Things To Do In Las Vegas Without Gambling

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Things To Do In Las Vegas Without Gambling – The number of tourists set a record for Las Vegas that had not been broken in over five years.

Over 39 million people visited the city!

From “Sin City”, “Capital of Second Chances” and “Entertainment Capital of the World” – Las Vegas has many nicknames giving you clues as to what makes this city so popular.

In this place, people let their hair down, act a little crazy and do things they normally wouldn’t.

After all, the infamous slogan “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is not for nothing.

Things To Do In Las Vegas

Yes, Las Vegas is known for its clubs, casinos and gambling.

However, there are many things that are fun about it other than just games of chance.

”Vegas baby Vegas!” is the infamous quote from the film classic ”The Swingers” and it sums up Vegas pretty well, in other words, you don’t have to explain to people what Vegas has to offer – after all, it’s Vegas!

Las Vegas is many guys dream destination for their bachelor party, and people fly in on cheap flights to Las Vegas every day of the week – no matter which day you go out – it’s saturday every night in this city.

You know you’re visting a crazy party place when the city’s slogan is ”What happens in Vegas … stays in Vegas”.

This place knows how to party like few other cities, and only the toughest can last more than a couple of days in this city which seems to never have heard of the word ”sleep”!

This city knows no boundaries and seems to love taking things over the top, from roller coasters going through the hotel receptions, to feathered show-girls and the ”kaching!” sound coming 24/7 from the Casino’s, there is simply no ending to it.

Things To Do In Las Vegas Without Gambling

In many ways, Las Vegas is a great family friendly destination.

Las Vegas on the Cheap ~ Family Vacation to Vegas on a Budget

Still others come for yoga with dolphins and the water shows with dolphins.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum opened its doors in 1991.

Quick nine minute ride from The Palazzo Las Vegas, the museum features permanent exhibits such as treasures found in an Egyptian tomb of the famous pharaoh King Tut that includes a mummy, and a dinosaur exhibit where the dinosaurs move including a 35 foot Tyrannosaurus Rex that roars.

In May of 2013, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum will open a new exhibit called Secrets of the Deep that will feature creatures that live in the ocean.

Things To Do In Las Vegas Without Gambling
Things To Do In Las Vegas Without Gambling

Bellagio Fountain Show

Imagine an 8.5 – acre lake in the middle of the dessert exploding with 1,214 spritzers shooting water up to 460 feet in the air, with water rockets and dances, perfectly choreographed to Frank Sinatra or Gene Kelly or “One Singular Sensation” from A Chorus Line.

That is what goes on every half-hour between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m., and every 15 minutes from then ’til midnight at the Bellagio Fountains.

Roller-Coaster Through a Hotel
Roller-Coaster Through a Hotel

Roller-Coaster Through a Hotel

Although it’s not the craziest roller coaster in Vegas, it’s the whole concept that makes this ride unique.

After all, how many roller coasters go straight through a hotel?

The New York-New York hotel which the roller coaster goes through is pretty interesting in itself.

It’s designed as a compressed version of Disney-fied Manhattan.

The roller coaster makes for a good tour around the building.

Adventuredome Las Vegas

For some more adrenaline rushing rides, the Adventuredome is a five acre indoor amusement park.

It’s located within the Circus Circus Casino.

Five minutes away from The Palazzo Las Vegas, the amusement park has four different levels of rides.

It caters to toddler age all the way to adult and also a level of rides that is for the whole family.

The Adventuerdome has over 25 rides. This includes a roller coaster called the Canyon Blaster.

It goes over 55 miles per hour.

The Sand Pirates ride features a giant pirate ship that swings back and forth.

But the amusement park has more than rides. There is also an arcade filled with the latest video games.

There’s the Xtreme Zone that lets kids try their hands at rock climbing and bungee jumping.

There’s Pike’s Pass where everyone can play putt putt golf.

