Reality of Traveling as a couple? How Couples Vacation

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Traveling as a couple is a dream for so many of us, but travelling with your significant other?

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

You get to experience all these incredible places and moments of wonder with them, you get to make memories to share and pass down to any potential children or grandchildren you might have.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

The main consensus is, that travelling with your other half will make or break you as a couple.

Many benefits to traveling together for Family, Love, Relationships and happiness.

Many couples head off into the sunset with grand ideas and all the best intentions, only to get as far as their first destination before they’re wondering what went wrong.

But don’t worry, if you’re planning to travel as a couple then it isn’t doomed to fail. 

Many couples come out of the other end of their adventures stronger and closer than they were before.

Traveling as a couple

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Traveling as a couple plan for some personal time

But you’re traveling together, why would you want to spend time apart?

Well, the truth is having your own time to yourself and enjoying your own personal space is one of the best ways to keep the peace!

Alone time is imperative when traveling, even if it’s just for a couple of hours.

Regardless of how much you love each other, you need to be able to spend a few hours apart here and there to take stock and breathe a little.

Travelling can sometimes be intense and there will be stressful moments.

Besides, you significant other might come across a new place for you both to eat at or visit while they’re out for the afternoon.

Traveling couple Masaya Volcano

Compromise is the word while traveling as a couple

Everyone has their own ideas of how to spend their time, just because you’re travelling together doesn’t mean you’re going to agree on every activity. You need to make plans that work for both of you which sometimes means making little sacrifices here and there – and as long as your partner does this in return, there’ll be no contention or bitter ammunition for a future argument.

Be patient with each other

Everyone has different breaking points and even though you’re close at some point one of you will hit yours.

Travelling comes with many challenges and all kinds of hiccups can happen along your journey, so when something bad happens it’s our instinctive reaction to blame those closest to us.

Try to work as a team and overcome the issues together.

If you feel you’re patience wearing thin, communicate – let them know before everything boils over.

Talking to others

Travel is stressful even on good days when you are on schedule and enjoying wherever you are. 

But sometimes, living out of suitcases in small hotel or motel rooms can be overwhelming… especially if you have an argument with your loved one.

During these times, it helps to have some help to get over the obstacles.

Try something new

You know what each other likes. But you’re in a new country and experiencing it together, so take the plunge and try something new.

Something you can both look back on, laugh and smile about.

Heading to a nudist beach, a wine tasting evening, paragliding or even diving off a waterfall.

You’ll be amazed at how brave and strong you feel when you’re trying something new with someone you love.

Traveling as a couple — whether you are in a new relationship, have been dating for awhile, are engaged or newly married, or married for decades — can be a great way to ignite sparks into your relationship.

Having shared experiences that differ from the same day in and day out routines can bring you closer together.

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