5 Best Surf Towns in Europe for Waves & Culture

Let’s face it when you think of best surfing towns, Europe does not jump to mind as a hot surfing destination, you’d probably think of Hawaii, South Africa and California but believe it or not Europe does have some incredible worthwhile surfing towns. Bundoran, Ireland This surf town made it onto the National Geographic’s list of top 20 surfing towns in the world! The water may be cold and it may rain a lot but seasoned surfers love to take on the challenge of this surf town’s sea. Surfers call it “Europe’s cold-water Indonesia” and a “surfer’s paradise”. Swells come … Read more

Applying for a Visa Waiver is Easy Using ESTA

Applying for a Visa Waiver is Easy Using ESTA

Applying for a Visa Waiver – The Electronic System for Travel Authorization, also known as the ESTA is a simple and easy requirement that helps you in obtaining your travel clearance for visiting the United States. This authorization is applicable for the citizens of the participating countries that meet the predetermined qualifications for availing the Visa Waiver Program. The process is carried out through an online application which has replaced the tedious method of applying for tourist visa in the United States. Initially, an application for US Visa was absolutely necessary for visiting the United States. The concerned individual had … Read more

Around the World in 18 Holes

7 Best Golf Courses Around The World

Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world to play at the best golf courses available? Imagine the stories you could share with your local golfing friends about your adventures! While it may not be ideal weather where you live all year round, the great news is there is somewhere you can play. Here are some of the best golf courses to visit. Golf enthusiasts may find it fascinating to play their beloved game on different topography. Likely there will be different grass and sand areas. And if you are a regular golfer in the United States using yards, in … Read more