And then there’s Midway Games, which features games where both children and adults can play to win prizes like they were on a boardwalk midway.

You can pay to ride the different level of rides individually.

The prices for the rides range from five to eight dollars each, or there is an all-day pass available that offers unlimited rides for one price.

Venice Gondola in Las Vegas
Venice Gondola in Las Vegas

Visit The Fake Capitals

Las Vegas is a city that embraces everything kitsch and tacky.

It has made an effort to pay a tacky homage to other famous cities around the world.

If you want to visit Paris and the Eiffel Tower check out Paris Las Vegas.

For Venice and a ride in a Venetian gondola, St Mark’s Square and the Venetian has what you’re looking for.

And of course, New York New York has everything “Big Apple,” from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building and Central Park.

Shopping in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has two outlet malls that are located just minutes away from The Palazzo Las Vegas.

Whether visitors to Las Vegas choose to go to the Premium Outlet Mall North or South locations, there are a variety of different stores for people to choose from.

Together, the two outlet malls offer over 290 stores.

They include such famous brands as Calvin Klein, Coach, Ralph Lauren, and many other designer names.

Visitors to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets can enjoy a variety of different places to eat, and the Premium South Outlet also features Story time and a giant carousel that kids will enjoy.

What are your best tips for a visit to Las Vegas?

Las Vegas a Great Family Friendly Destination See the Animals

Las Vegas a great family friendly destination?!?!

Nope – not kidding.

The Strip may not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of family destinations.

But Las Vegas is no longer the Sin City of old—today, it’s a diverse, entertaining whirlwind of unique attractions, restaurants and experiences perfect for families.

Here are five Vegas experiences not to miss for families.

Little ones will love the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, where visitors can come face to face with a few of Earth’s most fascinating underwater creatures.

Check out a variety of sharks, saw fish, giant rays, endangered sea green turtles, moon jellies, rare golden crocodiles and other amazing species.

And for more animal love, visit Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage, to see white lions, white tigers, panthers, leopards, and the Atlantic Bottle nose Dolphins.

Las Vegas a Great Family Friendly Destination
Las Vegas a Great Family Friendly Destination

Educate the entire family

BODIES . . . The Exhibition at Luxor, has an intricate 3-D vision of the human form.

Visitors will get the chance to see real bodies, preserved along with inner organs.

It’s an exhibit that will easily trump any biology class.

Exhibition at Luxor

Older kids will find the CSI: The Experience at MGM Grand fascinating and educational.

Inspired by the hit TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, guests test their inner crime-solver by playing the role of investigator in exciting interactive challenges.

Take in a Las Vegas show

The music, acrobatics, and first class production of many of the shows in Vegas is a great option to entertain the entire family.

From beating drums and electrifying production of the Blue Man Group  to the daring acrobatics of Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles LOVE, everyone will walk away in awe.

Cirque du Soleil
Cirque du Soleil

Medieval Dining

Watch knights fight in a jousting tournament and enjoy medieval-style dining of a three-course banquet at Tournament of Kings at Excalibur.

Adapted from the tale of King Arthur, diners of all ages will have a thrilling time watching the prancing horses, dancing maidens and invading armies at close proximity.

Experience top coasters

Thrill-seekers won’t want to miss Adventuredome at Circus Circus.

This theme park features the world’s only indoor double-loop, double-corkscrew roller coaster – The Canyon Blaster.

double-corkscrew roller coaster - The Canyon Blaster
double-corkscrew roller coaster – The Canyon Blaster

The Roller Coaster at New York-New York will add even more adrenaline to your experience.

Fly 203 feet into the air and then drop 144 feet down at the racy speed of 67 mph before freezing in time with the famous “heartline” twist, a dive that turns 180 degrees and hangs you 86 feet off the ground.

It’s an experience your family will never forget.

Fabulous Las Vegas – A City that Reinvents Itself

There’s a lot to love about Las Vegas, from luxurious hotels to fabulous restaurants to the pulsating energy of the Strip.

