Applying for a Visa Waiver is Easy Using ESTA

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Applying for a Visa Waiver – The Electronic System for Travel Authorization, also known as the ESTA is a simple and easy requirement that helps you in obtaining your travel clearance for visiting the United States.

This authorization is applicable for the citizens of the participating countries that meet the predetermined qualifications for availing the Visa Waiver Program.

The process is carried out through an online application which has replaced the tedious method of applying for tourist visa in the United States.

Initially, an application for US Visa was absolutely necessary for visiting the United States.

The concerned individual had to visit a nearby US Embassy to carry out the various facets of the application.

But with the advent of the USA ESTA Application’, individuals can now conveniently apply for their travel permit from any corner of the globe.

Applying for a Visa Waiver is Easy Using ESTA
Applying for a Visa Waiver is Easy Using ESTA

Applying for a Visa Waiver is Easy Using ESTA

The process of USA ESTA requires the individual to enter their personal details in an online application form.

After this, they have to attach the relevant documents and submit a particular amount.

Once they complete the procedure, they will receive their results in a couple of minutes.

Owing to the convenience, this overall process is indeed a quick, easy and simple alternative to the conventional process of applying for a visa.

With this option, several thousands of travelers can now visit the United States for business, travel and any other common requirement.

Features of the ESTA USA Program

Quick and simple application- ESTA USA simplifies the entire process of applying for your ESTA.

The site comes with the current ESTA application form.

All you need to do is fill in the required details to get started with the process right away.

In case you need the application to be approved right away, the professionals here will expedite the process and further ensure that it is successful.

Currently, ESTA USA comes with a 95% (and above) application approval rate.

Check the status of your current application- In case you need to check the current status of your application, the professionals here will provide you with a quick and easy update.

Simply submit a request with the contact form, and the representatives will immediately update you about the status on your registered email address.

Request for additional information

If you’ve inadvertently missed out on some additional information about ESTA, then too you can submit your request with the contact form.

The representatives will then find out about the relevant information on your behalf, and update you about the same right away.

In addition to requesting for more information, you can also add your comments and questions via the contact form.

Modify your submitted information

Unlike any other platform, ESTA USA gives you the added advantage of modifying the information you’ve submitted on the application form.

Users can click on the contact us’ tab for expressing their concern on the specific modifications.

Representatives will then address their request and further ensure that the modifications are carried out at the earliest.

ESTA Learning Center

The website of this program comes with an entire page dedicated for individuals who are applying for ESTA for the first time.

This page is a resource center that gives you a complete insight on the basics and specifics of the ESTA program.

Here, you’ll get to know the difference between travel authorization and admission, Visa and ESTA, history of the program, the countries eligible for the program, its working mechanism, ESTA denial, ESTA processing time, outcomes of the program, application with multiple passports and so on.

In addition to this, you’ll also find all the relevant information about using this travel permit and correcting your existing application.

The FAQ section of the learning center addresses and answers every question about the procedure.

In case of additional questions, you can always reach out to the customer care section, where the representatives clarify all of your doubts about the overall process.

Access to the newsfeed

The ESTA USA program also lets you access their live news feed that features the blogs of fellow applications.

Here, you can find the latest insights and news about the ESTA program.

Whether it’s an update on whether Israel will enter the Visa Waiver program or the insight from a fellow blogger about the need of having the ESTA even if you have a layover in the US- you’ll find every, relevant news in this section.

Benefits of the ESTA USA program

The agents at ESTA USA offer many other benefits than merely processing your ESTA application.

The representatives here personally review every individual application and check for the errors in it.

In case of an error, they will immediately rectify it and inform you about the same.

Having processed thousands of applications, they have the necessary experience in figuring out what exactly to check.

The agents here are highly trained in the Visa Waiver Program and they will directly communicate with you about the status and modifications of your current application.

Like I already mentioned, in case of errors they will immediately omit it prior to the submission.

The professionals here strive to ensure that your travel authorization is approved.

However, in case it isn’t approved, you will be eligible to issue a full refund.

Following is a list of some additional benefits of the ESTA USA program:

Agents are readily available for addressing and answering your questions.

If you need your application to be processed faster, the professionals here will expedite the process.

Every submitted application is carefully checked and reviewed for errors.

You will be notified in case of errors and will have full scope in modifying your application.

The customer support center will address you queries and respond to them right away.

The application approval rate here is more than 95%.

You will be eligible for a 100% guaranteed refund if your application is denied.

ESTA USA program has been operating since the last couple of years, and during this time it has managed to establish itself as one of the pioneers in the industry.

The program is widely lauded by applicants for its simple, easy, hassle free and affordable process.

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