Best Scenic Drives in the UK

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It’s no secret that the UK has some of the most beautiful landscape, and together with its long history and charming culture it’s an amazing country to explore. The best way to make the most of your time is to … Read More

Prague Peeing Fountain

Prague The Old Town Vs. The New

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If you’re searching for a city break like no other this year, look no further than this historic capital of the Czech Republic – Prague! Offering two amazing towns, each spectacular in their own right, there’s so much to see … Read More

New to Sailing Why A Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean Is a Great Family Holiday

7 Most Stunning Beaches in the Mediterranean

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Best Beaches in the Mediterranean – Travelers who love the sights, sounds and smells of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea should consider taking a cruise with stops at multiple destinations. There are several ways to enjoy the best beaches in the … Read More

Oktoberfest In Munich

10 Best Beer Festivals in the World

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Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in the world, and with more real ales on offer than ever before, it is hardly surprising that ticket sales for beer festivals are booming. This gives visitors an opportunity to sample new … Read More

Barcelona Spain Why You Must Visit VIDEO

5 Best Food Fight Festivals in Spain

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Many people have heard of the world famous La Tomatina festivals in Spain where you throw tomatoes on each other, but few know that it’s far from the only food battle festival in the country. Spain is simply the king … Read More

Best Swiss Foods to Eat in Switzerland

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Eat In Switzerland you can do dairy well – the molten variety in particular! There’s something rather brilliant about eating hot bubbling cheese or chocolate while you sit nestled among the snowy Alps and this a scene the Swiss have … Read More

Bratislava Slovakia Travel VIDEO

Best Places To Visit In Slovakia: Where To Go

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Slovakia Unfortunately many people will think of Russia or Czechoslovakia when hearing the word – some will have no idea it’s even a separate democratic country. And that’s a huge shame! Slovakia has a lot of hidden gems and so … Read More

Exploring Cornwall’s Best Beaches in the UK

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Exploring Cornwall’s Best Beaches – It comes as no surprise that many holidaymakers choose sunny Cornwall for their summer holiday year after year.   With 250 miles of coastline and almost 200 beaches, you’ll be spoiled for choice in Cornwall … Read More

How to Travel Cheaply in Sweden on a Budget

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Sweden tends to be ignored on people’s travel itineraries when they go to Europe – the main reason for this is that they fear it’s too expensive. As a result, much of Sweden’s beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages are largely unexplored … Read More

Best Places To Enjoy Winter In Europe

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Winter In Europe – Last year we wrote a few posts about where to escape the winter cold in Europe, without having to leave the continent – this time, however, we will embrace the winter and talk about the highlights … Read More

How to Plan Your Visit to Amsterdam

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Plan your visit to Amsterdam – We’re extremely late planners, and rarely book anything more than a couple of weeks in advance. So our trip from Bangkok to Amsterdam a few weeks ago was very much our typical last minute … Read More

German Dining Etiquette

German Dining Etiquette What You Need To Know

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To make sure you don’t have a bad and confusing experience, and that you act with good etiquette when eating out in Germany, follow this guide. Eating out in Europe is always a slightly different experience depending on which country … Read More