Best Things to do in Tokyo

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Things to do in Tokyo ~ Tokyo is among the popular stops you will find along the way when visiting Japan.

A beautiful city that offers different attractions and exciting activities.

Whether you find enjoyment at exploring Tokyo’s historical ins and outs of its different destinations or even investigating its great outdoors, plenty of things are in place to keep you busy all your time in the city.

Best Things to do in Tokyo

Here are different things that will keep you busy while in Tokyo;

Explore Tokyo Japan History

This is a city filled with a rich deep history that is shown by different buildings and structures.

For instance, if you need to get a sense of old Tokyo, make a drive to the Sensoji Temple found in Asakusa.

At the temple, you will have a chance to see the oldest and popular of its kind.

On your way to Sensoji Temple, Nakamise Dori exists, offering traditional Japanese goods of satisfying tastes just along a retail pedestrian lane.

A boat ride on River Sumida will get you right to this place.

Top things to do in Tokyo Japan
Top things to do in Tokyo Japan

Visit Tokyo Museums

One of the great ways to investigate the history, culture, art and other achievements associated with a particular destination is by visiting museums at that particular place.

Tokyo National Museum is the largest museum of this city full of interesting features like for instance the woodblock prints and samurai armor.

things to do in tokyo Japan
things to do in tokyo Japan

At the Edo-Tokyo Museum, there is a wealth of artifacts that are stored at the walls of this high tech building filled with different amazing collections.

Test out the Tokyo cuisine

If you need to sample some freshest sushi in Tokyo, then Tsukiji Fish Market is the place to visit, the largest fish market in Japan.

The sense is awakened by many seafood stalls and tuna fish auctions in this city.

You will actually have made up such a sizable appetite after you complete visiting this amazing Tokyo attraction.

Your appetite will be satisfied by different high-quality eateries that offer visitors both the modern and traditional menu items.

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Walking to Enjoy Tokyo City

To have a complete view of the entire city, consider paying a visit to the popular office referred to as TMG by many, this is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office.

The view of the city can be made right from the 45th floor of this office.

It is a free attraction that is also the greatest opportunity to catch Mount Fuji’s illustrious.

things to do in tokyo
Walking to Enjoy Tokyo City

Admire the Tokyo Japan’s natural surroundings

Japanese gardens are normally full of nature’s colorful presentations and scented fresh flowers depending on the time and season you travel to this beautiful destination.

Here, you will find different blooms providing the best scenery for a peaceful stroll with azaleas, peonies and also wisteria.

Among the best gardens in Tokyo includes the Hama Rikyu Garden, the Shinjuku Gyoen and the popular Koishikawa Korakuen.

In case it’s a fancy cherry blossom, you can consider stretching your legs for a non-demanding 3-mile walk along the Imperial Palace moat.

This is a breathtaking site especially at the spring season, the time when the cherry blossoms have turned to bloom.

A pleasing display of greenery is offered at the Ueno Park.