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Holiday In Mauritius – Foodie Paradise Cuisine Should You Sample

Holiday In Mauritius – Foodie Paradise Cuisine Should You Sample If you’re a keen traveler on holiday in Mauritius, you’ll know that one of the best ways to get to know the culture of a new country is to sample the local cuisine. Especially if that country is Mauritius, where cuisine plays a huge part in both forming and reflecting the national identity. If you’re heading to this beautiful island nation any time soon, here are some ‘must eats’ for you to enjoy. Holiday In Mauritius Influences Thanks to its position in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has long … Read more

Roller Bag vs Backpack - Which Is Better?

Roller Bag vs Backpack – Which Is Better for Traveling?

Roller Bag vs Backpack: Before switching from backpacks to roller bags just over a year ago, we never expected the impact this seemingly small change would have on our travels. Practically every year since 2008 we’ve bought new backpacks, constantly downsizing, going from 95L to 45L and finally carry-on sized roller bags, and each change has brought a new experience with it. There are positives and negatives about each of them, and we thought we would sum up some interesting experiences we’ve learned through the years…and of course a great Travel Pillow. The “Better Backpacker” Two huge backpacks, a 7kg tent … Read more

South America Countries and Central American Countries to Visit

Having been fortunate enough to spend months here, here are the South America countries and Central American Countries to visit and what to do there.  Central and South America Countries to Visit Visiting Brazil Brazil is a country filled with remarkable culture, activities and experiences. From enormous festivals to natural wonders like Iguazu Falls, there is something here to tempt the most seasoned travelers.  With its long history, Brazil is a destination for ruins and museums. It’s also one of the best places in the world to catch a soccer match, sunbathe on a popular beach or dance to the sound … Read more