Cheap European Vacations Hacks

Cheap European Vacations Hacks – Where To Go This Summer

Cheap European Vacations – We get a lot of emails from people asking for advice on their planned Europe trips. The most common question we get is about how much it will cost to travel to the destinations they have planned, and then also if we have some tips for other cheap European vacations they can take instead. After having traveled extensively through Europe in the last few years we have found that prices vary highly between every country, and depending on where you go you can either make or break your budget. Travel Cheat Sheet for Europe Also remember … Read more

German Dining Etiquette

German Dining Etiquette What You Need To Know

To make sure you don’t have a bad and confusing experience, and that you act with good etiquette when eating out in Germany, follow this guide. Eating out in Europe is always a slightly different experience depending on which country you visit, and while many things are similar to the US, Canada, and the rest of the world, there are some important differences. Here’s what to know about German dining etiquette.  German Dining Etiquette It’s not required to know German when dining out but simple German phrases but it’s will be helpful during your travels. Knowing some words about foods … Read more