But perhaps the city’s best feature is that it always offers visitors something new.

Vegas is constantly reinventing itself, dazzling visitors with hot new shows, unique experiences and fresh entertainment.

Even if you were just there recently, you’re all but guaranteed a new experience every time you return.

Showtime, All the Time

Take, for example, the artist in residency programs.

A growing number of Vegas hotels are hosting world-class performers for a year or more at a time.

Gone are the days when fans had to cross their fingers and hope their favorite musician or performer might host a concert or show in a nearby city.

In Vegas, visitors can catch a performance by top talent like Boys II Men or Terry Fator any night of their trip.

Las Vegas Shows
Las Vegas Shows

Vegas shows are also getting more extravagant and technologically advanced.

You can bet it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.

Here’s one not to miss: Michael Jackson ONE, featuring amazing dancing and theatrics.

Las Vegas amazing dancing and theatrics

Vegas is also a destination for once-in-a-lifetime events, like September’s iHeartRadio Festival at the MGM Grand, which featured some of the hottest performers in the world: Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Drake, Elton John, Miley Cyrus, Paul McCartney and more.

iHeartRadio Festival at the MGM Grand
iHeartRadio Festival at the MGM Grand

The same arena also hosts major sporting events, big name fights, and to top musicians throughout the year.

No matter when you head to Vegas, chances are there’s going to be something spectacular going on.

Eat like a King

Meanwhile, the Vegas food scene is constantly on the move, with new dishes and new restaurants every time you visit.

Top restaurants open just about every month, offering foodies a mouthwatering selection of fantastic eateries.

Check out one of the restaurants by a celebrity chef, including Rick Moonen (Rx Boiler Room), Sean McClain (Pizza 550 and Sage), and Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio (Heritage Steak).

dining in Vegas
dining in Vegas

And since dining in Vegas is about the experience as much as the food, restaurants increasingly strive to offer diners something unique.

Here’s a place with a twist: Michael Mina’s PUB 1842, where you can pour your own beer from the tap right at your table.

The Las Vegas Strip

Still, one thing about Vegas never changes: The stunning view.

For one of the best spots to see the lights, check out Mix at Mandalay Bay, the restaurant and lounge by Alain Ducasse.

Located high above the Strip, the view is one you’ll always find dazzling— no matter how many times you visit.

Traveling to Las Vegas is a dream for many.

Some may believe it’s difficult to get approval to travel to the US.

However, with the US Visa Waiver Program (VWP), many can easily travel to the United States without the need to obtain a visa by using the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization).

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3 Animal-Free Circus Shows Around The World

Back in the days of our grandparents, kids dreamed of running away with the circus, travel the world and explore far away places.

It was exotic, exciting, and the lifestyle was one that most people could only dream of: the life of a vagabond.

Today, the circus world has changed a lot, and as our society is getting ever harder to please, they have to come up with some very good stunts to get our attention.

The best circuses in the world are quite different from what you once associated with a circus, and many are (finally!) steering away from using animals.

As a child, I only ever went to a circus once, because I couldn’t stand the torture that animals had to go through for the sake of our entertainment.

But today you can enjoy all the magic, excitement and smell of popcorn in a colorful tent guilt-free at these animal-free circuses …

Cirque du Soleil

Perhaps the best example of the modern circus, many argue that nobody can put together a better and more professional show than Cirque du Soleil.

Based in Canada, the circus employs over 4000 people who tour the world in different groups, performing the most amazing stunts, tricks and magic with great live music.

The Cirque du Soleil Orlando has become very popular, so it’s definitely a show to check out when you’re in “the land of entertainment” – this show definitely stands out from the rest.

Cirque du Soleil
Cirque du Soleil

Circus Oz

“Think Cirque du Soleil on drugs”, someone said in a review – the Cricus Oz preforms the same stunts as many other circuses, minus the animals, but it’s the way it’s all put together with a great selection of live music and the awesome narrator who keeps the crowd going.

