to the edge of a 50-meter cliff.

That hole is for the brave and may have caused a few heart failures! Additionally, you can watch sea turtles swimming in the ocean from the tee box. You can’t say that about a lot of courses! Enjoy golfing and the best Brazil has to offer. 

Newcastle, Northern Ireland

Situated at the base of the impressive Mountains of Mourne is one of the oldest golf courses in the world. Royal County Down Golf Club opened in 1889 and features two links to choose from, the Championship course and Annesley Links. The Championship course features two of the most loved holes in the area, the 4th and 9th holes. The 4th is a gorgeous view with a long par 3 and the 9th is the most photographed in the world.


Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer made history when they designed The Cascades at Somabay, the first championship course in Africa and the Middle East! The most notable holes start with the 2nd hole, which at 612 yards proves to be an early sign of what is to come.

The 12th hole is nicknamed “Dilemma, dilemma” since it’s a split fairway and can only be played in two ways. From there, the 14th hole is a short 186-yard hole that requires your tee shot played across a gully to a wide and shallow green that is protected by three intimidating bunkers. Learn the best time to visit Egypt to make the most of your vacation. 


Singapore is a hectic and busy city, it’s hard to believe you could ease into a golf experience that would be exciting and relaxing. Companies like Golfscape offer a wide variety of courses in a variety of countries. The folks can book golf courses in Singapore with relative ease.

Why Singapore?

It’s a great getaway for an entirely new and adventurous culture that will show you a whole new side of life. The golf courses are set back from the city and maintained with beautiful views and a bit of quiet. While you are there, learn cities to visit and where to stay in Singapore.


Wow, really? Can one golf in Antarctica without freezing to death? Well, rumor has it some residents at McMurdo Station and Scott Base Station has made their own course and occasionally holds tournaments called “The Winter’s End Classic”. We can only imagine the challenge of the elements it would create to try and play a serious game. If you’re game, it wouldn’t hurt to reach out and see if they are open to non-residents coming in for a round!

Golfing Around the World

Golfing is a sport that can be played almost anywhere in the world. It is one of those sports that you can often do even as you age. Everyone can enjoy it, no matter their skill level. Some places require you to rent a cart; others, you can walk the course. 

Depending where in the world you plan your golfing vacation, the local landscape will typically be different than what you are used to. However, golf is one of the sports that you can play in different countries and it’s still the same game, rules, layout, etc. That makes it easy to join a foursome while you are there and meet local golfers.

Golf has been around for centuries. Check your clubs and golf bag at the airport and fly to one of these best places to play golf in the world.