Time Tested Expert Travel Hacks

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Expert Travel Hacks – Expert travelers such as flight attendants and frequent fliers know the best travel tips.

Experienced travelers know how to avoid overpriced flights, foreign transactions charges, delays in customs, and even the dreaded middle seat.

These can cost you extra money and time as well as put a damper on your travel experience.  

Most of the time people think travel is too expensive.

But with expert travel hacks, you can travel like those in the know.

You can save time and money — or at the very least, get more for your money by having a better experience.

Time Tested Expert Travel Hacks
Time Tested Expert Travel Hacks

Expert Travel Hacks for Booking flights

It is a fact: Traveling can be complicated. You always wonder when to book the flight.

What are the best days to travel and are you paying too much?

Think of the time involved in scouring the internet for the best flights.

It takes time to check all the major airlines’ websites, trying different combinations of days, and sometimes even airports to get the best possible price.

There is an airplane hack to make it so much easier and to ensure you are going to feel like you paid a fair price.

Use Google flights. What’s great about Google flights is you enter in the departure airport and the arrival airport along with your departure date and return date.

From there, they will list the best flights they compile from all the airlines that fly between those airports.

Some of these will be non-stop flights and some will have stops.

Each will list the total travel time — accounting for any layovers — and pricing.

You can also change the dates easily to see if you can get a better rate. 

You can set a Google alert which will email you when the price changes.

As an example, the email alert will say in the subject line, “Your tracked flight to Greenville is now $___ (was $___).”

This lets you easily know when the price increases or decreases.

Paying for your airline seat

Certain major airlines may tru to get you to pay additional for your airline seat.

So while you will have paid for your flight, you have the option to pay additionally for a “better” seat.

This can mean a seat more toward the front of the airplane.

It can also mean a seat in the emergency exit row which has much more legroom.

You can choose a seat in the row of your choice — based on availability — and choose to sit in the aisle or the seat next to the window.

Basically, anything toward the front of the plane, on the end (either in the aisle or by the window — not the middle seat!), and in the emergency exit row is better.

When booking your flight, you don’t have to pay additionally for your seat.

The key comes for when you are checking in online for your flight.

Many airlines will try to get you to purchase a seat.

Know that you have already purchased one — they have to put you somewhere.

Do not pay the $10 or whatever they are asking you to pay.

Make them auto generates a seat for you.

You may luck out and get a premium seat.

Expert Travel Hacks – Check Business and Economy Plus for traveling

If are on a budget — and who isn’t these days — be sure to only search for flights in coach.

These will always cost less than first class, whether you are traveling in the off-season or at peak times such as during the holidays.

Don’t even be tempted to look at the prices.

You can take an extra trip for what you will save by flying coach instead of first class.

The one option is if you are on a transcontinental flight.

You may want to research costs for business class which is a step above coach but less luxurious than first class. 

And remember, with the proper planning and travel hack strategies, you can save money and time.

Bonus points with special airline credit cards

Many times on flights, toward the end of the flight, the flight attendants will announce a special credit card offer.

These are usually limited-time offers that you have to participate soon after flying.

You will need to take the special brochure with the code in it to participate.

Sometimes these offers include extra bonus miles, bonus airline points, free flights, upgraded seats, and free flights for a companion.

It’s tricky with credit cards because many people have a system for spending and paying off credit card debt.

Acquiring another credit card may not be the answer for your situation.

Also, sometimes these special airline offers are good deals and sometimes they aren’t.

They often come with a lot of restrictions.

It takes time to read the fine print to know if the special offers and deals will work for you.

An option if you are at all interested is to take the brochure and read it thoroughly — including the fine print — at home when you have more time.

There is likely a short time in which you will need to apply for the card but just remember, things that seem too good to be true usually are.

What to Know For Exchanging Money Before Vacation of International Trip

Focus on the airlines time arrival records

When booking flights, many airlines offer data about the percentage of time that flight is on time.

This will be particularly useful to know if you will be changing planes.

However, know that if there is a delay with your flight, and it causes you to miss a connecting flight, this will be an inconvenience but won’t cost you anything additional.

It will be up to the airlines to make good on it.

They have to get you to your destination. 

This might mean they offer you transport to a hotel in the area and get you on a plane the next day.

Oftentimes, they will compensate your meals and offer you a travel voucher for a future flight as well.

Getting bumped

A favorite travel hack is to get bumped.

