Most Romantic Cruise Destinations for Couples

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Getting away with your sweetheart on a cruise can do a lot to rekindle romance. With so many options, you will have your choice of destinations and cruise lines. These are the most romantic cruise destinations for couples.

Cruises are carefree and an easy vacation to take. Once you are on the ship, there isn’t much you need to do but relax and enjoy. Boarding a romantic cruise away from life’s most stressful demands is a dream for many couples. A cruise is a romantic vacation. From enjoying intimate meals to drinks, dancing, shows, or simply walking around the ship and the ports, it is an ideal chance to reconnect.

If you’re looking to really dial up the romance on your next getaway, then it’s a good idea to consider these extraordinarily romantic cruise destinations. They are certain to provide the perfect backdrop for a celebration that’s all about love. There are plenty of destinations for those seeking to celebrate love or a special anniversary, each offering a unique experience that goes beyond amazing sights, delectable cuisine, and fine music.

A cruise is the vacation of choice for people who are celebrating romantic milestones and for couples to travel together before marriage or other commitment

Engagements, honeymoons and anniversaries are all observed from the decks of a spectacular ship. Some couples even get married at sea with the ship’s captain to perform the ceremony. And what’s great about cruising is no matter when you can go, there will be a cruise to accommodate your schedule somewhere in the world. 

Most Romantic Cruise Destinations

Here are cruise destinations that will surely inspire more romance among couples. What cruise is the best for couples will depend on many factors. You will want to consider:

  • The time of year you can travel
  • How long you can be away
  • Your budget

With that in mind, here are romantic cruise destinations.

River Cruise
River Cruise

French Country Waterways

Let’s face it, no other country is as frequently associated with love and romance than France, and no experience in France could be more romantic than a trip along the canals on a barge through the French countryside. Stop over in quaint villages and cathedral-anchored medieval cities, sweeping vineyards and sunflower fields, historic sites and battlefields, and quiet stretches of canal-lined countryside. 

Go wine tasting in the wineries and taste local cheeses on-board. If you like, borrow one of the bikes on board and head off on a cycling trip along the riverside villages on your own. There are four regions to choose from:

  • Champagne
  • Burgundy
  • Upper Loire
  • Alsace Lorraine

Exploring France via a cruise is one of the sexiest and most romantic cruises for couples.

French Polynesia

French Polynesia is known as one of the most romantic destinations on earth, with 118 islands dotted over calm crystal clear water, offering isolated beaches and lagoons. Considering the main cruise destinations, you can expect to visit mysterious and exotic ports of call like:

  • Bora Bora
  • Huahine
  • Moorea
  • Raiatea
  • Taha’a
  • Tahiti

This spot will likely appeal to adventurous and sporty couples, thanks to its more rugged vibe. Diving, snorkeling and even shark-feeding are exciting activities in the region. You can arrange them separately or as excursions through your cruise line. In addition, the French-inspired cuisine is another thing worth mentioning.

Of course, pristine beaches are a given. What makes French Polynesia unique is its over-water bungalows, which seat directly above lagoon waters. These hubs make excellent tropical shelters that lets couples enjoy a good horizon view for a memorable excursion.

It comes as no surprise to see that the world’s most romantic cruise ship, the Paul Gaugin, has chosen French Polynesia as their destination. Romantic adventurers who choose to cruise to French Polynesia will enjoy warm, tropical breezes. 

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world await romantic adventurers in French Polynesia. Many of the islands feature spots that seem to be virtually untouched. Romantically-inclined cruisers will easily find a secluded stretch of shoreline where it would be easy to pretend that they are the last couple on Earth.

Enticing, French-inspired cuisine is widely available throughout the islands when it’s time for a meal and tête–à–tête.

Islands you never heard about


If there are places on earth viable to be called paradises for lovers, Bermuda certainly gets listed.

Without a doubt, Bermuda is one of the most romantic cruise destinations in the planet, thanks to its relaxed atmosphere.

Bermuda’s soft, pink sad are characteristic of its warm and welcoming nature, while island features such as arches, gardens, hikes, scooters and sailboat charters all offer space for more intimate adventures.

The word to describe it is scenic – there’s just too much beauty from almost everywhere around the area.

It is a wonderful place to make everlasting memories. It’s truly ideal for wedding proposals to exquisite honeymoons.

Specific places to stop over at Bermuda include the Warwick Long Bay Beach, which houses a protected reef that makes a good snorkeling site.

The shore invites couples to have a romantic morning stroll, thanks to the sun that tops it all with a dreamy, picturesque vibe.

The oldest cast iron lighthouse in the world, Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, is another spot to visit while cruising to Bermuda.

The structure lets couples feel they’re at the top of the world, providing 360-views from the top or base.

View is also good within the lighthouse’s restaurant, The Dining Room, which offers an array of burgers and wine on its menu.

Lovers can visit the Fairmont Southampton’s Willow Stream Spa, which provides 90-minute rejuvenation sessions for two. 

Caribbean Islands romantic cruise

The Caribbean Islands, situated north of South America, east of Central America and southeast of the Gulf of Mexico, are among popular choices for romantic cruises.

The region boasts over 7,000 unique islands.

Its Western area is more known for water sports, while the Eastern counterpart is adored for its stunning beaches and terrain.

Places to visit in the Caribbean include Antigua, the British Virgin Islands and Bahamas, to name a few.

Antigua’s Verandah Resort & Spa is said to have the highest number of nuptial nooks.

Couples can find beaches, gazebos and pools calling out for intimate dips.

