Kids Carry on Luggage Packing Hacks

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Kids Carry on Luggage Packing – There’s a reason most people leave packing for a big trip to the last minute. It’s the one part of traveling nobody enjoys. You want to pack for every contingency but you don’t want to lug around a giant suitcase. Multiple bags are even worse. It increases the chance that one of them will be lost and the cost of every additional checked bag when flying can really put a damper on your travel budget. Best to keep everything to one small suitcase.

Kids Carry on Luggage Packing Hacks

And with this ingenious packing methods, you’ll know how best to maximize your space.

Roll, Don’t Fold

Forget what your mom always said about folding your clothes. Folded clothes take up a large amount of valuable surface area in your suitcase. That space may be good for stacking folded clothes on top of each other, but very little else. You’ve essentially assigned 50 to 75 percent of your suitcases’ space to clothes. By rolling your clothes, you’re more flexible. Rolled clothes can fit in those odd nooks and crannies created by the other nick nacks you have packed. For shirts and other tops, fold the clothes in half vertically first, then fold in the sleeves, and then roll. For pants and jeans, simply fold them in half and then roll them up. Be sure to roll the clothes as tightly as you can. If you don’t care about the lines they will leave in your clothes, rubber bands are a usual way to accomplish this. If you do, the next method we will talk about is a perfect alternative.

Invest In Compression

Reusable compression sacks are one of the most useful tools for all packing methods. Essentially, compression sacks are bags for your clothing that will compress all the air out of the bag in order to truly maximize the space. You’d be surprised how much room empty air takes up when you’re trying to squeeze as many articles of clothing as possible into one bag. If you’re going to pack bulky outerwear clothes like jackets or sweatshirts, compression sacks are a must. They can save you up to 75 percent of the room in your bags that would have otherwise gone to those bulky clothes. If you want to be especially thrifty, a large enough zip lock bag can function as a compression sack easily enough.

Pack Ahead Of Time

While we know it’s always a pain to pack ahead of schedule, you might not know some of the secret benefits. By letting your clothes sit in the bag overnight, you can harness the power of gravity and physics to force that extra 5 to 10 percent of air out of them. If you’re using your compression bag on your heavier outerwear clothes, keep them on the bottom of the suitcase and place your tightly rolled clothes on top. After a night’s sleep, you’ll be surprised at how much more room there seems to be in the suitcase when you wake up in the morning. It might not be enough room to add anything else incredibly large. But it could be enough to finally squeeze in that extra pair of socks or your favorite pair of gloves. Every bit of space counts when you’re packing.

Multi purpose Items

Get rid of anything that can only be used for a singular purpose. Unless that function is incredibly vital or can’t be replicated with something that can do other things, it’s not necessary. Here are a few items that will help you cut down on what to bring:

  • Shampoo can be used for much more than just your hair.
  • The right bottle can function as a conditioner, body wash, dish detergent, and face wash.
  • Don’t overload your toiletries bag with five bottles. Invest in a multi purpose shampoo.
  • Vaseline is another toiletries space saver. You’d be amazed how much you can do with a tub of vaseline, from lip balm to cuticle cream to alternative WD-40.
  • The right scarf can serve as a towel, cap, sheet, strap for a bag, or hair tie.
  • Scarves are one of the most multi-functional pieces of clothing and they won’t take up much space to begin with.
  • Be sure to also pack clothes and shoes that you can wear many times in many different circumstances. Nothing is as fashionable as practicality when you’re packing.

Use Your Shoes

Good packing methods are all about maximizing the whatever space you have. The holes in shoes are one such space. Shove whatever you can fit in them, from socks to belts to whatever extra small toiletry bottles you want to bring. Shoes are one the most annoying items to make space for in your suitcase. Make sure you get everything you can out of their presence.

Pack By Outfit

You don’t want to have packed anything that you didn’t use at least once, or even twice depending on the length of your trip. When you’re packing your clothes, make sure you’re thinking about how you will wear them and with what. That way, you won’t pack an extra blouse or pair of jeans that might take up valuable room. You don’t have to exactly stick to these specific outfits. It’s more about visualizing exactly what you will need.

Maximize Your Carry On Luggage

If you are using your carry-on in addition to a checked bag, make use of that space. You might think of a carry-on as something to carry the things that will help you get through the flight. But you need to be thinking long-term. Anything oddly shaped or overly large that would disrupt the packing methods you used on for your suitcase should go on the carry-on. If you are using your carry-on as your main suitcase, maximize yourself. Wear that bulky jacket that was taking up so much room on the flight. Fill the jacket pockets with whatever will fit in them and can make it through airport security. Remember that each trip is a learning experience. Every time you travel and realize you didn’t use something you packed, remember that for next time. Squeeze in a universal travel adapter as well. With these packing methods, you will be able to truly maximize your small suitcase and get all your travel gear for Europe safely packed away. Don’t forget some luggage locks and luggage tags. Now that you’re all packed, all you need is a destination.

Packing Carry on Luggage

Traveling the world is a goal for many of us. As we dream about cities and sites unknown, we have to make plenty of preparations to get there. Once the flight’s booked and your hotel’s secured, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll bring. There is a way to travel with everything you need, all while staying relatively comfortable. With that, we’ve prepared a list for you that covers every last detail. If you use this list while you pack, Kids Carry on Luggage will be the most well-equipped item on that flight. Let’s get right to it.


