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Europe Train Challenge

Europe Train Challenge – By the time you read this, we will be sitting on a plane flying back to Europe – that’s right, we decided to cut our Asia travels short, head back to Europe and start a whole new adventure! On the 2nd of May it begins ~ AS WE TRAVEL: Europe Train Challenge 30 countries – 90 days around Europe by TRAIN Welcome: The Europe Train Challenge. We have teamed up with InterRail (as our premium sponsors) to create this train challenge. During the challenge, everything we experience will be filmed, edited, and then turned into a … Read more

thai food culture is very social

Understanding the Culture of Thai Food

Thai food is one of the most internationally spread cuisines, and is often considered a favorite. Having spent some time in Thailand, I’ve noticed that they have a …

5 Confusing Gestures from Around the World

Confusing Gestures – Watching your own body language – the way you say things and how you act can be difficult when traveling in foreign cultures, but that’s nothing compared to trying to understand gestures from other cultures! Here is a list of confusing gestures around the world that I’ve found rather confusing…. Confusing Gestures The Indian Yes-No-Maybe shake If you ask for a yes or no question, expect to get more confused than before you asked. You’ll barely ever get a straight answer, just the typical loose shake with the head that says “yes and no” at the same … Read more

How To Protect Your Camera From The Weather While Traveling

How To Protect Your Camera From Rain & Weather

I’ve traveled with a bunch of different cameras; all from the good old film cameras, to 3D Polaroid cameras, waterproof cameras and now a DSLR camera. But no matter what camera you use, there are always going to be a few common problems – the most significant …

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4 Types Of People You Don’t Want To Travel Around The World With

I’ve traveled with quite a few different types of people, both friends, family and boyfriends. Some have been awesome, and some have been really terrible. Although I had an overall good time with them, I’ve often returned home promising myself never to do it again …

How To Plan Your First Adventure Trip

How To Plan Your First Adventure Trip

Plan Your First Adventure Trip – Do you want to go backpacking across Europe, road tripping down America’s Route 66 or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? The list of destinations and things to do for adventurous holidaymakers is endless, and planning such an adventure is something which can seem like an impossible task. Plan Your First Adventure Trip Where do you even start? It may sound obvious, but not everyone does it – start from the beginning. A good holiday requires a certain amount of planning to sustain it, and often the things you should consider early, but put off normally turn … Read more

The Algarve Region Of Portugal

How To Fill Your Belly In The Algarve Region Of Portugal

Guest Post: Roberta Summer – A good holiday has to have many elements (sunshine and good company are usually fairly crucial) however, one ingredient remains undisputed: good food. Sampling a county’s culinary delights is a major part of any getaway …

Thai Children are special

5 Things I’ve Learned About Thai People While In Thailand

After having traveled through Thailand for over a month now, I’ve seen and learnt quite a few things – not just about the country, but also about the Thai people. Here are five things that’ I’ve learned about the Thai people that never seems to fail: 1. They always give you …

How Old Is Too Old To Travel

When are you too old to travel 70 year olds too old you to or you too what age is old 75 year olds How old is too old to travel – is a question we hear a lot. There is a guy I know, who spent years dreaming about everything he wanted to do – most of all he wanted to travel the world and have some crazy adventures. But life never seemed to work that way for him, and he never seemed to have any time to do all that he dreamed. Today, he is in his 50’s … Read more

One Night in Bangkok

One Night in Bangkok ~ Best Time to Visit Bangkok

One Night in Bangkok ~ Our feet are blistered, our legs are giving in, our minds are buzzing. Bangkok got the best of us, but we also got the best of Bangkok. Bangkok really has everything for everybody – it is huge, chaotic, but also in a weird way quite charming. After spending 10 days there last month, we decided to share below a few of our favorite things to do in Bangkok, “The City of Angels”.  We had a lot of creatures living in and around our bungalow in Koh Lanta: The two frogs in the bathroom and this … Read more

Things to Do in Spain

Reasons Why You Should Visit Spain Right Now For Adventure

So you are planning on traveling to Spain, and you are looking for great travel tips. Where to begin? We have both spent a lot of time traveling around Spain over the years, and really love it.   This beautiful European country, filled with so much to see and do, may seem overwhelming. We have incredible experience which will help you navigate all there is to do in Spain. Learn about traveling to Spain, along with interesting sites, guides and tips. Here, you will find unique insight and information on Spanish holidays, cities, historical sites, the arts, attractions, beaches, museums, family … Read more

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10 Best Microfiber Towels – Quick Dry Towels

Travel towels are among the bulkiest items to pack when traveling around the world. They take up too much space and take forever to dry. That is why I recommend the best microfiber towels — also known as quick dry towels. They really work! One of my sons uses his as his everyday shower towel at home. It’s absorbent and dries quickly. We also bring them camping and when my kids go to overnight camps. Smaller ones are ideal for drying dishes when camping. Large travel towels are fantastic for the beach and pool days as well. I particularly like … Read more

Cheapest Days To Fly

What Are the Cheapest Day to Fly & Book Tickets?

So you want to learn which are the cheapest days to fly to help save money? The price of your ticket has a lot to do with which day you fly and when you book. People complain about how expensive traveling has become and how the airfare prices are always so outrageous. I couldn’t disagree more. However, I can understand why it comes across that way for many people trying to book a cheap flight. The truth is that the airfares have never been as cheap as they are these days, but they have also never been this expensive either. … Read more

how to take a good photo of yourself

How to take a good picture of yourself while traveling

How to take a good picture of yourself while traveling? You’re on this amazing trip around the world – you take hundreds of pictures from all different angles, when you return you have pictures of amazing buildings, and places – but none of you! The best way to avoid this from happening is simply to learn how to take a good picture of yourself while on the road! No excuses, you can learn this easily! Maybe you did get over your shyness and take a few pictures of yourself. But end up with the angles looking kinda weird with a … Read more


Melanesia ~ Culture, People & Things To Do

Melanesia is a group of islands north and northeast of Australia. Located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, it includes thousands of islands. Among them are Tonga, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Vanuatu. This is a region that puts an emphasis on what “paradise” really means. The islands are amazingly beautiful, the history and culture are exotic and many of the people are known to be the happiest and friendliest in the world. Melanesia is a fascinating place, and apart from the natural beauty, I find it to be a very mysterious part of the world. Partly I think … Read more

Best Girls Underwear

Best Ladies Underwear For Travel ~ ExOfficio

Best underwear for travel ~ Moisture-wicking underwear is helpful when traveling. You’re active and want to be comfortable. It also helps to be quick-drying so you can wash it regularly Is women’s underwear for traveling a waste of money? Does it look like big granny-looking ugly underwear? Can it be comfortable and cute? Will travel underwear dry quicker than typical pairs? As an around-the-world traveler, I have the scoop on these travel pieces and believe you shouldn’t leave the country without bringing along a few pairs. What separates travel underwear from normal underwear is mainly the fabric. The best travel … Read more

Exploring Alicante Spain ~ Popular Places to Visit

Alicante Spain is an extremely popular place to spend a few weeks during summer on vacation. It is a great place where you can relax by the many beaches, spend the night partying, and enjoy a sunny lifestyle. This port city is located on Spain’s southeastern Costa Blanca. Many northern Europeans, including Germans, Swedes, etc., love Alicante so much that they move down and live in Alicante all year round. Even my grandparents bought an apartment there for our family to use any time of the year. When my grandparents bought the apartment many years ago, there were only a … Read more