Music Festivals in Bangalore India

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Music Festivals in Bangalore India – If you are a sucker for travel and music, just like me, then India won’t disappoint you. Amidst the two extremes of chaos and languidness, lies a constantly reverberating music scene.

Music in India is an orchestra of different genres, beats, and tunes. During my tour, I found musical groups from all genres. India came across as a remarkable country for a music aficionado like me who travels to find a rhythm is every corner.

Music speaks a common language, and it touches us in ways which are hard to comprehend. Amongst several cities, the place that offered me the highest musical ecstasy was Bangalore.

Often termed as the Silicon Valley of India, the place surprisingly brims with music lovers. Bangalore, recently christened as Bengaluru, has a rich history of music and is a hub for hosting international and national music festivals for more than a decade.

From traditional Hindustani Folk to Rock, from Carnatic to Jazz, many musical schools find their homes in the city. If your love for music and traveling overlaps like me, then Bangalore India is the place to be.

Music Festivals in Bangalore India

During my visit, I wanted to find accommodation at a well-connected place like Indiranagar. Anyway, moving on, I figured out a list of must-attend music festivals for travelers around the globe. I recommend you visit these to embark on a musical journey in the city.

Storm Festival

music festivals of Bangalore Storm Festival Bangalore India
Storm Festival Bangalore India. Picture Credits:

Storm Festival is the most authentic camp-out music festival in India. A one of a kind music festival, Storm Festivals hosts artists from a plethora of genres.

Set out amidst the lush green foliage in the outskirts of Bangalore, the festival is an overjoy for people looking to experience the serenity of nature and the fusion of sounds.

One can camp the whole night overlooking the stars, and there are also numerous side activities to do. From Indie to Folk and from camp-jams to bonfires, this is a must visit music festival in you are in Bangalore.

Block your calendar: For three nights, around January. Music Ahoy! – Live sets of EDM, Ambiance, Collaborations and the feeling of cohesion

Bangalore Open Air

Bangalore Open Air Heavy Metal Music Festival
Bangalore Open Air Heavy Metal Music Festival, Picture Credits: Vijay Katé

If metal runs in your blood, then Bangalore Open Air is a treat for all the headbangers. India’s only dedicated heavy metal open air music festival, BOA has hosted some legendary metal bands in the country.

Kreator, Iced Earth, Animals as Leaders and Destruction are some of the bands who have been featured in the festival. One can also witness up-and-coming metal bands from India who compete for a spot to play at the historical Wacken Open Air.

Block your calendar: For three days, around June/July

Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival

Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival
Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival, Picture Credits:

One of the oldest music festivals in the country, Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival has a history of being hosted in 55 cities around the globe. Established in 1992, this music festival has seen some of the greatest artists like Bismillah Khan, Al Jarreau, Jean-Luc Ponty and MS Subbulakshmi performing on the stage.

A festival that has displayed talent from different genres like Indian Classical, Orchestral, Jazz, Rock and folk styles makes this festival a must attend for all music fanatics. This festival has hosted audiences of up to 200,000 at a single festival.

Block your calendar: Around the month of January

Ruhaniyat Music Festival

Ruhaniyat Music Festival
Ruhaniyat Music Festival, Picture Credit:

Ruhaniyat brings out Sufi Saints and Mystics from around the world in a one of a kind celebration of music, peace, and harmony. It was established in 2001 and has since drawn loyal audiences every year.

It is known to host unpopular artists and actual practitioners of mystic traditions. From folk singers to Wakaris and Qawwals, artists participating in Ruhaniyat aim to deliver a message of global brotherhood. It’s a chance to witness the finest talents coming from across a spectrum of different cultural backgrounds.

Block your calendar: Around the month of December/January

Echoes of Earth Music Festival

Echoes of Earth Music Festival
Echoes of Earth Music Festival, Picture Credits: Echoes of Earth Facebook Page

India’s first ecologically crafted music festival, this is a one of a kind dose of music. Focusing on sustainable living, this festival aims to promote goodwill through various workshops on wellness and green lifestyle. With over 40 artists performing last year, Echoes of Earth is a must attend music festival for all nature dwellers who find tranquility in music.

Spanning across various genres, the line-up has seen popular international artists like Youngr, Jordon Rakei, and Alo Wala.

Block your calendar: Around the month of November

Bangalore Festivals

Music lovers unite…. Visiting any (or all!) of these 5 must-visit music festivals in Bangalore will be a great way to see the city and experience the culture. Enjoy live music, dance, and experience new things. There are usually many different stages with different genres of music playing throughout the day. In between sets, there are often other activities to keep festival-goers entertained. 

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