The British Virgin Islands lets the 50-foot catamaran Feel The Magic cruise on its waters.

The islands feature places such as Fallen Jerusalem, The Baths and Virgin Gorda. Located on its own island, the Scrub Island Resort offers three beaches, one of which is only reachable via kayak.

Bahamas, on the other hand, features spots like the Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbor Marina.

Royal Caribbean Cruises are one of the best known cruise lines who travel here. 

Romantic Rhine

With steep cliffs, vineyards and castles perched on every hilltop, the romantic Middle Rhine is a river valley straight out of a picture book.

The stunning scenery and charming villages lining the river banks on either side, a cruise here makes for a very memorable journey.

Besides, you know it’s romantic when the entire valley is nicknamed “The Romantic Rhine”.

When considering a romantic cruise for couples, consider the romantic Rhine.

Cruising in the Nude?

Perhaps not exactly the most romantic, and probably not even the best for all couples, but definitely the sexiest of all cruises has to be the Bare Necessities, a cruise where all passengers are, well, naked….

While it’s not our cup of tea, it’s a very popular cruise with couples, and hey, we don’t judge. ;) 

Where can you cruise nude? They have trips from Bali to Fiji. Other cruise ships travel to the Caribbean. They offer  round trip cruises from Venice, Italy.

At least you won’t have kids on board….


The great thing about the Mediterranean is that you can experience many different cultures in a short period of time.

Each country has a romantic touch of their own, and many of the most romantic places are often included on a cruise itinerary with Virgin Holidays Cruises, such as Venice with its beautiful canals, the charming old town of Dubrovnik, and the white and blue roof tops and clear blue waters of Santorini.

In addition, around Valentine’s Day, many cruise companies offer couples discounts on cruises in the Mediterranean as well as other cruising destinations.

Getting Around the Canals of Venice

Venice, Italy

Few cities can rival Venice, Italy when it comes to romance.

Built on an extensive network of ancient canals, this gorgeous city seems purpose-built to enchant lovebirds.

Gondola rides, sojourns in the Piazza San Marco, intimate dinners in candlelit restaurants and more romantic adventures are available around every turn.

The other ports of call that are typically included in the itinerary are romantic as well.

Imagine also stopping off at Monte Carlo, Monaco and Saint Tropez, France.

This destination for your cruise will rival any romantic holiday.

6 places to visit while on a European cruise

Santorini, Greece

Romantic and sun-drenched, breathtaking landscapes and romantic city scenes await the visitor to Santorini, Greece.

This sun-drenched port of call is ideal for lovers with its bright-white architecture and twisting, ancient streets.

It’s one of the most pleasant places in the world to explore to the many charming shops, bars and restaurants.

Around each corner you’ll find something new to delight your senses.

Enjoy spectacular views you’ll find on this island that is the product of volcanic eruptions.

Other ports of call in the Greek islands are also charming.

You’ll visit quaint fishing villages and see the ruins of ancient temples. It all makes for a memorable and spectacularly romantic getaway.

New to sailing

Seychelles in the Indian Ocean romantic for couples

One of the most beguiling aspects of cruising among the Seychelles is the feel as if they are undiscovered.

You’ll find white-sand beaches, giant tortoises and expansive rain forests on your explorations.

If diving and snorkeling are among your favorite vacation pastimes, then this untouched paradise may be the ideal destination for you.

Your Indian Ocean adventure cruise may take place aboard an intimate sailboat with room for fewer than 100 passengers and a romantic atmosphere.

Cruises are the ideal way to spark romance in any relationship.

When you include any of these ports of call, you’ll be certain to enjoy an ideal lovers’ getaway.

Romantic Cruise Destinations

Romantic cruise destinations

If you’re seeking romance during your next vacation, choosing a cruise is an easy choice.

According to US News Travel, the best cruise lines for couples are:

  • Viking Ocean Cruises: Culturally enriching, smaller ship cruising
  • Seabourn Cruise Line: Offers more intimate cruising with no more than 600 passengers.
  • Crystal Cruises: All rooms have ocean views.
  • Azamara Club Cruises: They keep it cozy for couples. They have no more than 700 passengers on cruises.

The thing about cruises to remember, is they are a floating vacation…. likely any cruise line you choose can be romantic. 

Some other cruise lines to consider:

  • Royal Caribbean cruises offer lots of fun for couples.
  • We sailed on Princess Cruises and hardly saw any children. 
  • Norwegian Cruises – Cruises on Norwegian tend to be more upscale and are a great cruise line for a romantic holiday.
  • Oceania Cruises attracts older passengers which may be appealing.

Which cruises are the best for couples

Even more than choosing the most romantic cruise destination, be sure to plan your cruise for two. No kids. It may seem obvious, but romantic cruises mean kid-free cruises. No friends. While it’s fun to plan a couples cruise with friends, keeping it just the two of you will ramp up the intimacy.

Romance at sea

Choosing the most romantic cruise destination will likely involve your budget, season, amount of time you can be away, and more. 

Setting sail with a great attitude can make any cruise more romantic. 

And remember, as fun as cruises are to go with others — especially because there is so much to do, at times it will seem like you are on separate vacations — you want this cruise to be for only you two.

Whether you are seeking a cruise line best for middle age couples or a kid-free cruise, taking a cruise is good for couples.

Everything you will need is on the cruise. It makes for a carefree, romantic vacation. Whether you choose a small ship cruise or larger vessel, you will enjoy lots of time together.

Romantic cruise destinations

These are just few of many destinations for romantic cruises. What’s important is to keep the love you have for each other, at all times, wherever you decide to visit.