Sukhothai ~ Best Time to Visit Sukhothai Thai

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Sukhothai ~ After exploring Bangkok and Ayutthaya – we decided it was time to continue heading north and check out the ‘crazy’ city of Lopburi (which was apparently over-run by crazy monkeys) before heading up to the wonderful Sukhothai.

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Lopburi was packed with monkeys, especially by the ruins which you can see in the background.

Sukhothai was packed with monkeys


Monkeys rule the town. And the people there don’t seem very bothered about it…Best time to visit Thailand

Streets Of Lopburi Monkeys rule the town- The Monkey Town

Best Time to Visit Sukhothai Thai

Only a year has passed since we last visited Thailand, and in a few weeks we’re already going back for more – Thailand is a country that people either love or hate, and regardless of which, nobody leaves without an opinion.

Many of the people I know have either never gone on holidays to Thailand, or they have gone at least twice.

There is something captivating about the country that makes people go back again and again, some even make a habit of it when they travel – and fly to Bangkok for that little kick, that spark, before moving on.

Why do people love going back to Thailand? We all have our own reasons – here are some of mine.

Sukhothai Thai Beaches

Thailand beaches

You only need to look at Tripadvisor’s latest “award” for the best beach destinations in Asia 2012, and you’ll get my point.

7 beach destinations out of 10 on the top list were located in Thailand – if you want long, white beaches, clear turquoise water, coral reefs and cheap bungalows right on the sand – Thailand has it.

Many people have been going on Phuket holidays year after year, but are now starting to look around for more options – which there’s plenty of (and yes, there are still many secluded beaches!).

Personally, I wish there were a few beaches with good surfing, but I guess you can’t have everything … ;)

Koh Lanta has some of the most beautiful beaches, and while Khlong Dao wasn’t our absolute favorite beach on Koh Lanta (nothing beats Khlong Nin!) this beach was definitely living up to our standards:

Beautiful turquoise clear water, soft sandy beach – and a bunch of cheap wooden bungalows with WiFi and hammocks just a few meters from the beach!

Koh Lanta beaches

Sukhothai Thai Easiness

It almost seems like every new place I travel to reconfirms the fact of just how easy traveling around Thailand is.

In many of the cheaper countries we’ve been to, getting around has been a huge hassle and very limited – in some places you can only choose between private taxis or taking horrific overcrowded and slow public transport.

I don’t expect it to always be easy and smooth, but from our experience you have a good range of options in Thailand.

You can go third class if you like, but the VIP First class buses are cheap and awesome as well, and knowing that you have the option makes things so easy.

Things like Wi-fi connection is another thing that hotels in Thailand seem to really get, where in other countries in Asia it’s near impossible to find.

Thai Food

Thailand drinks

I won’t say that I enjoyed all the food in Thailand, but there are a few favorites that I have longed for many times during the past year; the curries in northern Thailand, the banana pancakes, the typical fruit shakes, the fresh warm corn waffles from local street vendors, pad thai, mango sticky rice etc … :p

Prices in Thailand

I was often surprised by how much cheaper accommodation was in Thailand compared to many of its neighboring countries, and the wide range of street stalls everywhere makes it super easy to grab a cheap snack or meal.

The cheap prices is one of the main reasons why Thailand has become a good base for digital nomads, where you can live cheaply and have more money left over to spend on building up your company.

Besides, when we looked for an apartment in different places around the world, we often found that you got more for your money in Thailand – maybe you spend the same, but you live a lifestyle impossible for that same price in Europe.

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