How to Eat Well on the Road

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Eat Well on the Road – While eating good food is one of the greatest things about a life well-traveled, eating well can be a struggle.

Some of the most memorable travel experiences can be found in Greek tavernas, Italian trattoria, French cafes and Latin cantinas, but few people who are on the road for an extended period of time get the luxury of eating all of their meals in high-quality local restaurants.

The reality is that those good meals are the special treats, and in-between you’ll be eating a whole lot of McDonald’s, petrol station sandwiches and street hot dogs.

This is fine if you’re going on a week-long vacation, but if you’re on the road for the long haul like we often are, those typical travel eating habits can start to take a serious toll on your health and well being.

A lack of a proper kitchen to prepare meals paired with limited time in each place means that quick, convenient meals are often the norm.

However, this doesn’t necessarily doom all travelers to poor diets, you just need a bit of know-how and savvy.

Eat well on the Road
Eat well on the Road

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Here’s how to eat well on the road

Stock Up Smart

This is also a great way to save money on the road.

Raiding a supermarket before you set off should always be your number one priority, making sure to fill your backpack with enough non-perishable snacks to get you through a few days on the road.

As long as you have an ample supply of tasty, nutritious treats to reach for throughout the day, you’re less likely to make a dash for the next pizza kiosk you walk by.

Opt for bags of nuts and seeds, dried fruit, veggie snacks such as kale chips, and of course plenty of protein bars!

Vegan eat well on the road
Vegan eat well on the road

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Play Vegan Eating on the Road

Even if you don’t follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, doing so while you’re on the road is a good way to ensure that you stick to healthy choices and avoid any potential food poisoning catastrophes.

It needn’t be expensive either; opting for filling base ingredients such as quinoa can keep you filled all day long at very affordable prices.

In fact, opting for dishes that are rich in pulses and grains is always a good shout if you’re looking to eat smart while travelling, as it’s widely available, long-lasting and cheap.

Opting for the vegan burger in a local cafe or a smoothie over a milky coffee is always a simple adaptation that will leave you feeling a little happier and healthier during long bouts of travel.

How to Eat Well on the Road
How to Eat Well on the Road

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Choose Your Restaurants Wisely on the Road

It’s important to pick the right restaurants on the road to ensure your travel foodie memories are as good as they can be.

Always read reviews and steer clear of anywhere which signifies a poor hygiene rating – anywhere with touts outside trying to persuade tourists to enter is usually a major red flag.

You should also avoid the “local” restaurants that line tourist districts, as their cuisine is likely to be processed, microwaved junk rather than the well-prepared, locally-sourced goodness that you need.

Travel is the best thing you can do with your time, and looking after yourself while you’re on the move should be a key consideration if you want to feel energetic and refreshed throughout your trip.

Foodie’s Bucket List

Good food for a Foodie’s Bucket List – who does not like to enjoy it?

And you know what is even better than scrumptious food?

A memorable holiday.

What if you can combine the two?

Keep on reading and we’ll share with you some of our top picks for holiday escapes wherein you can have a vacation while indulging in delicious meals.

Foodie’s Bucket List

Hanoi, Vietnam

Just a few months ago, a photo of President Barrack Obama and Anthony Bourdain in an eatery in Hanoi went viral.

They are not enjoying a five-star meal, but a simple and authentic noodle dish that has a price of $6.

The city and the entire country is known for their rich culinary heritage and multitude of street food options.

Their spring rolls are not to be missed.

The banh mi, or their traditional sandwich, can also be seen being sold in the streets.

You should also try their pho tiu noodles, a sweet and sour soup with pork and fish sauce.

Provence, France

Rolling landscapes and beautiful coastlines are not the only things that you can enjoy in the French Riviera.

Specifically in Provence, you will never go hungry and you will enjoy good food during your travels.

One of the dishes that you should try is daube, which is also known as a poor man’s stew.

But if there is just one dish that you should try, it would be ratatouille.

This is a delicious vegetable casserole, which commonly consists of peppers, aubergines, courgettes, onions, tomatoes, and herbs.

If you are staying in self-catered accommodation, you could try to replicate this dish yourself.

Make sure you get the best ingredients from a local farmers market.

San Sebastian, Spain

In the last three decades, San Sebastian has made a reputation as one of the best destinations for food lovers who are visiting Spain.