This term is for when the airlines has a full flight and is looking for one or more passengers to give up their seat for that flight. 

The airline agent will offer an amount of money in the form of a travel voucher with that airline.

As an example, they may offer a $300 travel voucher to use — think of it like a gift card for that airline.

You will learn about this option as you are sitting by the gate in the airport; it’s not typically when you are already on the plane.

The agents at the customer service desk will announce how many passengers they are looking to give up their seat.

At that time, they will also say the amount they are offering.

If your travel plans are flexible, you may want to take advantage of this.

You will be smart to walk up to the counter as soon as possible because usually other passengers react quickly in these situations.

If they don’t get anyone willing to give up their seat, they will start raising the amount of money/credit they offer.

You may end up waiting in the airport for just an hour or two longer or you may be rerouted to a new city.

You may even leave the next day; it all depends on when the next flight is to your destination.

But know it won’t cost you anything but your time to get there. 

Checking your luggage for free

Something that’s been happening more frequently is at the airline gate, the attendants will say they have a full flight.

The problem?

There isn’t enough room in the overhead bins for everyone’s carry-on luggage. 

On the last two flights I was on, it happened that they were at first asking for volunteers to bring their luggage up to the agent desk.

They would check the bags for free.

They made the announcement before any passengers got on the airplane.

Then, once they started allowing passengers on the plane, and calling out the boarding numbers, they made periodic announcements about asking for passengers who wanted to check their luggage.

When it got down to boarding groups 8 and 9, and the plane was getting more filled up, they said there wasn’t any more room in the overhead compartments.

They mandated that everyone in boarding groups 8 and 9 check their bags.

We were allowed our personal item if it fit under the seat in front of us.

This worked out great for me as I didn’t have to deal with raising and lowering my carry-on luggage.

I had everything I needed in my large purse.

Still, I wondered about the passengers who already paid to check their carry-on-sized luggage even before they went through security.

They could have paid $25 unnecessarily.

And remember, certain airlines like Southwest Airlines, allows you to check your first bags for free.

Expert Travel Hacks for People Around the World

Some of the trips and suggestions consumers seek out are on websites and social media websites.

Most of the time people just go online to book their flights, car rentals, tours, and hotels without preparation.

When you can look online in advance of restaurants you might want to visit and shows you may want to see, there are often coupon codes the company will email you — but it will take several days. 

It pays to prepare well before traveling.

Travel Secrets You’ll Wish You Had Known Sooner

Traveling is booming.

On average, around eight million people fly every single day.

Annual vacation spending is soaring above $7 billion with no ceiling in sight.

While the destination is fun, the journey can be a little difficult.

Lost luggage, high airfare, and all manner of hiccups along the way can derail your fun time.

If you count yourself among the many who indulge their wanderlust, you’ll be glad you landed on our list.

We’re letting you in on hot travel secrets that are essential to have the best vacation ever!

Go incognito when searching flights

When you go to book your flight, you might try refreshing your browser or visiting multiple websites to see if the price drops.

Often, you’ll just see the price go up…and up….and up!

Here’s why: Airline websites are onto you!

They’ve researched airfare shoppers’ habits and track you with cookies.

How can you beat them?

Enable your web browser’s “incognito mode” and price hikes will be a thing of the past!

You can also do a Clean of your computer after each search to clear the cookies.

Do this each time after you search for flights.

Best Day to Buy Airfare

Out of all the travel secrets out there, this one is bound to save you money.

There are actually days that are best to buy and fly.

The research is in: Buy your ticket on a Tuesday afternoon.

You’re almost guaranteed to save some cash that can help you extend your trip or splurge more while you are there.

As far as flying, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are your best bets for flights in the U.S.

Saving money booking a cruise

Subscribe to cruise websites to get good deals on cruises.

It’s important for you to get a baseline price.

Look up your cruise destination and the length of nights for a baseline price. 

Then, as it gets closer, you will know if it’s a good deal.

Often, as the cruise lines are trying to fill cabins, they will offer upgrades.

You may get onboard spending credit.

You may get a room upgrade — perhaps one that didn’t have a window (interior cabin) to one with a window or even a balcony.

Another popular bonus cruise lines offer is free drink packages.

So instead of having to pay for alcohol, specialty coffee, and soda, you may get this for no additional charge. 

(We saved money on our cruise by just drinking the free water, coffee, and tea.)

Many times with cruises it’s not about saving money but getting more for your money.

