Culture Shock While Traveling

How To Deal With Culture Shock While Traveling

Culture Shock While Traveling – One of the things you’re likely to face at some point during your travels is culture shock. These can range from the smallest details to massive moral issues, and even on arranged group holidays it’s impossible to avoid, so it’s crucial to learn how to deal with it whenever it shows up. I’m far from the ideal person when it comes to dealing with culture shock, but after traveling for so many years I’ve been forced to find a way that works, to avoid awkward or downright horrible consequences. Here are a few culture clashes … Read more

EuroRail vs BusAbout vs InterRail

EuroRail vs BusAbout vs InterRail – Which Is Better?

EuroRail vs BusAbout vs InterRail – Summer has finally arrived in Europe, and thousands of travelers are packing their bags and backpacks to explore everything that Europe has to offer. Spring, autumn and winter all have their perks, but the truth is that Europe is never as beautiful as during summer, and while accommodation can be harder to come by, there are so many more events and so much fun to experience in Europe during these months that you don’t want to miss! But what is the best way to see Europe? There are many ways to choose from, but … Read more