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Pros and Cons of Driving vs Flying

Pros and Cons of Driving vs Flying – If you’re umming and ahhing over whether you should drive to your holiday destination and make a on the road trip of it! or fly, we’ve assembled a list of pros and cons of Driving Versus Flying to help you make your decision. Pros of Driving vs. Flying You’re in charge. By and large, people enjoy their holidays more when they have greater freedom. It’s the impulsive choices that make a vacation truly special. With a car in your possession, you’re not lumped with a set itinerary – you can find your … Read more

Island Life Water Sports To Try Out In The Cook Islands

Island Life – 5 Spots You Probably Never Heard About

Island life on a tropical isle is usually the best getaway for curing the wintertime blues. Escaping winter was more popular among the elderly but has become an attractive idea for people of all ages. Warm destinations such as Florida, California, Mexico, Hawaii and Central America are among the most popular. Most of these offer top resorts and fun activities, but they can be crowded. When the autumn weather turns grey, rainy and stormy – all you can do is dream yourself away to a beautiful island on the other side of the world. Island Life – 5 Spots You … Read more

What to Do in Orlando

Fun Day Trips Orlando Florida

Fun Day Trips Orlando Florida has always been the top travel destination in the United States for it’s weather and year round sunny days, a vacation to this state is never out of the question. Orlando’s Disney parks are probably one of the main attractions but why not stay an extra days and do a couple of fun local road trips? There’s so much more to the Orlando area than Mickey Mouse and shopping, like a fun day trip to St. Augustine, Silver Springs State Park or just soak up the sun at some of Florida’s greatest beaches. Disneyland Paris vs … Read more

embracing a new culture

Embracing a New Culture – 5 Essential Tips to Succeed Wherever You Go

Embracing a new culture – It’s always interesting to visit a new country although many experience culture shock once they arrive. Even when you read about a new travel destination, living the experience can become a little more challenging than you thought. Some cultures will be completely different than yours and the way of life can be a little shocking too. So, how do you go about embracing a new culture? Be a part from the start! Start exploring and learning. One of the best and simplest things you can do is to learn hello, thank you, and farewell in … Read more