Any flight above four hours can start to make you feel less than refreshed. In reality, cabin air is actually quite clean. It just doesn’t feel that way when you’ve been sitting in it for multiple hours. Let’s talk freshening up:

  • Wipes: face wipes, refreshing wipes, and electronic wipes
  • Refreshing spray: green tea or rose water spray
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer: face and hands
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Deodorant: stick or roll on
  • Hair ties, bobby pins, and hairbrush


  • Concealer
  • Powder foundation
  • Bronzer or blush
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Chapstick
  • Lipstick

Okay. So, all that will keep your body feeling fresh and ready to tackle those European streets. The next thing we can’t live without is our smartphone. Let’s talk about that and anything else that requires plugging in. You will also need a travel adapter.


  • Cell phone
  • Laptop
  • Tablet or e-reader
  • Noise canceling headphones
  • Chargers: this includes your regular chargers, portable chargers, backup batteries, and portable power banks

So much of our life is contained in our cell phone! This will ensure you’re never caught without your life line. Take a look at our high-tech favorites. Something to munch on while you enjoy your movie or TV marathon is also important.

Kids Carry on Luggage – Snacks!!

  • Trailmix
  • Small sandwich
  • Almonds or other nuts
  • Goldfish

Some added nourishment include:

  • Emergen-C packets for your water
  • Vitamins: fish oil and turmeric for inflammation; vitamin B12 for an energy boost

After you’ve watched a good film and enjoyed a few snacks, you might want to refuel with a little nap time.

Nap Time

  • Eye mask
  • Earplugs
  • Neck pillow: preferably one that folds up nicely
  • Melatonin: if you’re looking at a flight over eight hours
  • Oversized infinity scarf: preferably one with a hidden pocket for valuables
  • Light blanket
  • Compression socks: so you don’t wake up with swollen ankles.

Now that we’ve got your in-flight needs met, let’s talk worst case scenario. We hate to even utter these words…But the safest way to plan your travels is to consider what would happen if your checked bag got lost. You’ll want to be able to get around town, no matter what. Here’s what to pack in your Kids Carry on Luggage to keep you looking effortlessly chic.

Clothing and Attire

  • Outerwear: long cardigan or sweater; light jacket; sweatshirt
  • Pants: one pair of jeans; one pair of cotton pants (stay away from linen)
  • Tops: a cotton tank; a cotton t-shirt; a cotton long-sleeve shirt
  • Unmentionables: three pairs of bras and undies
  • Socks: three pairs

Here’s the key. Pack items that can be layered, mixed, and matched into different outfits. This will allow you to get the most mileage out of the mini capsule wardrobe you’ve prepared. With a couple essential pieces that can be rotated, you set yourself up with the ability to go from a walking tour to a nice meal at an upper crust restaurant. Stay within the same color scheme. You might think this is boring. But, it’s providing you with longevity and outfit options. What’s the best way to take a black-on-black outfit up a couple notches? Throw on a nice statement piece necklace, a couple of small bangles, and you’re instantly Parisian chic! At this point, we’ll just go ahead and state some of the obvious points.

Essentials to pack in carry on luggage

  • Passport
  • Boarding pass: bring a paper copy, in addition to your digital boarding pass
  • ID
  • Credit cards: make sure you’ve gone online and indicated you’ll be traveling
  • Cash

Okay. We’re pretty well set at this point. You’ve got your freshening up items covered, your electronics, your snacks, your nap time preparations, and clothing options secured. If there are any small cracks and spaces to fill, consider any of these options.

  • Good ol’ fashioned paperback novel
  • Magazines (2)
  • Travel journal
  • Pens (2)
  • DSLR camera: including additional memory cards and batteries
  • Jewelry

Personal Items Bag vs. Kids Carry on Luggage

As you’re laying all this out on your bed, keep one thing in mind: bags. You’re going to have your personal items bag (i.e. purse or messenger bag) as well as your Kids Carry on Luggage . Within those bags, plan to have lots of little bags to stay organized and some luggage tags. All your freshening up items and makeup will go in one little bag and rest easy in your personal items bag. All your chargers will go in another little bag, also in your personal items bag. All your electronics will also stay centrally-located in your personal items bag. A couple makeup bags or even a couple trusty ol’ ziploc baggies will do the trick. Your mini capsule wardrobe can, of course, go in your carry on luggage, as well as any additional makeup items you won’t need in your initial “freshening up” routine. Here’s the final bag note: don’t forget about the return flight home. You’re going to want to have room for that scarf you bought in Paris or that beer stein you picked up in Munich!

Et voilà!

And there you have it, friends! If you take this little checklist with you, you’ll have the smartest piece of carry on luggage any airline has ever seen. More than that, you’ll be prepared for absolutely anything: a comfortable flight, meeting Prince Charming, arriving safely in your new city, and being fully outfitted. Staying one step ahead of the game is such a rewarding feeling. Have some fun reading our travel blog while you’re waiting at the airport for your new adventure to begin. And, most of all, be safe out there!