It’s all very modern, and all very loud.

What people love the most about this show is the laid back, quirky, naughty, satirical and funny attitude.

New Shanghai Circus

With a group of 40 acrobats from China, the New Shanghai Circus tests your perception of what is possible to do with your body.

It’s a unique production, which although quite long, nails the audience to their seats.

In the line-up they have quite a few award winning numbers such as Diabolo, Aerial Fish Ballet, Pole Climbers, Lions, Dragons, Chair Stack, Adagio, Bicycle, Human Top and Plates Spinning.

The one thing they could do without however is the lengthy video in the beginning.

Animal-free circuses reviews

Chinese state circus, Moscow State Circus, Circus Smirkus, Cirque Éloize, Circus Finelli – if you want more, check out list of PETA approved shows.

Which is your favorite animal-free circus?

Yoga with Dolphins – An Exotic Experience in Las Vegas

Yes, it’s true… there’s yoga with dolphins.

Imagine relaxing in lotus pose while dolphins zip and twirl through turquoise water right in front of you.

Sound like a dream?

It’s reality at the “Yoga with the Dolphins” experience within the Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.

yoga with dolphins
Dolphins in Las Vegas

This yoga with dolphins class is an example of a hot new travel trend.

It’s called destination yoga.

Both enthusiasts and novices seek out yoga classes, excursions and retreats in exotic and unusual locations.

We spoke with Willow Withy, a yoga instructor and interdisciplinary artist who leads the dolphin yoga classes at the Mirage, to find out more information.

What are some of the more interesting locations where you have taught yoga?

There is a bit of controversy in the yoga world about traveling retreats.

There is clearly no place to travel to find yourself.

Remember the saying: Wherever you go, there you are?

Still, I’ve done a bit of research in epigenetics that proves that our environment does play a factor in how we think, act and speak, which is inherently a meditation in yoga.

I’ve been very fortunate to practice and teach in many US cities, the Galápagos Islands and in the dolphin observatory at The Mirage where I’m currently based in Las Vegas.

Which is your favorite? Why?

I absolutely loved the Galápagos Islands.

Galápagos Islands

There is so much research being done there in conservation, human and animal evolution and biodiversity.

The environment resonates with respect and peace.

However, what I love about the dolphin habitat at the Mirage is the experience of peace and tranquility.

It is accessible in Las Vegas, a very unexpected and welcomed surprise.

What’s the appeal of taking a yoga class in Las Vegas?

Most people travel to Vegas to break the monotony of their everyday—to dance, to drink and get lucky.

But there are also families who visit Las Vegas.

There are a lot of business conventions. International travelers often fly to Vegas as a first stop in touring the West.

Everyone isn’t there for the gambling.

The dolphins have a natural appeal to the everyday tourist.

The habitat does not offer shows that are typical to animals in captivity.

yoga with dolphins

The yoga class and other interactions with the dolphins provide a personal reflection.

It’s quite therapeutic and exactly at the heart of what Vegas tourists are truly seeking.

Las Vegas Oases – Behold the Mindfulness

Yoga with dolphins

When I first began teaching in the space, I noticed something really different was happening during classes.

I knew I was the same person teaching the same practice, so I looked into the neurotransmitters that are released among dolphins.

It turns out our bodies release significant levels of oxytocin around dolphins.

dolphins in Las Vegas

Oxytocin is crucial in forming social bonds in the human experience.

Now that our environment is becoming so digital, oxytocin is a rare, healing and beautiful sensation.

My knowledge of how it impacts the dolphins is more limited.

However, every morning when I go down to set up, they eagerly await some handstands and often mimic the poses during classes.

It seems we are mutually stimulating each other.

The dolphins are just as curious about our yoga asanas (poses) as we are about them.

Keep in Shape when traveling

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