Avoid Overseas Roaming Charges

We know, we can’t live without our phones either.

Beyond being a great way to stay in contact and keep boredom at bay, they’re great tools for tracking your trip.

The thing is, if you so much as dare to switch on your phone while traveling abroad, you’re going to get hit with a big bill when you come home.

We have used, LOVE and recommend: Skyroam and TEP Wireless

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, switch off all automatic updates and notifications and only use your phone when you have wifi access.

This is one of the travel secrets that pros always keep tucked in their back pocket.

Best Data Plan WiFi Hotspot Devices for Travel
Skyroam Wifi Anywhere

Charge Your Phone in Peace

Here’s one of the best travel secrets that you will thank us for in every crowded airport you’re stuck in.

You can always use a cell phone charger portable.

Have you ever seen a group of travelers huddled around a single sad outlet?

If you want to charge your phone in peace, use this trick.

Find a smart TV you can reach.

Look for a USB port on the side – most of them have one.

Plug your phone in and avoid the huddle!

Even better? Bring a portable charger with you, then you won’t have to worry about anything.

Upgrade Your Experience – For Cheap

If you’re a frequent flier but stick with the cheap seats, you might look longingly towards the lounge, wishing you could get in.

There’s a way you can gain access, even with an economy ticket.

Sign up for a Priority Pass!

A Priority Pass starts out at around $99 and grants you access to 850 airport lounges in around 400 cities all around the world.

Since some lounges have free WiFi, food, or even spa treatments, it’s a steal!

Plus, in some cases, you can bring your friends or family with you.

Bring Your Own Headphones

This is one of the weirder travel secrets, but you’ll thank us after you hear it.

When you fly, bring your own headphones.

Why? A lot of times, those pretty packaged headphones you get on planes aren’t new.

They’re cleaned at another location and then repackaged. Yikes!  And sometimes they don’t work.

We know it’s one more thing to pack, but at least it’s light.

Invest in some compact headphones, and keep them in your carry-on case.

Rule 240: The Best of All Travel Secrets

Here’s a little-known tip that might save you tons of cash.

Have you heard of rule 240?

“Rule 240” states that if an airline can’t get you to your destination on time, they’ve got to put you on a competitor’s flight.

Of course, they’re not going to be the one to tell you that, just keep it in mind when your flight is delayed.

The one exception?

If the delay is beyond their control, like if there’s a storm that shuts down an airport.

Get Into First Class

You deserve a first-class experience…but you can’t always pay for it.

We feel your pain.

There are a few ways to make the leap from humble coach to the best seat in the sky.

Here are a few travel secrets to help you get there:

Squeaky wheel to a better deal – if you’ve got good cause, complaining can get you upgraded.

Wait till the last minute – Travel agencies sometimes offload first class tickets at coach prices at the very last minute.

Pony up $500 – In some cases, you can upgrade to a first class flight for roughly $500 at the gate.

Help Prevent Lost Luggage

This tip is a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised how many people don’t do it.

If you want to make sure your luggage doesn’t get lost, take off old luggage tags.

There are many reasons your bags might get lost.

Don’t make it more likely to happen by leaving old luggage tags attached.

And though it’s counter-intuitive, don’t lock your suitcase when you check it.

If the airline’s security needs to access your bag for any reason, they will have to force it open.

So this is a good reminder to not keep cash, expensive jewelry, and other valuables in your on-person bag — your backpack or purse.

I had a relative who even had her Apple charger stolen from luggage she checked.

Think of popular items people can sell easily….

Bundle it Up

Believe it or not, sometimes buying a package deal is cheaper than buying everything separately.

You know you’re going to need to buy plane tickets, book a hotel, or get your cruise tickets lined up.

If you buy in a bundle, you can shave some dollars off the final cost.

Some services make it easy to buy everything together.

Keep this in mind when planning your trip.

You might just see when you compare prices that bundling is best!

Wander the World the Smart Way

These are only 10 Expert Travel Hacks secrets, but As We Travel has got way more.

As We Travel is the website you need to consult before any vacation.

When planning your dream vacation, there’s so much to keep in mind.

Many students choose to travel to study abroad.

Expert travel hacks and travel tips

When you know the travel loopholes, it’s much easier to save money planning your vacation.

And remember, planning is key.

While often you can get a great last-minute deal  — especially on cruises — you will likely pay more for the flights. 

Save money and time, and get more for your money, when you use these Expert Travel Hacks.