Las Vegas Oases – Behold the Mindfulness

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Las Vegas Oases – Las Vegas is normally anything but a relaxing place.

It is an assault on the senses for even those used to life in the fastest of lanes, a place where movers and shakers party all night, play cards all day and give little thought to their mental well-being or the state of their soul.

There are plenty of resources for those who are planning their trip to the metropolis in the US state of Nevada to enjoy its well-known nightlife.

But what about those of you who are searching for little oases of calm among the city’s towering casinos, nightclubs and restaurants?

Luckily for you, we were up to the challenge of doing the looking so that you don’t have to.

Las Vegas Oases

Here are some of the best mindfulness, yoga and generally calming locations that Sin City has to offer.

Float Off on Your Journey to Spiritual Enlightenment

After a long day at the poker tables, watching chips change hands more times than a Frisbee at the beach, you will probably find it’s time for a place that can take you away from the sights and sounds of men wearing sunglasses, chewing gum, farting and fist pumping when they correctly call a bluff.

The perfect place to do just that is the Float Center of Nevada, whose salt water flotation tanks will leave you thinking you’ve sailed into outer space, cocooned in a warm bubble of oxygen-rich air, with nothing but the faint hum of Buddhist mantras to bother you.

Who knows, you may find yourself booking repeat trips to this saline sanctuary, such are its purported healing and stress-relieving powers.

Las Vegas Spiritual Enlightenment
After a spot of contortionism, you will be sure to feel fantastic!

Climb the Red Rock to Catch a Sunrise or Sunset

If you’ve taken a bit of a financial battering at the tables, perhaps you’ll want to keep things cheap.

Well, how about an activity that’s completely free?

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a park that gives incredible views out over the Las Vegas and Nevada Desert skylines, allowing you to place your yoga mat accordingly, assume your meditation pose, and breathe fresh unfiltered air into your lungs.

This really is an incredible natural wonder and it’s all within easy walking distance of the strip.

Just Head Back to Your Room and Order a Massage

Gone are the days of an overweight sweat bucket of a masseuse arriving at your hotel room door and expecting a tip after he’s slipped your disc halfway down your leg.

Vegas hotel resorts now pride themselves on providing top of the range massage facilities, all in the comfort of your suite.

That’s right, Vegas-goers are now booking their massages for the week before they even plan the rest of their trip.

Among the hotel resorts offering the most luxurious massages are the Encore – where you can indulge in a special Nalu Body Massage as well as lomi-lomi and hot stone treatments – and the Bellagio, that has a whopping fifty-six treatment rooms and a specialist Watsu pool.

RYK Yoga

Yoga is hot right now, with everyone from high stakes rollers to bartenders flexing their bodies at the crack of dawn or late at night, as they manipulate their bodies into all manner of improbable shapes.

The unrivaled spot to visit if you need a yogi to guide you through the stretches and breathing is RYK Yoga, where classes cater to all levels and there are even free classes for those on lower wage incomes to enjoy.

Keep Your Clothes on and Reach for the Stars

If the idea of being dipped in water, prodded by a stranger or stretching your muscles to snapping point aren’t appealing to you, why not take a hot-air balloon ride?

Other Things To Do In Las Vegas

There’s no exercise involved other standing in the basket and allowing hot air to whisk you towards the endless blue, from where you can look down on the world, and realize just how inconsequential all of your daily problems are.