They are known for their pintxos, which are comparable to tapas.

One of the best foods that you should try anchoas, which are best when they are fresh and grilled.

Bacalao al pil pil, which is made from garlic, olive oil, and bacalao, will also give your taste buds a treat.

Talo con Chistorra, which is comparable to a soft corn tortilla, is also delicious.

What To See And Do In Tuscany

Tuscany, Italy

While Tuscany is known for its wine, it is also promising if you are looking for the best foodie destination in the country.

Make sure to savor the taste of authentic Tuscan street food.

In almost every town, there is something new to try.

If you are looking for places to stay in Tuscany, visit Bridgewater Travel.

There are also many food and wine tours, which would be the perfect opportunity to see the best vineyards in Tuscany.

Tokyo, Japan

When talking about cities that are perfect for foodies, Tokyo should be included in the list.

Make sure to visit the Tsukiji Fish Market, specifically from 5am to 6am, which is the time for the infamous tuna auction.

Whether you are on a budget or interested in splurging, you will not run out of places to eat.

From hole-in-the-wall restaurants to five-star dining establishments, you will be spoilt by the choice.

Make sure to try takoyaki or octopus balls.

Taiyaki, or fish-shaped waffles and yakitori or grilled chicken skewers should not also be missed. Top things to do in Tokyo Japan

Must-Try Meals From Around The World

Ever wondered where to find the world’s top hamburger or the globe’s greatest hotdog?

From steak to cake and pizza to pies, we take a look at where in the world to find the finest versions of your favorite foods for a foodies bucket list.

Also, see our best Italian Foods list

Meals From Around The World Perfect Pizza

To sample the finest slice, head to Naples – the birthplace of pizza, where this Italian specialty is taken very seriously indeed.

The Neopolitan pizzaiolos are master craftsmen, baking their fare in wood-burning ovens until the dough is crisp and light.

There are over 12,000 pizzerias in the city to choose from, most notably Brandi, where the Margarita is said to have been invented, or the Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba, the oldest pizzeria in Naples, providing perfect pizzas since 1738.

Premium Pies

No London break would be complete without experiencing the traditional cockney cuisine of pie and mash.

Made with perfect pastry and served with eel liquor — a kind of parsley sauce — this hearty comfort-food dates back to the 19th Century, and the pie-shops have changed little since then, with interiors harking back to a bygone age.

Harrington’s in Tooting has charming Edwardian premises, and F. Cooke in Broadway Market has changed little since 1900.

If you’re feeling brave, try a side order of jellied eels with chilli vinegar!

The Choicest Chocolate

Chocoholics will be in heaven at the Grand Sablon in Brussels, a small piazza lined with some of the best chocolate shops in the world.

Belgium is world-renowned for the quality of its chocolate, often handcrafted and made with pure cocoa butter for a superior taste.

There are over 2,000 chocolate shops in the capital, so there’s no shortage of tantalizing truffles and plush pralines to tempt your taste buds.

For the ultimate in sumptuous sweets, head to Pierre Marcolini, widely considered to be the finest chocolatier in the world.

Eat Well on the Road Best Burger

In your search for the ultimate hamburger, Japan might not be your first port of call, but Tokyo is home to Kobe beef, a premium variety from the Wagyu breed of cows.

This mouthwatering meat is rich and tender due to the cows’ high quality diet of alfalfa, wheat straw and beer and regular tenderizing massages.

Gourmet Kobe burgers carry a hefty price tag, but burger buffs will tell you it’s well worth the expense.

Head to the Park Hyatt Hotel to enjoy one among the glitterati, or for a more modest setting, try ‘Eat’, a tiny cafe in Gaienmae.

The Superior Sausage

Anyone looking for the world’s best banger would do well to head to Germany, where sausages, or Bratwurst, are a subject of great national pride.

Recipes vary by region and locality, but are almost always eaten with lots of mustard and sauerkraut.

In the lively city of Munich you’ll find street vendors on every corner, or head to the public market for a broad Bratwurst selection.

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Restaurant favorites include Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl am Dom near Marienplatz, or Bratwurstherzl near Viktualienmarkt — both cosy eateries that serve superb sausages along with ice cold Bavarian beers.

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

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